11 Best Ways to Grow Potatoes

Potatoes are a part of many dishes all over the world. The fact is, they are not only nutritious but also tasty, which is why most of us love potatoes.

When you are living off-grid, potatoes are something you should really consider growing in your garden.

Growing potatoes is actually very easy. However, if you want to have some large, flavorful, nutritious potatoes, there are certain ways you have to go about growing them.

The truth is, there are very many ways to grow potatoes, which include growing them in bags.

If you do not know how to go about growing potatoes, you do not need to worry.

We have conducted extensive research and testing and we have come up with this article to help you grow the perfect potatoes for your household. Read on!

Benefits of Potatoes for Off-Grid Living

The Benefits of Potatoes for Off-Grid Living

Still not sure if you want to plant potatoes? Look at the advantages associated with planting potatoes.

Growing potatoes is very easy. You do not require processing or machinery. Even alone, you will be able to plant, care for, and harvest.

The attention and labor required are minimal. When it is time to harvest, you simply need to get them from the earth, clean, peel and cook.

Potatoes are a great source of nutrients. A potato has different nutrients including vitamins B6 and C, as well as potassium. You will also get manganese, magnesium, thiamin, niacin, folate, as well as fiber.  

The amount of space you have in your homestead will be enough for growing potatoes.

Even if you have a small piece of land, you can still grow a substantial amount of potatoes for you and your family. There are people who grow their potatoes in containers, cardboard boxes, even buckets.

When you harvest potatoes, you can keep them in storage for a very long time. However, if you put them close to garlic and onions, they tend to spoil faster.

One final reason to grow potatoes is that they are very easy to prepare. All you would have to do is boil, mash, fry, or even cook them in some stew.  

11 Best Way To Grow Potatoes

11 Best Way To Grow Potatoes

As noted earlier, growing potatoes do not require that you have a large piece of land. It is possible to grow potatoes without using the actual land and still get a great harvest that will sustain you.

You can grow potatoes in containers, bins, or even sacks. In this section, we will talk about some of the most effective ways to grow potatoes with great results in regards to size and nutrition. Let’s get started.

Growing Potatoes on Trench and Hill

This is a method of growing potatoes that best suits those who have more space. The shallow trenches are normally around two or three feet apart.

What you need to do is plant the potatoes in the trenches, around 12 inches apart from each other. You should then cover them with soil, around three inches.

After the shoots get to a height of around ten inches, scoop the soil between the set rows and place it around the plants. Make sure the tubers are covered when growing.

One major advantage associated with this method is that you can grow a lot of potatoes at the same time. However, the process might require more work compared to the other methods.

Growing Potatoes in a Raised Bed

Growing Potatoes in a Raised Bed

Potatoes will grow perfectly if the soil is raised properly. That is why growing potatoes in a raised bed can be a great way to grow your potatoes.

The first thing you need to do is loosen the selected soil in a garden bed that is half-filled.

You should then space the sections around one foot apart in all directions. You should then plant them to a depth of around three inches.

As these potatoes continue to grow, you should add soil gradually to the point where soil fills the raised bed. When it is time to harvest, you can easily remove the bedsides or simply uncover the tubers.

The problem with this method is that the number of potatoes you can grow is a bit limited. On the plus side, not much work is associated with the method.

Growing Potatoes in Containers

The first thing you need to know is that this method is very easy to execute. You do not require much to get it up and running.

You will need to select an adequate container for this task, from three gallons to more than ten depending on what you would like.

It is important that there are adequate drainage holes. You should then add around three inches of soil and place the seeds at the bottom.

Next, cover the potatoes with around four inches of soil and add some water.

As plants grow, add more soil to the point where the soil is just one inch below the container’s rim.

You will love this method because harvesting is quite easy. All you need to do is dump out the selected container and you can collect the grown potatoes. The yields are also better than you will get in different methods.

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Growing Potatoes in Bins and Towers

We might not always have a lot of space to use for the growth of potatoes. Nevertheless, you can always opt to grow potatoes above the ground using bins and towers and have a great supply.

What you need for this method is to get late-season varieties of potatoes that will likely keep producing tubers on the stems as the soil increases. Yellow Finn, Bintje, Indian Pit, are some of the recommended varieties.

You should also fill the selected bins with some lightweight soil to allow the roots to spread and prevent compacting.

It is important that you water your potatoes properly. If the potatoes become overheated or dry, the growth will stop.

This method is appreciated because it allows for the growth of potatoes on limited land. The potatoes grown are many regardless of the size of the soil and the labor is minimal.

Growing Potatoes in Sacks

Growing potatoes in sacks is another way of ensuring that you have a supply of potatoes even without adequate land or space.

What you need to do is prepare the sacks by poking adequate holes at the bottom and the sides.

Fill about 1/3 of the sack with soil and place it in an area with adequate sun. Next, you should plant the potatoes and add adequate water. As the potatoes grow, add some soil and straw to the bag.

This method does not require much work and is very easy to execute. Additionally, harvesting has never been easier than when you are using sacks.

Planting in Wooden Barrel

A wooden barrel is another way of growing potatoes. It is essentially better if the soil below is of poor quality.

For this method, you will need some lumber to build a sort of box. The size of the box you use will be completely dependent on your needs.

The main idea is to have additional soil and slats as your potatoes continue growing.

It is a great choice for places with poor quality soil. The problem, however, is that you might have to use a lot of effort and time, and to be honest, the results might not justify the effort.

Growing Potatoes in Stacking Boxes or Grow Bag

This method is preferred mostly because the grow bags are made with dense, heavy polypropylene.

You should add some inches of soil mixed with some compost at the bottom of the bag and plant around three or four potato seeds.

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You should then cover the potatoes with soil, roughly three inches. Add the soil gradually as they grow till the soil fills the bag.

You will love that these bags will last several seasons and would be perfect for places where the soil does not have adequate nutrients.

Growing Potatoes in a Tire Tower

Growing Potatoes in a Tire Tower

This method allows you to grow as many potatoes as you would like. However, you will not be growing the potatoes in a lot of space.

As long as the available space can take a tire lying down flat on the ground, then you are good to go.

All you would need is a bunch of tires, adequate soil, and potato seeds. You simply need to plant the potatoes in the first tire, then add more tires and more soil as the potatoes grow.

It helps if you only cover the top five leaves only when you add the soil and the tires.

One major advantage is that this process does not require much space. Additionally, the amount of work to be done is minimal.

However, there is a limited number of potatoes to be grown if you do not have adequate tires for the task.

Planting in Straw

Planting potatoes in straw is not always effective in all areas. However, it does have some great results when done in the right conditions.

For this process, you should follow the steps you would follow when planting in hilled rows.

However, there is a difference. Instead of covering the potatoes with soil, you will cover them with around three or four inches of straw. As the plants grow, you will increase the straw.

The advantage of this process is that it will conserve the moisture in the soil and will also deter any weeds that might want to grow. The only disadvantage is that it only works best in areas with a lot of rain.

Growing Potatoes in Mulch

Growing potatoes in mulch do not require digging as other methods would.

You will have to loosen the soil, a couple of inches, in the garden and place some compost in it. You should also add some fertilizer.

Lay the potatoes in the soil, around 12 inches apart from each other, then cover the potatoes with some organic mulch. These might be pine needles, shredded leaves, sawdust, leaf mold, and more.

Continue to add mulch as the plants grow, every two weeks.

The advantage is that you will not need to do much work that you would in other processes. However, if you want to grow a lot of potatoes, it would help to have more land.

Planting Potatoes Back to Eden Style

This is a style that mimics nature’s method of creating healthy soil for growing potatoes. It does not involve any tilling or cultivation.

In this method, you will layer the garden with some wood chips, mulch, and compost.

That will allow you to build a deep mulch that will break down naturally to provide nutrients for the soil. It is similar to the forest growing.

You will appreciate that this method does not involve much labor because no tilling or cultivation is involved. However, it requires more land for the growth of more produce.


What month do you plant potatoes?

It depends on the local weather. However, most gardeners will plant potatoes in the months of March, April, and May. The harvest will come around in about four months.

What is the best container to grow potatoes?

The ideal pots for growing potatoes are large pots and large planters. You should choose a container that has a diameter of around 16 inches or more, and a height of the same. That should hold around six potato seeds. 

Can I grow potatoes from store-bought potatoes?

If you notice that potatoes you bought from the store are sprouting, you can plant them. However, there are no advantages associated with planting these potatoes.

How long does it take to grow potatoes in a 5-gallon bucket?

It will depend on the variety of the potatoes. However, you should expect the potatoes to grow in around 90 or 120 days.

Wrapping Up

There is a wide range of methods that you can use to grow potatoes. These are all methods that will not only give you great results but also reduce the amount of work you have to do.

Some of these methods will be efficient if you do not have much space to work on. 

As usual, thank you for choosing Emoffgrid.com as your reading source! I hope you will find the information in this post useful.