Welcome to Our OffGrid Life!

Linh 2020, thinking about living off the grid!

That is my wife, back in 2020. We are in the mess of our life. Halfway to making as much money as we want, another half thinking about wildlife, where is no rush.

It took us 3 months to decide we do we go. Offgrid living but still “connect”!

  • We still connect to our family, who we live with!
  • We still connect to our friends, who we love!
  • We still connect to our readers, who we want to share!
  • We still connect to “projects”, where we make our living income!


  • No grid connection
  • No environment harms
  • Entirely wild friendly

It was 13 months (May 2021) since we started to off the grid and started our simple life.

Now we are sharing what we experienced with all of you, our readers.

You might find some non-relevant content with your needs but I believe that somebody will need that.

Offgrid-living is not a standard, offgrid-living is a goal, where we free our environment affection.

Notes bout offgridliving.news redirect.

We wanted to start this blog in 2020, at that time, a marketing company says that if we are targeting offgrid, then offgridliving.news is a good domain. It cost us $700 for the domain 🙁

At that time, we find that is a good idea, offgrid and news. Great!

But after carefully thinking about the “news”. We are not a “news” website. We want our blog to be a place where we share our experiences with off-grid living.

So, we bought emoffgrid.com. For your information, “em” means “we” in English.

But we don’t want to lose $700 credit, we redirect offgridliving.news to a new domain. https://emoffgrid.com

Contact us at


November update about our life

Oh yeah! We officially became parents!

My little girl (Lobs)

Becoming parents is super exciting. You never know when will your baby “yell”. We spent almost 2 months with very little knowledge about being parents.

Lucky us! My parents-in-law came to my offgrid house and help us with some daily routine work of taking care of my daughter.

Being super busy with her reduced our content creation for two months but after getting familiar with the new lifestyle with the baby, we will back and might have some more personal tips on taking care of the baby when living offgrid or homeschooling. Why not?

Read our full Update about our life here

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  1. Hi
    First of all congratulations on your baby girl…she’s so beautiful…Being a mum of 4 and a now grandmother of 12 I know how precious babies are… Children are a gift.. treasure every moment…yes that means the tired days too lol…I’m excited to see how things have come together and can’t wait for you future updates..All the best
    Suzy xx

  2. Re: perpetual pot

    Danger temperature zone is 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Temps below 40 are too cold for bacteria to grow and are safe; Temps above are too warm.
    For the safety of your readers, please issue a correction to your post.

  3. She has a dimple. Look really lovely. Congrats to your family, thanks for the information you shared about off grid life. It helped us a lot in our starting days.

  4. Hi I was getting ready to try your DIY Neosporin and realized there are no amounts? Can you tell us how much of each
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe
    Reiki Illuminations, Raz


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