13 Best Combat Pistols In The World

A combat pistol is mainly designed to focus on personal protection and sport purposes. The best combat pistol will provide you with a unique shooting experience and better protection.

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Emoffgrid is to guide offgriders to keep safe. Also, there are many other alternatives to keep you safe. Using a weapon is only the last choice.

A combat pistol should have a durable design, great accuracy, and perfect handling. It will be your safeguard in difficult situations.

You will find several models from different manufacturers. However, you have to select a high-efficient and stable pistol with excellent performance.

Additionally, you should select the pistol that suits your choice and gives you a convenient user experience.

In this writing, we present the best combat pistol in the world and a complete buyer’s guide. It will give you a holistic idea regarding combat pistols. 

Why Do People Need Combat Pistols?

Why Do People Need Combat Pistols?

Imagine you are in a bad survival situation and a gang attacks you. What will you do? 

If you have a defensive weapon, you can protect yourself from a sudden attack. 

Besides, the unknown when surviving off-grid is not going to be safe in all weather conditions. 

You can keep a combat pistol for personal safety and protection. Therefore, you need a combat pistol for self-defense. 

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Factors To Choose A Good Combat Pistol

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Factors To Choose A Good Combat Pistol

A buyer’s guide will prepare you to select the best combat pistol that suits your needs. You will understand the key features and options of the best pistols for your protection. 

We include some significant key features of a combat pistol that enable you to compare different models. Let’s explore. 


The best combat pistol should come with the best accuracy. It will work with your shooting skills to fire the target. You have to consider this feature. 


Operating a pistol is not simple but tricky. A good combat pistol must have the best handling and operations. You have to find out the ease of use and comfortability.

Recoil Management

Find a pistol with the best recoil management system. It will help you to shoot quickly and operate the pistol easily. 

Ammo Recommendations

A good combat pistol supports the best ammo and you will have the freedom of choice. Consider the ammo recommendations and availability before selecting a pistol. 


The trigger design and response are important for a combat pistol. You have to consider this feature and select the most suitable one that suits your shooting experience. 


Don’t think that expensive pistols are perfect for shooting. Compare the price with features and performance. It will enable you to utilize the money.

Combat Pistol Reviews

In this writing, we review the best 13 combat pistols. We include these items after comparing specifications, features, and quality. 

Besides, we consider the expert opinion and experience of the current user. Our goal is to provide you with the best pistol at an affordable price. 

Combat PistolCaliberAccuracy
Glock 17.45 Caliber25 Yards
FN 5.75.7x28MM Caliber55 Yards
Glock 199MM Caliber54 Yards
Beretta 92/M99MM Caliber54 Yards
Walther PPQ9MM Caliber25 Yards 
Comparison of Combat Pistol

Glock 19: Best Service Pistol

First, we have the semi-automatic Glock 19 pistol. This pistol is famous for its easy handling, lightweight, and smooth shooting performance.

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  • 9MM Caliber 
  • Semi-Automatic
  • 15-Round Capacity
  • Polymer Frame
  • Fixed Sights 
  • Height:4.99 Inches
  • 23.65 oz.
  • 4-Inch Barrel
  • Cost (Roughly): $499

If you are searching for the best service pistol, it will be an ideal device. The pistol is perfect for personal defense, competition, and security agencies.

It is a modern device with a semi-automatic operation. You will have a durable machine that will enhance your confidence.

With a 15-pound loading capacity, the pistol is ready to create the best protection for you.

Furthermore, it is called the best service pistol because of its aesthetic design, durable material, and fast shooting capability. 

Glock 19: Best Service Pistol Pros and Cons

Safe Action System
Magazine Backstrap Included 
No Safety Trigger
Glock 19: Best Service Pistol Pros and Cons

Glock 17/22

Next, we have another pistol from the same manufacturer that comes with a 9MM caliber and safe action system. You can defend attackers with maximum safety.


  • 9x19MM caliber
  • 17-Round Magazine Capacity
  • 705 Grams
  • Safe Action System
  • 7.32 Inch length
  • Barrel Length-4.49 inch
  • Easy Grip
  • Slide Weight -1 inch
  • Cost (Roughly): $599

This pistol has a good reputation for its professional design and trusted safety features. You can utilize it for off-grid living.

The design is very reliable, and it has an excellent magazine. With a single magazine, you can shoot 17 rounds of ammunition.

Besides, the pistol comes with a safe action system and perfect barrel length. 

You feel more secure when you have this small effective pistol in a remote place. 

Glock 17/22Pros and Cons

Safe Operation
Easy and Quick Shoot 
Concealment Grip
Glock 17/22Pros and Cons

Colt 1911: Best 9MM Tactical Pistol

If you are looking for the best tactical pistol, the Colt 1911: Best 9MM Tactical Pistol will be the perfect selection for regular and off-grid use. 

Colt 1911: Best 9MM Tactical Pistol


  • Steel Barrel
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • 8.62-Inch Length
  • .45 Caliber
  • 7 Round Capacity 
  • 3-Dot Magazine
  • Metal Finish 
  • Steel Twist
  • Cost (Roughly): $799 

Having a pistol is not only related to protection and firing. You have to be tactical to enhance your shooting performance along with the best gun. 

This tactical pistol is designed for people who want to learn the skill of shooting for personal safety and protection.

It has a .45 caliber and metal finish body. This combination will give you a unique performance even in the most dangerous situations.

Colt 1911: Best 9MM Tactical Pistol Pros and Cons

Excellent Grip
Perfect Shooting Performance 
Colt 1911: Best 9MM Tactical Pistol Pros and Cons

FN 5.7: Best Lightweight Pistol

The FN 5.7 is the best lightweight pistol with a 20-round magazine capacity. It has an adjustable slide and a durable polymer frame. 

FN 5.7: Best Lightweight Pistol


  • 5.7x28MM Caliber
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Single Action
  • 20-Round Capacity
  • 4.8-Inch Barrel Length
  • Adjustable Slide
  • 23 OZ
  • 8.2 Inch Length
  • Polymer Frame
  • Cost(Roughly): $999

If you want to enhance your private security, you need a lightweight pistol. The design must have a convenient shape for easy carrying. This pistol is perfect for personal security and off-grid living.

The semi-automatic shooting option and 20-round magazine capacity make it perfect for extended use. 

You will have an adjustable slide and a 4.8-inch barrel to shoot your target confidently. This is a single-action pistol and it only weighs 23 ounces.

You can carry the pistol for a long time and use it instantly in case of any problem. 

FN 5.7: Best Lightweight Pistol Pros and Cons

Premium Quality Barrel
Enormous Safety 
Trigger Pull Stops Suddenly on Occasion
FN 5.7: Best Lightweight Pistol Pros and Cons

Sig Sauer M17: Best Combat Pistol

Next, we have the Sig Sauer M17, the best combat pistol. It comes with a polymer grip and stainless steel slide. You will get perfect accuracy and a convenient shooting option. 

Sig Sauer M17: Best Combat Pistol


  • 9MM Caliber
  • Steel Magazine
  • 8-Inch Length
  • 833 Grams
  • 17-Round Capacity
  • Striker Trigger
  • Polymer Grip
  • Carbon Steel Material
  • Stainless Steel Slide
  • Cost(Roughly): $670

This is a military-grade pistol that comes to satisfy the civilian interest. You will like the innovative design, uncompromising performance, and enormous capacity of this pistol.

It has a steel magazine with a 17-round capacity and you can utilize the pistol for the most dangerous situations.

Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight

Tacticon Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight | Strobe Function | Combat Veteran Owned Company | Pistols | Rifles | 220 Lumens | Magnetic Charging | Laser Flashlight Combo for Handgun Pistol Hand Gun
  • ✔ BUILT-IN MAGNETICALLY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY + NO RISK LIFETIME WARRANTY - Magnetic recharging allows for you to conveniently keep the product mounted to the gun while charging to not lose zero. Also, if you don't like the product or if something happens to it please return it for a full refund or a new one! No questions asked!
  • ⭐️ COMBAT VETERAN OWNED COMPANY! I stand by and produce only the products that I use myself as a soldier. ZERO risk purchase. We are real humans in the United States with a real company and a real warranty.
  • ✔ SUPER BRIGHT RED LASER AND FLASHLIGHT WITH DISORIENTING STROBE FUNCTION - This red laser and flashlight is very powerful and can be seen with the naked eye at distances of up to 100 meters! 220 lumens on the flashlight! ⭐️ 6 SETTINGS 1) Laser on, Flashlight off 2) Flashlight on, Laser off 3) Flashlight on, Laser on 4) Strobe on, Laser off 5) Strobe on, Laser on 6) All off.

The polymer grip of this offers excellent handling. You will be more confident when carrying this pistol with you.

With a stainless steel slide, you will get a premium feel when shooting with this pistol.

One thing you might not like is that the pistol has no manual safety. However, other features make it perfect for combat. 

Sig Sauer M17 Pros and Cons

Military-Grade Pistol
Uncompromising Performance 
No Manual Safety 
Sig Sauer M17 Pros and Cons

Heckler & Koch P30L

The Heckler & Koch P30L is one of the best combat pistols with a corrosion-proof fiber-reinforced polymer frame and automatic firing safety. You will get a handgun with longer life and low maintenance.

Heckler & Koch P30L


  • 9MM Caliber
  • 7.7-Inch Length
  • 5.5 Inch Height
  • Automatic Firing Safety
  • 4.45-Inch Barrel Length
  • 27.52 Ounces
  • 13-Round Capacity
  • Fixed Sight
  • Cost (Roughly): $599

If you are looking for a special handgun that is loaded with modern features and safety, this is an ideal pistol. The special grip and interchangeable backstrap fit individuals to make the best shoot. 

The pistol comes with conventional double/single action to ensure real shooting action. 

With a corrosion-resistant frame, you can use it in all weather conditions. The pistol will last for a long time with the same capability.

It has an automatic hammer and firing pin safety to secure you when firing. Besides, mounting light and laser aiming make it easy and convenient to operate. 

Heckler & Koch P30L Pros and Cons

Special Interchangeable Grip
Fixed Sights 
Heckler & Koch P30L Pros and Cons

Beretta 92/M9

If you are searching for a military-grade pistol for personal safety, the Beretta 92/M9 will be your best companion. This pistol has a 160-foot firing range, and you can use it from a long distance.

Beretta 92/M9


  • Single Double Action
  • 9MM Caliber
  • 15 Round Capacity
  • 4.9-Inch Barrel Length 
  • 970 Gram Weight
  • 160-Foot Firing Range
  • Cost(Roughly): $649

The Beretta 92/M9 is made with a modern aluminum frame and an elegant design. 

It has a 15-round capacity, and the magazine is easy to load. With the open-top slide, the pistol will ensure smooth firing. 

The pistol has easy and reliable clearance for each shoot. You will feel the smoothness of the trigger when shooting with this pistol.

This pistol comes with a 160-foot firing range that is excellent for personal safety in remote places like off-grid areas. 

Beretta 92/M9 Pros and Cons

US Military Tested
External Firing Safety 
Bulkier Grip
Beretta 92/M9 Pros and Cons


Next, we have another combat pistol that comes with a stainless steel slide and matte black finish. This pistol will serve you for a long time and provide ease of use. 



  • 9MM Caliber
  • Double/Single Action
  • 10-17 Round Capacity
  • 4-Inch Barrel Length
  • 7.4-Inch Length
  • Fixed 3-Dot Sight
  • Stainless Steel Slide
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Interchangeable Backstrap
  • Cost(Roughly):$699

The FNH FNX (FNX-9) is designed to make you confident in an emergency. The pistol has an interchangeable backstrap that offers enough grip for shooting.

The durable stainless steel slide and front rare sights ensure shooting accuracy. Like other combat pistols, it has single/double action that makes it a reliable machine. 

It allows you to shoot more with 10-17 round capacity without the reloading tension.

You can easily carry the pistol on your body and the lightweight design will help you a lot. 

FNH FNX (FNX-9) Pros and Cons

Polymer-Base Pad
Polished Nickel-Coated Body
No Issues Found
FNH FNX (FNX-9) Pros and Cons

Browning Hi-Power 1911-22

Next, we have a semi-automatic pistol that comes with grip and thumb safety. This pistol offers the most convenient shooting experience with great control. 

Browning Hi-Power 1911-22


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Grip and Thumb Safety
  • Durable Barrel
  • 10-Round Capacity
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Cost(Roughly): $649

Whether you live off-grid or in a city area, the Browning Hi-Power pistol will provide you exclusive security for personal and organizational use.

It is made with a durable stainless steel frame. It can take maximum load capacity with a reliable barrel design. 

The semi-automatic system offers an easy and stable firing option. Plus, the 10-round magazine capacity is enough for the pistol.

You will get extensive security and the opportunity to practice with this compact pistol.

Browning Hi-Power Pros and Cons

Easy-Grip and Trigger
Excellent Design 
Lack of Accessories 
Browning Hi-Power Pros and Cons

The Ceska Zbrojovka 75 or CZ 75 P-01

Next, we have The Ceska Zbrojovka 75 or CZ 75 P-01, a safety master handgun for personal use. 

It has a rubber grip and manual safety that enhance your shooting performance without any problem. 

The Ceska Zbrojovka 75 or CZ 75 P-01


  • 9×19 Caliber
  • 15-Round Capacity
  • Single/Double Action
  • Firing Pin Block
  • Manual Safety
  • Safety Notch on the Hammer
  • 3.8-Inch Barrel
  • Rubber Grip
  • Cost(Roughly): $696

This is an excellent combat handgun for off-grid living, security agencies, and personal protection. You can use it conveniently for multiple purposes. 

The pistol has a firing pin block and safety notch that offer the best security for shooting. You will get a long range for firing with the 3.8-inch barrel. 

Besides, the rubber grip will help you to utilize the capability of this powerful handgun.

The lightweight design and easy handling system are perfect for long time use, even in a remote place. 

Furthermore, you will have the best sights for targeting though it is fixed. 

The Ceska Zbrojovka 75 or CZ 75 P-01 Pros and Cons

Easy Control and Handling
Excellent Safety Features 
Fixed Sights 
The Ceska Zbrojovka 75 or CZ 75 P-01 Pros and Cons

CZ P-09

The CZ P-09 is a special pistol with a large capacity. It has the OMEGA trigger mechanism and polymer frame. Besides, you will have an unbeatable shooting machine that ensures perfect safety.

CZ P-09


  • 4.54-Inch Barrel
  • 8.1-Inch Length
  • 31 Ounces
  • 9MM Caliber
  • 19-Round Capacity
  • Double-Sided Drivers
  • Cost(Roughly): $515

This is a simple and reliable pistol with a combination of safety and smart mechanism. You will get the best manual safety with an OMEGA trigger. 

The user-friendly design comes with double-sided control and an interchangeable fuse design. 

Besides, the double-sided drivers offer excellent control and a smooth caliber release. The polymer frame makes this pistol stable to ensure a long lifespan. 

Furthermore, you get the best grip design with an interchangeable handle back. The attractive tongue shape trigger design accepts your finger for continuous firing. 

CZ P-09 Pros and Cons

Front and Rear Winding Grooves
Extremely Durable 
No Cons Found
CZ P-09 Pros and Cons

Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40/45

Next, we include the M&P®40 COMPACT that is suitable for personal protection, state use, shooting practice, and special protocol. It has three interchangeable grips for enormous control.

Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40/45


  • 10-Round Capacity 
  • 3 Interchangeable Grips
  • Stainless-Steel Barrel Material
  • 3.5-Inch Barrel Length
  • 705.9 Grams
  • Cost(Roughly): $598

It is your good luck that you have to meet with this unique shooting device. The pistol is made with superior material, aesthetic design, and standard performance.

Stainless steel material ensures stable operation even for continuous shooting. 

It is lightweight, stable, and reliable for everyday security purposes. If you select this pistol, you will have a versatile pistol for your safety.  

Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40/45 Pros and Cons

Super Grip and Excellent Performance
Lightweight Design 
No Thumb Safety 
Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40/45 Pros and Cons

Springfield XD

The Springfield XD is designed for living legends. It offers an industry-grade pistol with superior quality and ergonomic comfort.

Springfield XD


  • 9x19MM Caliber
  • 6.3-Inch Length
  • 4.4-Inch Height
  • 3.3-Inch Barrel
  • 3-Dot Sight
  • Loaded Chamber Idicator
  • Accessory Rail
  • Cost(Roughly): $400 – $524

If you are searching for a handgun with high-quality material, modern safety features, and legendary design, it will be the best model in its category. 

This solid handgun will enhance your performance during duty, self-defense, and family protection.

The forced barrel and slide offer long life and perfect stability for every purpose. Besides, the high-quality finish keeps the pistol functional in any weather condition. 

The pistol has all modern features, including a loaded chamber indicator, striker status indicator, and compact design. 

Springfield XD Pros and Cons

Passive Grip Safety
Striker Status Indicator 
Not Considered a Pocket Pistol
Springfield XD Pros and Cons

Walther PPQ

Finally, we have a combat pistol with three different safety and night sights features. You can shoot targets confidently with this reliable pistol.

Walther PPQ


  • 9MM Caliber
  • 4-Inch Barrel
  • 15-Round Capacity
  • 7.1-Inch Overall Length
  • Auto-Safety
  • 24.5 Ounces
  • Night Sights
  • Cost(Roughly): $649

This is an extraordinarily comfortable pistol for personal safety and official use. The pistol has extreme self-defense capability that ensures effectiveness in every shooting. 

The fast and durable trigger of this pistol offers quick defense in every situation. Besides, the interchangeable backstraps enable you to shoot perfectly at the target. 

You will have an adjustable magazine that is easy to load and remove. Therefore, the versatility of this pistol will enhance your security and shooting efficiency.

Walther PPQ Pros and Cons

Universal Grip Design
Excellent Design for Natural Aiming 
Not for Beginners
Walther PPQ Pros and Cons

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA Dot
  • The Venom Red Dot Sight-3 MOA promotes rapid target acquisition while providing a precise point of aim; getting shots down range and on target fast. The Venom's aluminum housing ensures this unit will stand up to whatever you throw at it.
  • High quality, fully multi-coated lenses offer a clean, wide field of view. Power and dot intensity controls are conveniently located on the left side of the sight to choose between 10 brightness levels.
  • The Venom also has an auto-brightness mode that uses an ambient light sensor to control dot intensity if the shooter prefers. Parallax Free

Gun Safety Rules

Gun safety is an important factor for pistol owners. In recent years, several unexpected incidents have happened. 

It is important to understand the safety rules when using a pistol. Don’t keep your pistol loaded when not in use.

An unexpected shoot can start a bad day. It is better to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. This is very important so that you can avoid any unintended injuries or damages.

Best Combat Pistol FAQs 

What is the best combat pistol?

The Colt 1911 is the best combat pistol. You can use it for personal protection in the city and off-grid living. 

What pistol do the Navy Seals use?

The Navy Seals use Sig Sauer P226. It has some unique features and excellent performance. You can try this for self-protection.

What is the number one pistol in the world?

Glock 17 is the number one pistol in the world. It has perfect accuracy, a durable frame, and a long lifespan.


Finally, you got the best combat pistols in the world. You have to select the best one that suits your needs. A pistol can protect your life in a dangerous situation. So, always go for the one that best fits your needs.

If you don’t have prior experience, you can follow our suggestions. We try to recommend the most effective pistol for our readers. 

The Glock 17 is the best pistol in the world. You can purchase this little shooting master for your self-protection. 

On the contrary, the FN 5.7 is the best lightweight pistol. It will enable you to carry the pistol comfortably for long hours.