Offgrid-living is not a standard, offgrid-living is a goal, where we free our environment affection.

  • We still connect to our family, who we live with!
  • We still connect to our friends, who we love!
  • We still connect to our readers, who we want to share!
  • We still connect to “projects”, where we make our living income!


  • No grid connection
  • No environment harms
  • Entirely wild friendly

We finally completed our off-grid survival garden

Keep Update


Buying and Installing best solar sun shades is the most smart method to shield the house against excessive sunlight.

Water from wells, lakes are not safe to drink. It still includes many contaminants that you may wish to remove, but purchasing a filter system may be costly.

You may find yourself in an emergency circumstance when you require a supply of drinking water to survive.

DIY water filter systems might be the answer in any of these scenarios – attempting to save a little money or desperately attempting to remain alive.

Solar reflective paints can reduce the risk of a dump roof by reflecting the heat that comes from the sun.

About US

We are a couple who love wildlife, we spent 13 months together in our tiny house with 5 dogs and some other animals.

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