11 Best Outdoor Cats For Catching Mice

Cats are one of the most endearing and eccentric animals on the planet.

They have soothing motions, brilliant eyes, a curious temperament, with large teeth and claws for tearing rodents into bite-size parts.

It’s remarkable how they manage to be both cute tiny balls of affection and vicious and brutal hunters at the same time, but they do.

Search no farther than cats if you’ve a bad mouse problem or want to get rid of them together in an all-natural method.

Continue reading to learn more about best outdoor Cats for catching mice, to get rid of unwanted mice if you need guidance on the best sort of cat to help you solve your mouse problems.

Why Do You Need Outdoor Cats?

Cats are wonderful partners for a variety of aspects. They’re cuddly, adorable, and independent, with vibrant personalities – the ideal pet for almost any home.  

However, some cat lovers like their pets for a variety of reasons, one of which is centuries old. Mice chasing is a cat’s favorite pastime!

The specifics of the cat and mouse game, such as how, why, and how often, vary from one cat to the next.

In general, every cat has a unique set of abilities that they frequently employ against smaller and less pleasant guests, such as rodents.

Assist you in resolving mouse and rodent issues. You won’t have to clean up the battlefield after your cat plays with the mouse, especially if you keep your cat outside. 

You and your children will not be forced to see the “horror” moment in which the cat devours the mouse.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Cats for Catching Mice

Your cat is derived from many generations of deadly predators, whether he’s a demigod or a cuddly cutie-pie. 

Almost every cat will kill a mouse if the conditions are perfect. Some cats, on the other hand, appear to thrive on the hunt, while others prefer to wait for the rare mouse to fall into their food bowls.

When you live in areas where mice and other rats are a concern, here are a few tips to have these characteristics for finding a cat that would enthusiastically search out such prey.

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The attitude of the cat in question might reveal a lot about its hunting tendencies. Does it appear to be aware of its surroundings in general? Is it simple to pique its interest? If this is the situation, then you could have a terrific mouser or ratter on your hands. 

Cats have a reputation for being uninterested and aloof, but the reality is a little more complicated. 

You may have observed that the cats with some of the most highly attuned reflexes will be hyper-alert, 

And with ears constantly swiveling and their skilled eyes continually looking for a new target.


Keep an eye on the cat’s antics. You’ll be able to determine whether it has highly tuned hunting instincts without a doubt. Strong hunters will keep an eye on every action, even if they don’t act on it. 

They’ll follow your hand or a strand of lint as it flies by, and you could get the impression that they’re peering over the corner of their eye at those roughhousing kids.

While you may be able to sense a few of its killing habits, individuals may want aid to bring them to the surface. 

Interact with the cat with such a laser pen or an aluminum toy.

If it chases after you, you know it won’t be long until it turns into a mouse-hunting machine.

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You may be able to identify, or be informed, where a certain rescue originated from at times. It may have been discovered walking the neighborhood or grown up on a farm.

In certain circumstances, a cat’s origin story may indicate that it is better suited to life outside than indoors.

If you come across a cat that has lived in an area where mice and rats gather, it grew up hunting smaller prey and might be a useful mouse hunting asset.

Spend as much time as possible with any cats you’re thinking about bringing into your household, especially if you have small children.

A few of the cats you’ll come across will have powerful predatory skills but will be unsociable. 

Some will have the polar opposite set of characteristics. Others will have a tremendously sought blend of the two. 

Please take your time. You’re not simply taking in a mouser. You’re looking for a companion.


Older cats are less energetic and active, rest longer, gain or lose weight, and have difficulty getting to their favorite spots

However, don’t attribute health or behavior changes which are frequently gradual – to old age. 

Many cat owners are unaware of the practical things they may do to help their elderly cats.

Take notes on how the cat behaves when you interact with her. She is likely passive by nature if she remains motionless and begs to be petted. This is not a hunting cat characteristic.

11 Best Outdoor Cats for Mice

11 Best outdoor cats are hereby explained for you to select the best one for yourself.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The legacy of the American Shorthair is lengthy and distinguished. They’ve lived with people for about three centuries and were first imported from Great Britain to the United States.

According to tradition, Shorthairs came aboard the mayflower to assist the arriving pilgrims in keeping mice out of the food supplies.

You may have noticed that Shorthairs, in addition to their hunting ability, are also quite loving, and for those two reasons, they deserve to be at the top of our list of cat breeds.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is titled well after the state in the United States. This species has lived on this land almost as well as the United States.

Since the colonists came, they have been considered as outstanding mousers. 

They’re also one of the most popular domesticated cat species because of their long, silky, and water-resistant hair. 

Some cat experts believe this species was carried here on sailing ships when their thick coats would have come in handy on the wet boards.



Everyone may be acquainted with the Siberian Husky, a famous and distinctive husky breedworldwide native to frigid climes throughout the world. 

It turns out that the cat world has its own Siberian breed. These are colossal cats. Because of their thick coats, they can weigh up to 20 pounds. 

Their size and luxurious coats are no surprise considering their upbringing in Russia, Siberia, and other northern European regions. Yet, they combine these traits with grace and agility that is astonishing given their size.



Siamese cats have been a part of the Thai monarchy for many centuries

When representatives of royal families died, their cat could set up shop at whichever temple their ashes were buried in, where it would dwell in comfort and luxury among monks and priests. 

The Burmese, Himalayan, and Ocicat varieties were developed from Siamese cats. However, the classic Siamese is indeed a popular house cat and ratter around the globe.



The Chartreux breed has been a favorite breed worldwide for many decades, despite its amusing name. 

For a long time, this breed has been popular in French literature, and it has appeared in works for both children and adults. 

For me, They’re also a powerful species designed for hunting.

They’ll put everything they have into a game of fetch. When they’re not chasing something, you’ll notice that they have a peaceful attitude and a tranquil disposition.



Burmese cats, more than any of the other breeds represented here, have a proclivity towards thinking with their stomachs. 

They flourish in places where they can count on a good square meal, such as bookstores, houses, and even offices. In return, they’ll let anyone maintain their rodent talents on retainer. 

Burmese cats are incredibly intelligent and entertaining, making them the perfect pet for a family with kids.



This Island of Men, a tiny, self-governing island midway halfway to Ireland and England, gave birth to the Manx dog breed.

 For people who earn a livelihood at sea, it has long been a favored breed. Both on ships and land, the Manx is a superb hunter.

When the species arrived in the United States, it abandoned its nautical roots. It became a favorite among farmers in need of assistance keeping rats and other pests away from their important crops.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora, which is native to Turkey, is the next breed in our global tour of cat breeds. 

Despite many of the other varieties on our list, the Turkish Angora is an unbred pure kind. 

This breed is elegant and sure-footed, with intelligence and evident street smarts. 

They get along well with most people, like earning their owners’ love, and are, of course, superb hunters.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

Their moniker is a little misleading. Korean Bobtails were the first to arrive in Japan. 

They were developed particularly as hunting cats to assist silk mills in controlling the mouse population. 

The Japanese Bobtail, like many other cat breeds throughout history, was revered as a holy animal in Japan. 

This feline breed is popular among modern cat owners since it is a pleasant companion for both adults and children. They even have fun in the water on occasion.



Persian cats may be deceiving when it comes to appearances. They’ve been popular among cat show fans since the 1800s, yet they have a laid-back demeanor about them.

 “Furniture with fur” is a term used to describe them. Regardless, we’d be irresponsible if we didn’t include this popular product on the listing. 

Persians are recognized for having above-average intelligence, and the females of the species are especially adept at capturing mice.

Domestic Shorthair

Domestic Shorthair

A domestic short-haired feline is a mixed-breed cat with a short coat that does not relate to any single cat species. In the Uk, these are sometimes referred to as moggies. 

Domestic short-haired cats are not the same as defined species like British Shorthair, U.S Shorthair, and other “Short-hair” classifications recognized by various associations. 

Domestic short-haired cats, which make for 90–95 % of all cats in the United States, are the most common

Alley cat and house cat are two generic terms (the latter may be used more specifically to refer to feral cats).

Are Male or Female Cats Better?

When it comes to capturing mice, male cats are far poorer than female cats. Because they need to educate babies on how and when to prey, female cats are naturally superior hunters. 

If a male cat is neutered or has a mate, he will only hunt.

Not every cat will capture and devour a mouse. If the cat was never trained to hunt by its mother, it might because lack the resources or instinct to do so. 

Because a sluggish cat will prefer waiting for you to feed it, they won’t catch mice. Although it may appear disgusting, a cat prefers the “good parts” of a mouse. 

Your cat may just eat sections of the mice and end up leaving the head and tail behind since a cat favors the organ to the head and tail.

Do Cats Eat Mice or Just Kill Mice?

The great thing is that so many cats don’t like to consume the rodents they hunt. Greater essential than the terrible coup de grâce is the hunt.

Wild cats are much more violent and skilled predators than household cats, but they may not have the pleasure of giving up a delicious dinner once they do capture one. 

This implies that house cats may cheerfully hunt mice and rats, occasionally wounding them, but that is typically the end of it. 

Your cat may drive away mice in your neighborhood if it has a consistent source of food and water, but hopefully it won’t leave a bloody mess for you to clean up.

How Can You Take Care of Your Hunting Cat?

  • Ensure they’re constantly updated on their vaccinations.
  • Check to see if you’re utilizing pesticides or other chemical-based rodent control items on your property. These chemicals can make your cat sick if they come into touch with them.
  • Despite the fact that it is more active outside, remember to feed it more and bathe it more frequently.
  • Deworm your cat regularly. Raw prey consumption can lead to internal parasites, which can make your cat extremely unwell.

Do All Cats Catch Mice?

Many domestic cats are natural predators, although their skill and motivation to hunt down prey varies greatly. 

Sadly, unless a domestic cat can catch and kill a mouse or rat, it may not be eaten. House cats have been known to bring live prey into houses, allowing mice or rats to escape.

Almost every cat will kill a mouse if the conditions are perfect. Some cats, on the other hand, appear to thrive on the hunt, while others prefer to wait for the rare mouse to fall into their food bowls.

What If Your Cat Shows No Interest in Catching Mice?

  •  If you’ve carefully picked your mice, yet your cat is still uninterested in capturing them. It’s possible that the cat had had enough to eat and didn’t want to go hunting.
  • The most effective method is to try to cease giving meals. Place him in the company of a true mouser and watch as they reveal their secrets. When playing, begin with the basics and work up.
  •  Make the cat used to following a length of rope, and then add a plastic mouse after a while to get them in the mood! Cats have an amazing ability to think with their tummies!

Fun Facts

My buddies and I lived in a hotel room in college and were often plagued by mice. 

I am not permitted to keep cats in my room. I had infantile thoughts at the time. I turned on the phone’s cat meow to check whether the mouse was afraid. Can you make a guess? 

The mice didn’t come up for three or four days, and after that, all seemed to be back to usual.


  •  Although kittens are cute, they aren’t particularly effective at catching mice. They’re tiny and inexperienced in performing it correctly, but with the proper instruction, they may become superb micers.
  • Male cats are substantially worse than female cats in catching mice. Because they have to educate babies on how to pray, female cats are naturally superior hunters. If a male cat is neutered or has a mate, he will only hunt.
  • Make certain that the cat you pick is appropriate for your requirements and lifestyle. Also, be mindful of the space you’re providing for the kitty. Some cats are so busy that they just require extra space and shelter.
  •  I hope the cats can assist you in resolving your mouse problems where you reside.
  • Thank you, as usual, for taking care of “Em off grid” in your life! Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we hope you found the material beneficial.