9 Easy Ways To Keep Animals Out Of Garden

When you look at a beautiful, well-maintained garden, you must also appreciate the gardener’s efforts and his battles with various difficulties, including predators.

Yes, it is true; keeping animals out of the garden is a challenge but can be done using some basic techniques.

Just like humans, animals also need food and shelter for their living. They do coexist and share your space, including your garden.

It is beneficial at times, but when they start to spoil your hard work, you want to keep them away from your gardens. 

So, how can you identify that some unknown and unwanted predators have raided your garden? Let’s find it out in this article. We shall discuss 9 basic ways to keep animals out of garden. 

Signs That Your Garden Is Compromised

Signs That Your Garden Is Compromised

Gardeners often struggle with some unwanted guests like animals who are eager to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

So, it is crucial for them to identify these unwanted guests in order to take appropriate steps to keep them away from the garden

You can quickly identify the animal that has created the nuisance by just looking at the pattern of damage that they have done. So, let us identify some of these animals.

  • Animals like deer will leave a tell-tale sign of hoofprints or tears on woody plants.
  • Missing of an entire stem, leaf, or flower will suggest that some rabbits are fond of your garden.
  • Groundhogs tend to attack newly seeded plants and either dig them up or push them aside.
  • Plants and their ripened fruits having poked holes is an indication of birds feeding on your efforts.
  • Other animals like insects may be identified by brown or black, small, and rounded spots.

9 Basic Ways To Keep Animals Out Of Garden

9 Basic Ways To Keep Animals Out Of Garden

Gardeners have gradually developed a variety of techniques over the years to keep animals out of their gardens. The technique for keeping away different animals may be different.

So, without some trial and error, you cannot determine which preventive measures work best for you.

When considering how to keep animals out of your garden, it’s a good idea to explore methods that won’t hurt them. Here’s a list of 9 such ways:

  1. Enclosure around the garden/plants.
  2. Use of natural repellents.
  3. Use of artificial repellents.
  4. Use of noise, lights, or motion-activated traps.
  5. Grow plants/herbs that animals don’t like.
  6. Live traps.
  7. Have a dog/cat to repels animals.
  8. Install automatic sprinklers.
  9. Changing the landscape.

Now let’s understand each of these methods in detail.

Enclosure Around The Garden/Plants

A good way to keep animals out of your garden is to build an enclosure around the garden or directly around the plants.

They not only work great for your garden but also add a unique look to your outdoor space. 

However, they may be a little expensive and require additional effort. Here we have discussed four types of enclosures.

A Fence

A Fence

You can simply erect a barbed, stone, meshed wire around your garden to keep off some predators.

Ensure it is tall enough to keep larger animals away and deep enough to keep out animals that can dig underneath to get through the fence.

Ensure you have not left any gaps or weak spots in the fencing. Keep checking your fence to see if all the animals are being kept out and make the necessary adjustments if required.

OldMacDonald Deer and Animal Fence Barrier

Using A Wire Cloche

Wire cloche is a portable protective structure that is used to protect plants from animals or weather elements. They can be made from chicken wire, plastic, and glass and are mostly used for potted plants. 

Make sure you cut the chicken wire according to the desired height, preferably taller than the pot. Next, wrap the semi-circular wire mesh around the base, forming a cylinder for the cloche.


Baffles are meant to confuse the animals and keep them away from the plants. They come in dome shapes and are often hung or attached to poles to keep animals & birds away.

Plant Tent

For plants that are particularly appealing to local pests, you can try creating a plant nest to cover them.

It is a simple method in which we can use garden hoops to support fabric and secure it to the ground from all sides, creating a small enclosure.

Use of Natural Repellents

One of the easiest ways to keep animals out of your garden is to discourage them from coming in the first place.

So, the use of natural repellents can be the best defense to keep unwanted guests away from your garden. 

Let’s have a look at 9 such natural repellents, which are inexpensive and readily available.


Most animals dislike the smell of fragrant soaps. So, collect the discarded old pieces of soap and put them in small bags.

Tie them on branches around the garden, and they will repel animals like deer, rabbits, and mice.

Milk And Soap Solution

This is another natural repellent that will work as deer detest the smell of milk. Mix some drops of soap and ¼ cup of milk and spray the mixture on the garden plants and repeat after ten days or when it has rained.

Hot Pepper Sauce

When you spray hot pepper sauce on your plants, they have a very bad taste that keeps off animals. Just mix hot pepper sauce (the hotter it is, the better) with aromatic leaves and spray on the plants.

People also search for:

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

After finishing your coffee, do not discard the coffee grounds as they can be spread through your garden. Due to the caffeine component, most animals will not go near it as it is harmful to them. 


Vinegar can also be a good way to keep animals away from your garden. Just dip a few rags in vinegar and hang them on branches around your garden.

Unfortunately, the scent tends to wear off very fast, so you need to keep on re-soaking every few days.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a repellent to many digging animals like moles, voles, and armadillos.

Mix castor oil with a bit of soap, water and pour where the animals love burrowing. The smell itself is enough to drive them away.

Garlic Clippings

Animals like deer or bunnies dislike the smell of garlic, onions, and spicy foods.

So you can collect the peels of garlic and onions as you cook throughout the week and keep them to make a solution to keep those two away.

Predator Urine

Yes, you heard it right; Predator’s urine can keep animals away. It is actually the smell of urine that is considered unbearable for certain species. 

At the same time, it acts as a piece of information that some other animals are in close proximity to the remaining predators and they should keep away from that region.

Human Hair

It shouldn’t be as gross as it sounds, but human hair can be a great way to keep animals out of your garden. Animals dislike the smell of human hair and will not even go near it.

Sprinkle the unwashed hair around your plants or put some of the hair into bags. Tie them around trees or branches around your garden.

Use of Artificial Repellents

Apart from natural repellents, there are also some artificial repellents that can keep animals away from your garden. However, you must be careful while using such repellents as they may harm the animals. 

Ultrasonic Sounds

There are some devices that can generate ultrasonic sounds that are normally too high to be heard by humans but can be heard by animals. This high-frequency sound causes irritation to the animals that cause them to flee the area.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Chemical Sprays

There are also chemical sprays that professionals apply to prevent animals from coming close to the garden.

However, this is not the best method of keeping animals away from your garden because its exposure to the environment, humans, and pets can be dangerous. 

Use of Noise, Lights, Or Motion Activated Traps

Place scarecrows possibly tied with colored ribbons or reflectors that can cause sudden movement scaring the animals from entering the garden.

A battery-operated radio can also be a good way of scaring the animals and can be kept playing on throughout the night.

Another way is by tying pans to stake with the eventuality that if the wind blows or any vibration will cause them to make noise.

But make sure for the noise-making deterrents that the noise should not be loud enough to disturb the neighbor.

Grow Plants/Herbs That Animals Don’t Like

There are animals that do not like the smell of some plants.

They can be planted around the garden, but you must note that some animals may tend to feed on them. So this may not really be a permanent solution.

Examples of such plants are chives, sage, daffodils, marigold, lavender, irises, or any prickly foliage. However, you might note, despite this, if an animal is hungry enough, it will eat them.

Live Traps

There are certain types of traps that can be mounted to keep animals away from your garden. Trapping them and then releasing them to another place can be a good way of keeping animals away from your garden.

Have A Dog/Cat That Repels Animals

The presence of cats will scare away rats, mice, and hamsters. Dogs will also scare away bigger animals just by barking.

Install Automatic Sprinklers

Animals do not like the element of surprise and anything that seems to catch them unaware is most unwelcome.

You can place battery-operated motion sensors on a sprinkler system that will cause it to burst suddenly with water when stepped on.

Changing The Landscape

Some habitats and landscapes are more comfortable and pleasant for animals. As a result, rearranging your landscaping may be a simple method to make animals feel uneasy and keep them away from your yard. 

Let’s have a look at three different choices for changing the landscape.

Distract By Providing Alternative Food Sources

Another great method that seems easy is to identify what the animal may prefer eating rather than your plants.

For example, rabbits would rather have dandelions or clovers than your vegetables, especially if they can escape from predators.

It may take some time before you can truly understand what exactly works; unfortunately, some animals are quite sly and may soon enough discover precisely what you are up to.

Moving The Plants Off The Ground

Some people may decide to have a hanging garden, such that their plants are kept away from the ground.

Potted Plants Or Raised Beds

Potted plants are plants planted in containers that can be carried around the garden. Raised beds are whereby you raise the soil roughly two inches off the ground.


What Smells Keep Animals Out Of Garden?

Citrus smells can keep cats out of your garden. Some animals hate the smell of ammonia, blood, pepper, and other spicy food.

Does Cinnamon Keep Animals Out Of Garden?

Yes, most herbs will definitely keep animals away, even those that do not smell so bad. Therefore, it is advisable to plant some herbs in your garden.

Which Animals Hate Vinegar?

Some animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, deer, foxes, and raccoons simply abhor the smell of vinegar even if it has dried up.

Is Vinegar Good For A Garden?

Vinegar is only good if the garden has lime, hard water, or you want to plant crops that do well in acidic soils.

Wrapping Up

With the knowledge shared in this article, you can keep animals out of your garden without harming them. It is recommended to combine some of the above methods to maximize their effectiveness. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try these methods and share your experience with us. As usual, thank you for making us a part of your life! Hopefully, you find the information shared in the article beneficial.