25 Fun Ideas To Reuse Old Socks

Many people often throw away old socks, but did you know you can use them to make many different items at home?

There are 25 fun ideas to reuse old socks if you live off-grid. You can make bean bags, fingerless gloves, plush toys, and many others.

We will highlight some fun ideas for using old socks. So, don’t throw it away because it is as useful as any other item on your property.

25 Fun Ideas To Reuse Old Socks

25 Fun Ideas To Reuse Old Socks

Old socks can be reused to make more functional items that we cannot otherwise have. What you make can be fun to see and satisfying.

We will talk about some of those items you can make with socks. Stay tuned.

Stuffed Animals And Plush Toys

There is no need to buy toys if you have a pack of old toys at home. You can turn them into any type of toy you want with creativity.

Whether you are making toys for your pets or kids or aesthetics, old socks come in handy. You can use odd, worn, or holey socks in your home to create the following toys or plushies:

  • Sock Bunny
  • Stuffed sock fish
  • Snowman from Sock
  • Colorful dragon from Sock
  • Sock animal baby rattle
  • Classic monkey
  • Fuzzy sheep
  • Funny Sock Puppets                

Bean Bag

Using old or mismatched socks to make a bean bag is a perfect idea. You can add fun to your life with colorful and crafty bean bags. They can be used in many different game pieces.

Bean bags can be made by hand knitting or sewing with a machine if you have one.

Whichever the approach, the result will be just as good. Once done, fill it with pinto beans of other available fillers.

Bean Bag Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are soft crafts that hold your neck against a seat, especially if you are on a long flight or ride.

It supports the neck, making you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey.

You can also make a bean bag pillow for use at home if you like spending long afternoons seated in the backyard.

A neck pillow costs about 20 dollars in the market, but you don’t have to spend that much if you already have old or mismatched socks lying around in your house.

Simply fill them with beans or rice, and you are good to go. You may consider microwaving them for a few minutes before actually using them.

Fingerless Gloves

Some of your favorite socks might have holes that let out your toes. If you feel that you are not ready to throw them away, turn them into fingerless gloves.

You will still be seeing them around and using them differently.

To make a fingerless glove, you need a fabric scissor, sewing machine, and chalk pencil. Cut the socks at the right height you want.

An ankle-length is preferred. Turn it inside out and create stitches before cutting to allow your fingers to go through.

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Arm Warmers From Old Sock

Arm warmers or winter socks are just what you need to protect yourself from the cold.

These cost a few dollars in the market, but you can make them free from old socks. The best thing about turning your old socks into arm warmers is that you don’t need anything else.

Look for your mismatched socks and cut them at ankle length. The top section will do perfectly well as arm warmers.

Even the old socks with holes at the end can do, provided they are warm enough to keep you from the winter cold.

Sock Cute Coin Purses For Baby

This craft is best done with kids’ socks. Mothers always end up with mismatched kids’ socks more often than not.

It is time to turn them into coin purses for keeping your money or as a home bank. However, you can use adult socks too, but they won’t be as cute as the minors.

The only step required to make a coin purse from a baby sock is fixing the purse clasp, and you are good to go. You can use your creation as a gift for teenage girls and women friends.

Sock Pencil Cases

Old or mismatched socks can be used to organize your art and craft supplies without any modifications.

Hang it somewhere in the art room or study room and place your pencils, crayons, markers, buttons, spools of thread, and any other accessory.

It will make it easier for you to find them when you need them, saving you time.

Sock Hedgehog Planters

You can add fun to your garden with a sock hedgehog. It is one of the ideas for reusing an old or mismatched sock.

All required for making it is garden soil, seeds, and beads for the eyes and nose.

Fill them with garden soil and enough seeds in it. Sprinkle water to moisten it and watch your hedgehog grow.

Upcycle To New Socks

Did you know you can still upscale your old socks to look new? Consider the following ideas:

Lace topped knee high socks

Your knee-high socks can look as new as if you have just bought them when you lace them. Choose the best lace color and sew it around the top to add a statement to your old socks.

Faux tie dye socks

Add vibrancy to your old socks by dying them. To properly dye your socks, soak them in a bowl of water first and wring them out over the bowl.

The next step is to throw the wet socks in a plastic tote and dunk them until ready to go. You will love the new appearance of the socks.

Cozy Coffee From A Sock

Coffee mug cozies are better ways of using an old sock. If you are a coffee fan, personalize your coffee mugs by wrapping cozy items.

Just measure the diameter of your cup and sew the socks to fit. You can add buttons or beads to it to make it even more captivating. This is a DIY project you can complete in minutes.

Workout Sock Phone Case

Are you struggling to hold your phone when doing your workouts? No worries! You can now use an old sock to make it.

What is the big deal? You can now listen to your favorite music when doing your exercises.

Find old socks and cut them twice the phone length. If it doesn’t fit into your arms just above the elbow, you may need to adjust it.

Once pushed into the arm and folded into two, you will have a functional workout phone holder.

Unicorn Phone Charger Cases

Unicorn Phone Charger Cases

You can create a simple phone charger cozy from an old sock. Just like the coffee mug cozy, you will need to sew up the socks to fit your phone charger and add decorations as you please.

Pin Cushion

This item is easy to make with old socks. Pins and needles can be challenging to keep. Many of us buy them almost every other day because we have misplaced the previous ones.

That will no longer be the case when you make a DIY pin cushion. The steps involved in making it are cutting, folding, and sewing to achieve the required thickness.

Wrist Rest

If you sit long hours behind your computer monitor like me, you require some soft wrist rest.

It will keep you free from tendonitis and other related wrist injuries that can result from holding your mouse or keyboard all day long.

You can make a wrist rest by stuffing an old sock with rice and then sewing it up. You can microwave it for extra comfort if you already have sore wrists.

Hair Bands with Sock

Hair Bands With Sock

You no longer have to go to the market for a new hairband to hold your long hair together. You can simply fancy up with old socks.

Simply cut off the sizable section of the pair of socks to make a handy ponytail band. You can use it as you would for a regular hairband.

Sock Choker

You don’t have to spend 5 dollars on a plain black choker if you can make one from old socks.

Additionally, the socks chokers are soft and feel comfortable on the neck. You only need to take the measurements of your neck and sew everything up.

Sock Rag Rug

Sock Rag Rug

Rugs are some of the limited items we have in the home. It is sometimes impossible to have one for every room or purpose.

A bathroom rug should not be used in the kitchen or any other room. So, will you go to the market for all those rugs?

No! Make a DIY sock rag rug from old socks or mismatched ones. They are effective in mopping wet surfaces.

Sock Pot Holders

Sock Pot Holders

Pots can be hot and slippery. Holding them with your bare hands spells more danger than using an appropriate potholder.

In this case, create a fancy effective potholder from worn-out socks. They can be torn or worn out, but they will make a good potholder.

Cut old socks into strips and use a plastic weaving loom to make as many potholders as your old socks allow.

Barbie Clothes From Socks

Barbie clothes made of old socks are fun to see. If your daughter has some dolls lying around the house, you can make her interested in them once again after dressing the dolls in the clothes.

With the new fancy look of the dolls, your little daughter will view them as new acquisitions.

Sweater For Tiny Dog

This is very direct. Dog’s, too, catch a cold during winter. If you want to protect your pet, you can create a fancy sweater out of old socks.

Every household has mismatched socks pairs which you can cut and sew up.

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Dog Chew Toy

Dogs are active pets that like biting. They can chew everything, from your sofa to your carpets. To avoid that, you can create a dog chew toy to keep them busy and enhance their dental health.

You only need to weave the socks into threads or balls so that the dog will find it fun to play with.

Swiffer Socks

Swiffer pads are expensive, but they are great for picking dust from the floor. The good news for DIYers is that you can now make the same using old fluffy socks.

You can make a Swiffer sock in just minutes. It involves cutting the toes off and pushing them through your Swiffer dry mop. Put your old socks into use while saving on the cost of Swiffer pads.

Door Draft Stopper

Spaces between the doors and floor can allow in that chilling draft. You can use your old socks to seal off those spaces. That is all required to stay warm indoors without interference from drafts.

Stocking Ornaments

The festive season is here, and many people are looking for ways to make decorations. It is easy to convert your old socks into Christmas ornaments. You just need to be a bit creative.

Make A Jump Rope

A jump rope for girls costs a few dollars, but you can now save that by joining used socks together.

The multi-color jump rope made is both functional and fancy to see. You don’t have an excuse now if your little girls cannot enjoy this game.


What can I make with odd socks?

You can make many items with old socks. Think of hedgehog planters for decorating your garden, door draft stoppers, a jump rope, an armband for holding your phone, fingerless gloves, and many others.

You can create anything attractive and functional from old socks.

Is it OK to donate used socks?

Yes. You can donate fairly used and holey socks to the organizations that accept them. Whether you have mismatched or worn-out socks, you can give them out if you don’t have any other use for them.

Does anyone take old socks?

Yes. Some organizations will accept socks, regardless of their conditions. Many charities across the country also take used socks. So, don’t just discard them.

Some Thoughts        

There are fancy ideas for using old socks, as highlighted in this article. You don’t need much of the art and craft knowledge to put them into good use.

In some instances, you just use the old socks the way they are. But if you cannot turn them into fancy items, give them out. Don’t just throw them away.

What do you plan to make with your old socks? Let us know, and don’t forget to share our article. We also thank you for your time at the Em Offgrid.