Arrested For Living Off the Grid – 12 Legal Places

Off-grid living is becoming increasingly popular because of its simple and self-sufficient lifestyle. People are shifting to this adventurous lifestyle for a short time and in some cases, permanently.

When disconnected from mainstream society and you build your shelter in a remote place, make sure that it is legal. 

In general, off-grid living requires farming, food production, water management, and all things related to survival and existence.

Whether you are living on your property or on public property, it is important to follow the zoning and building code. Some states and cities allow you to live off the grid. But, it is better to avoid the restricted states.

In this writing, we explain off-grid living legality and some tips that protect you from being arrested for living off the grid. 

What Does Living Off The Grid Mean?

What Does Living Off The Grid Mean?

Off-grid living means you are not connected to society and publicly available utilities. You are disconnected from the mainstream residential area and start living in a rural area. 

You will produce your own food and depend on natural resources. It is a sustainable life where you are not a consumer. You are the producer of your needs. 

You can live off-grid on a travel trailer or build a house for permanent living. It depends on your choice.

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Is Off Grid Living Illegal?

Off-grid living is not illegal but restricted in some places. You will establish a self-sufficient lifestyle in a remote place. You are the producer and supplier of food and other basic needs in off-grid living.

But, you can not do it in all places. In some states, off-grid living is illegal, even with or on your own property. The government applies this law because of the restricted zoning and building codes.

You recommend selecting a place where there is no restriction for living off the grid. 

Why Do People Arrested For Living Off The Grid?

Recently, we discovered that some people are arrested because of living off the grid. You might ask what is the problem with this? 

Two major issues can make your off-grid living illegal. Let’s have a look.

Living Off-Grid In An Area Where Off-Grid Living Is Not Allowed

It is the most common issue for being arrested due to off-grid living. You already know that some places are restricted, and off-grid living is not allowed there.

When you start homesteading in those areas, you are doing an illegal thing. So, the law enforcement agency can arrest you.

The main reason behind this action is safety and the zoning code. Most people like forest, sea, or mountain surrounded areas. They select a remote place and start living without considering the safety of that locality.

If the government allows mass people to live in these areas, there might be a risk to the ecosystem and forestry. So, don’t select a restricted zone to admit in the zail.

No Research of The Rules For Off-grid Life

Living off-grid doesn’t mean that you will violate all the rules of the state or country. It refers to living a self-sufficient life where you will obey the local rules and regulations. 

People are getting arrested because of the limited knowledge about the laws of the place. You have to research the state, national, and local community guidelines before shifting to a place.

Make sure that you know everything, and for further use, you can note them. Collect information from a trustworthy source and verify it before finalizing your decision.

How To Live Off The Grid Legally

How To Live Off The Grid Legally

There are hundreds of places where off-grid living is legal. You can simply start an independent life without so many restrictions. Here are two most common options. Let’s explore. 

Find Out Where Off-Grid Living Is Allowed

First, you have to find places where off-grid living is allowed and legal. You can make a short list to prioritize your favorite places. 

For example, if you like the hilly area, you can list them and verify the legality of living off the grid. These are the best places for off-grid living. 

  • Missouri 
  • Alabama 
  • Georgia 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas
  • Idaho 
  • New Mexico
  • Maine 
  • Colorado 
  • Vermont 
  • Utah 
  • North Dakota 

Research And Obey The Laws Of Off-Grid Life

Research And Obey The Laws Of Off-Grid Life

Secondly, you have to research the rules and obey laws when living off the grid in a state. This step will enable you to decide whether you can follow the rules or not. 

When you are living there, you have to maintain the rules and community guidelines of that locality. 

It will prevent unwanted legal issues and give you the best off-grid living experience. 


Finally, it can be said that off-grid living is an adventurous lifestyle, and you can do it legally. Don’t hesitate to search the internet for the right information. 

Find the most suitable place for you and shift with all the necessary items. An efficient plan will make you successful in any place while living off the grid.

Don’t select a state where off-grid living is illegal. It will be considered a crime if you start living there. 

Try to analyze zoning code, community guidelines, local culture, and building code before shifting to a place for off-grid living.