7 Quiet Guns That Don’t Need Suppressor for Home Defense In 2022

When users seek silent weapons, they usually seek anything that can be fitted with a suppressor. 

That is indeed fine if you reside in one of the dozens of cities where silencers are permitted and you have the cash to spend on a decent suppressor ($250-$1,500) plus $200 for the ATF authorization paperwork. 

And if you go the form 1 route and construct your own, you’ll still have to pay for materials and the $200 tax stamp.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of weapons that are “silent” in their own way if you think about it. They won’t provide customers the same sense of satisfaction as firing a suppressed rifle or handgun all day, but a few rounds from one of them won’t “ring your ears” – and some are even quieter than an air rifle.

The goal of this post is to provide viewers with additional options when it comes to buying silent pistols.

What Is a Quiet Gun and Why Should You Have a Quiet Gun?

A quiet gun is such a gun that produces less sounds as compared to other guns while using it for self-defense purposes. When you fire with a quieter gun, you will draw less attention to yourself and may perhaps go unnoticed.

Why Should You Have a Quiet Gun?

Because one’s ears may never be covered with ear-pro or ringing with the buzzing of unprotected shooting, a quiet pistol will definitely save their hearing throughout the age. This will also allow them to make more use of their ears when using it. 

It has major advantages in either self-defense scenario in which communications remain necessary.

A suppressed weapon is considerably least prone to frighten or scare away wildlife in a large area when used outside, and utilizing subsonic ammunition or not suppressing a firearm makes pinpointing the source of a shot by ear much more difficult for anybody who hears it.

The “crack” of the passing round, especially with supersonic ammunition, might be mistaken for the gun’s statement, which can work as a kind of aural deception to your advantage. 

Moreover, it will not disturb your neighborhoods and won’t create a horrible situation.

Best 7 Quiet Guns That Do Not Need a Suppressor? & Their Reviews

The top 7 quiet guns are listed in detail as follows.

Beretta M950

Beretta M950

It was a tiny 22 Short semi-auto handgun with tip-up barrels which had a unique appearance. 

Nevertheless, due to the little amount of powder in a 22 short case, these handguns were notoriously silent. 

Even if I utilize the longer four-inch version, that barrel will be three feet away from my eardrums when fully extended.

I fired a farm mouse with mine on the back porch around twelve years back. No neighbors came out to investigate, no neighboring dogs barked, and no police were contacted. 

Soft Pistol Duffle Bag

mydays Tactical Gun Range Bag,Soft Pistol Duffle Bag,Handguns Magazine Ammo Gear Accessories Pouch for Hunting and Shooting (Black1, L)
  • Tactical range bag exterior dimensions:18”W x 11”D x 10”H.Designed for the range, travel,and hunting.
  • The gun bag is made inside and out of heavy-duty 600D nylon material, durable, waterproof and dust-proof. This pistol bag is reinforced and double-stitched at all stress points, with heavy-duty two-way zippers in each compartment. Protects your gear from the harshest environments and from wear and tear.
  • Shooting range bag has padded multiple compartments to keep your handguns,earmuff, goggles, magazine, ammunition and accessory etc, safety and scratch resistant.Customize main compartment to individual as tactical range shooting bag or photography duffle bag;5 elastic loops in front compartment hold the magazines securely;Back zipper pocket,two side compartments provide different organizing flexibility for your gear.

The acoustic characteristic is similar to that of a pellet gun.

The.25 ACP cartridge enables it to be a small, lightweight pistol, but the ammunition has a limited range and poor power, placing this in the same category as the.22 LR rimfire round. 

Although the pistol’s precision is respectable, the tiny grip and narrow viewing horizon might restrict certain users to just being successful at close ranges.

Marlin 25MG

Marlin 25MG

Marlin produced these short-lived weapons, which were already out of manufacturing for a minimum of sixteen years. 

These were just manufactured for five to six years and were intended to be a “silent” gardening weapon.

It features a smoothbore, like a shotgun, and is loaded in 22 WRM for shot-shell loads. 

Airport, warehouse staff, and even a few schools purchased them for pest management while having to deal with the NFA. 

When they come available for sale, they’re a little pricey, but if a survivor situation necessitates short-range limited shooting without disturbing the environment, this is the one you’ll require.

There was no rear sight on the Garden Gun, but it did have a high-visibility front sight. A gray synthetic grip or a straight-combed wooden stock were also offered. 

Mosin Nagant M91/30

Mosin Nagant M91/30

The Mosin–Nagant line of rifles has a devoted following among collectors, as well as hobby hunters and shooters. 

The height of the notched rear tangent iron sight may be adjusted, and it is calibrated in hundreds of meters (Arshins on earlier models).

Its front view is a permanent mount with no adjustability for height. The armory modified the sight for windage before issue by sliding it side to side from its notch.

Because the restricted view modification makes some shooters want to add a telescope, two firms, Mojo and Smith-Sights, have developed adjustable sights for the Russian version of this weapon.

Obviously, if the Mosin’s barrel is already cut down in some way, or if that’s an M91/59 or M44, do not use it.

You’ll become deaf. On the M91/59, I discovered it by mistake.

I was putting several suppressed guns and one unsuppressed weapon through its paces. 

Upon changing a mark from a suppressed stream of fire from an M1A, I returned to my workbench and picked up a Mosin Nagant M91/30 sniper rifle.

After putting a stripper clip of copper-washed military surplus ammo into the gun, I fired a bullet. 

Next, I shot another, then another, until I noticed my ear protection was sitting next to me on the bench. 

My ears didn’t ring at all. I fired another shot just to see what would happen. My ears were still not buzzing. 

Ruger .22 45 Lite Ruger 22/45  Having Thread-on Suppressor (.22 Lr Pistol)

Ruger .22 45 Lite Ruger 22/45  Having Thread-on Suppressor (.22 Lr Pistol)

Ruger’s (22/45) pistols, like the Mark IV Lite series, are superb firearms that have been given a contemporary makeover.

While they have a Buck Rogers appearance, they are luckily not jabroni in design; these guns are all business.

You can fuel this lightweight rimfire with high-performance thanks to a receiver top rail for simple optics attachment, a good control arrangement, and a high degree of dependability and suppressor tolerance.

You’ll be flinging hair-splittingly accurate tiny BBs that are scarcely noisier than an airgun if you have a 22.

The weapon, spare magazines, silencer, and a block of.22 caliber comprises only a few pounds and takes up very little space in a BOB,  making it perfect as a specialized surviving weapon for shooting and covert self-defense.

The.22 LR isn’t the finest self-defense cartridge, but if you’re not planning on having rolling gun battles, it’ll suffice. This is an extremely difficult system to overcome as a whole survival system.

Smith & Wesson Model 17

Smith & Wesson Model 17

The Model 17 includes a pinned, permanent ramp or Partridge style front view and a movable rearview. It was produced to be used as a revolver for a specific target. 

It uses.22 long rifle cartridges and has a six-round or ten-round feeding mechanism.

This one does necessitate the usage of specific ammo.

Most 22 match ammunition with a lead cartridge and a modest speed will work as well. 

You can achieve the same result with other double-action revolvers like the Colt Scout or the NAA Mini Revolver.

Because I like a dual rimfire handgun with an 8 3/8-inch barrel, I recommended the Smith & Wesson Model 17.

Hk45 Compact Tactical (.45 ACP Pistol – HK 45 Compact Tactical)

Hk45 Compact Tactical (.45 ACP Pistol – HK 45 Compact Tactical)

Although the.45 ACP is no longer the greatest option for combat pistols, it still has one big benefit over the 9mm: 

It is very simple to be quiet, meaning I repeat very effortlessly.

Typical 230-grain loading is nearly often subsonic, which means you only need to verify the function of your handgun and zero it to the can before getting as peaceful without sacrificing devastating impact.

The HK45 Compact Tactical from H&K is the apex of.45 rifles and shotguns: it was designed from the bottom up to become a suppressor-ready platform, with an eight or ten rounds capability in a just-right-sized framework that is amazingly sharp and hell-or-high-water reliable.

RPNB Gun Safe

RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Gun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe Handgun Security Safe with LED & RFID Quick Access,11" x 7" x 1.8"
  • Fast & Dependable 3 Methods of Entry : RFID activated by key fob that instantly opens the lid. Up to five RFID tags can be programmed. It is also accessible by 3-digit keypad or conventional key lock
  • Anti-Theft Protection & Tamper Proof : Featured on safes includes anti-impact latches and seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body for the ultimate prevention against break-ins and the unique hinge design holds the top lid open
  • Tough and Rugged : Heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a durable powdercoat finish prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection

You may also alter the control system to anything you choose, from a normal DA/SA with safety and decocker to a consistent action DAO or even a single-action cocked-and-locked carry like the 1911.

There seems to be something to these Engineering and manufacturing things, and the HK 45 Compact Tactical is a synthesis of what H&K has learned from its outstanding handgun lines over the years. 

Look no farther for a genuine combat pistol that can go silent with no hassle or surprises.

Remington Rolling Block in 45-70

Remington Rolling Block in 45-70

The 12.17×42 mm rimfire, 12.17×44 mm rimfire, and 12.17×44 mm rimmed centerfire rifles were produced in a number of calibers, such as rimfire and centerfire, ammunition from Sweden and Norway

Due to the dimensions of the cartridge and casing, this may appear to be a strange option. 

However, if you hand-load your own bullets, you can achieve a 200-grain bullet traveling at 750 feet per second and measuring around 130 dB on a sound meter. 

Users won’t be capable of throwing just so many metal bullets in the air near enough to harm your ears because this is a long-barreled, singular rifle.

These are only five types that performed for me, and with a little digging, you may come up with your own.

Such as a 148 grain Hollow Base WadCutter through a 38 Special only with two pieces of Bull’s-eye powders behind this.

There’s also a 30-inch single-shot 12 gauge goose gun that pulls down birds without alerting neighbors on the adjacent slope.


If you’d like to remain unworried and above ground during a large SHTF scenario, being quiet and undetected will definitely be worth your effort.

It takes time, money, and a little know-how to suppress your weapons and optimize them for decreased reporting, but it’s definitely worth it.

We normally don’t advocate firearms, but if you’re serious about living off the grid, you’ll find that they’ll come in handy.