7 Reasons Why Your Backyard Chicken Sudden Death (And Tips To Avoid)

Chicken is considerably the most common domestic fowl in the world. In every country and area chickens are available, and people get different advantages from this bird. 

Growing chickens need special care, and you maintain some significant issues when farming and rearing them at home. 

A dead chicken is a common issue, and it can happen due to various reasons. You will observe that some chickens are dead at night, and few stop their eating and movement patterns. 

To overcome this deadly problem, you have to understand the basic diseases and treatments regarding this domestic fowl.

In this writing, you will explore the reasons behind your chicken deaths. Besides, you will be introduced to some common diseases and remedies of chicken. Let’s explore. 

What Can You Do If Your Chicken Die?

What Can You Do If Your Chicken Die?

Commonly, you will find dead chickens suddenly in your farm or coop. You have to follow some steps when you will find a dead chicken. 

First, it is important to separate the chicken from the flock. An affected chicken can spread the disease if it is infectious. 

It is suggested to use hand gloves and other protective equipment while doing this. 

Next, you have to examine other chickens of the flock. If you find any irregular activities and symptoms, you can take further steps before they pass away.

Then, you can search for the reason why the bird is dead and observe the body. If it happens because of excessive heat or cold weather, you have to protect the coop from bad weather. 

Otherwise, you can call a specialist to find the real reason for the death. If you find any disease or virus immediately check the entire coop and clean it.

Finally, call your local solid waste agency to complete the disposal process. Make sure that you have cleaned the entire area where you kept this chicken. 

7 Reasons Why Your Backyard Chickens Die Suddenly

7 Reasons Why Your Backyard Chickens Die Suddenly

As we discussed, you will find several reasons behind the death of chickens. We find seven significant reasons that can affect your chicken and move towards death. 

We explain each reason, its symptoms, sustainable causes, and recommendation for further steps and treatment. It will help you to observe your chickens and provide the right treatment for a specific reason. 

Besides, you can identify any unwanted problem and solve it instantly. With this basic knowledge, you can save more chickens when there is a disease or unexpected situation. 

Heart Attack

It is a common disease, and like other animals, chickens can have a heart attack. Fast-growing chicken faces this problem more than a chick. 

When a chicken gets excessive heat, cold, light, and a small moving area, it gets a heart attack. 

Symptoms: A chicken can die due to a heart attack when it gets overweight and stressed. It will be unable to move and rest in a specific space for the whole day. 

Recommendation: Give your chicken enough space to move and maintain the standard food habit with a tolerable temperature. 

Invisible Diseases and Parasites

Chickens can get several invisible diseases and it is hard to find them without specific knowledge. In order to make your farm and coop healthy, you have to understand the symptoms, reasons, and treatment of these diseases. 


This disease is caused by a parasite, and it is the most common disease that kills chickens. It can infect the tissue and can strike your chickens down.

Symptoms: You will see feces with blood, and in most cases, there are no visible symptoms. But, chickens will lose their energy and stop eating and moving. 

Treatment: There is only one treatment for this disease. You have to clean the coop and maintain hygiene standards. 

Infectious Bronchitis

Infectious bronchitis is caused by a virus and spread through the air, contact, and contaminated places. This virus spreads rapidly in the flock and affects the respiratory system. 

Symptoms: Sneezing and coughing are the primary symptoms. After a few days, the chicken releases watery discharge eyes and nose. It faces respiratory problems when affected for a long time. 

Treatment: It is a highly contagious disease. So, you have to separate the affected chicken first and use the vaccine and recommended antibiotics. 


Like human beings, chickens can get respiratory problems. Mycoplasma is also common for birds. It starts from the early stage, and you have to take care of it from the beginning.

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Symptoms: Sneezing and swelling eyes are the primary symptoms of this disease. In most cases, Mycoplasma transfers from infected parents. So, you have to choose chicks carefully.

Treatment: This disease doesn’t have any specific treatment. It is recommended to keep chickens at a tolerable temperature. A clean body and fresh environment will help them to survive. 

Infectious coryza

Infectious coryza is a severe respiratory disease caused by the bacterium. In cold countries, this disease is common in commercial flocks. Wild birds are the reservoir of this disease.

Symptoms: In general, chickens get breathing difficulty and face several problems. Besides, yellow diarrhea, swollen joints, and darkened head move them towards quick death.

Treatment: Vaccine is available for infectious coryza. The primary source of this disease is water, insects, and other affected birds. It is recommended to separate the chicken from the flock and clean your area repeatedly. 


Fowlpox is a contagious disease of chickens, and it creates spots on the skin and combs. In general, a chick can be affected by this disease at an early age.

Symptoms: You will find what spot and scabby sores on the skin. Similarly, an unclear mouth and a white membrane are the major symptoms of Fowl Pox. 

Treatment: Vaccination at an early age is the first remedy for this disease. Besides, chickens or off-grid chickens need a warm and dry living place, soft food, and other supportive care. Use recommended antibiotics and ointment. 

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Fowl cholera

Chickens get fowl cholera from wild birds and rodents. It is the most common infectious disease of chickens all over the world. Your chickens will suddenly die if affected by this disease.

Symptoms: The most common are feather ruffle, diarrhea, dejection, puffed joints, nasal and oral discharge, appetite loss, and death. 

Treatment: This disease can be stopped by vaccinating chickens. Call a veterinary surgeon and push the necessary vaccine before it spreads out. It is recommended to take special protection against rats and wild birds. 

Necrotic enteritis

Necrotic enteritis primarily affects commercial chicken flocks. It can suddenly increase mortality. 

It spreads through the soil, dust, feces, feed, and poultry litter. Strong dehydration caused instant energy loss.

Symptoms: Chickens feel severe depression, diarrhea, dehydration, and decrease feed consumption. Due to malnutrition and instant energy loss, chickens remain silent in a place. 

Treatment: The most common treatment of this disease is bacitracin with drinking water. You have to keep the place clean and separate the affected chicken quickly. 


It is a skin disease of chickens that affects the upper layer of the skin. It is mostly placed in the face and spread throughout the body after a few days. The rash and dry skin caused dehydration. After a certain period, the chicken will die.

Symptoms: You will see a red rash on the body with high raised edges that can be easily distinguished.

Treatment: Use antibiotics and skin cleaner for the treatment. Separate the affected chicken and keep the place clean. 

Marek’s disease

Mareks Disease is a virus infection, and it has a disastrous effect on chickens. This disease can create several problems, and finally, chickens move towards death. The primary route started with a respiratory problem that affects the lungs.

Symptoms: Affected chickens cause internal and external tumors. Sometimes, it causes paralysis or feather follicles. Your bird will stop taking food and distract from the flock. 

Treatment: No treatment is available. Any survival can be affected by this disease. Experts suggest destroying all affected and contagious birds. 

Predator attack

Chickens have a strong possibility of predator attacks. This bird can be affected by a domestic and wild animal that caused death.

The attack can get a single or a few chickens from the flock. It depends on the position of your coop and farm. 

Chicken survive to save their body from predators, but it is difficult to protect against teeth, claws, and body weight.

You can take care of an attacked chicken if they can survive. It is suggested to build a good fence and protect the coop area. 

Accidental poisoning

It is a sudden attack on your chicken flock, and there is no specific reason for this problem. Sometimes, commercial chicken flocks get unknown viruses and poison from an unauthentic source. 

It creates a sudden attack, and chickens die rapidly. Due to this accidental poisoning, you can lose a large number of chickens. It is impossible to protect them unless you find the remedy and name of the poison. 

Different countries faced this problem and lost hundreds of chicken farms. The only remedy is to bury all the chickens dead or alive. 


You will never get proper production from a traumatized chicken. Trauma can stop the standard growth of the chicken and keep it away from food. 

There are a couple of reasons that make chickens traumatized. Predator attacks, loudspeakers, harvesting some chickens from the flock, and speedy vehicles are the most common reasons. 

Make sure that you are doing everything on your farm with a standard procedure. Keep your chicken mentally and physically healthy. 

Impacted crop

An impacted crop is the time when your chicken-filled mass crops in its stomach and can not digest. If you keep your chickens in an open space, it can take non-digestive materials like plastic, straw, rocks, wood chips, and more.

You need to remove the material quickly, otherwise, the chicken will die. 

Egg bound

Egg bound means your chicken has an egg in its oviduct but can not deliver. An egg-bound chicken acts like a traumatized bird. 

It looks sick, depressed, and can not eat food properly. The chicken will work like a penguin and sit around here and there.

You can solve this problem by yourself. Take a latex glove and try to insert your finger in the vent. Try to push your finger two inches back. You will feel the egg in the vent. You can use a calcium syrup or pill to prevent this problem. 

What To Do After Checking The Cause Of The Chicken’s Death

What To Do After Checking The Cause Of The Chicken’s Death

When you find the cause of a chicken’s death, you have to go for the right treatment. Your first task is to contact a veterinarian and tell him the reason. He will help you with further treatment. 

On the contrary, if you have knowledge and training about the problem, you can take further steps to solve the problem. 

Don’t feel tense, and try to do everything with a standard procedure. You can take suggestions from different government organizations related to poultry. 

Some Signs of Bad Health Status Of Chickens

Some Signs of Bad Health Status Of Chickens

Your chickens are facing a health problem. How do you know about that? Yes, you can identify an unhealthy chicken with some common symptoms. Some indications are:

General Inactivity 

Feather Loss


Reduced Digestive Capability

Taking Inadequate Food 

Closed Eyes


Abnormal Movement 

Lying Down 

If a chicken contains one or more signs from the above list, you should check the physical condition and take further treatment. 

Some Ways To Avoid Disease For Your Flock

Some Ways To Avoid Disease For Your Flock

You can easily avoid diseases for your flock by maintaining some significant steps. It is important to take care of the flock and ensure proper maintenance. 

Here is a list of some effective ways that help you to avoid chicken death.

Keep everything clean.

Change food filter at the right time.

Carefully add new chickens.

Monitor the condition. 

Protect chickens from wild birds.

Learn primary treatment and vaccination. 

Make your coop healthy.

These techniques will help you to reduce the death of chickens unless you get any accidental poisoning. 


Finally, you get the reasons for the chicken’s death. You can apply the right treatment for a specific disease. 

It will help you to avoid unwanted death and increase the productivity of your coop. Besides, you will get healthy chickens without any symptoms that are poisonous to human health. 

You have to establish a disease prevention system when starting a chicken farm commercially. It will enhance the treatment facility and capability of your coop.

Furthermore, if you don’t have proper training and knowledge about treatment, please don’t try it at home. Call a professional person and follow his instructions. 

Your wrong decision can destroy the entire flock with a contagious disease. Let’s enjoy chicken farming.