Welcome to Our OffGrid Life!

Linh 2020, thinking about offgrid living!

This is my wife, back in 2020. We are in the messy of our life. Halfway to make as much money as we want, another half thinking about wildlife, where is no rush.

It took us 3 months to decide we do we go. Offgrid living but still “connect”!

We still connect to our family, who we live with!

We still connect to our friends, who we love!

We still connect to our readers, who we want to share!

We still connect to “projects”, where we make our living income!


No grid connection

No environment harms

Entirely wild friendly

It was 13 months (May 2021) since we started to off the grid and started our simple life.

Now we are sharing what we experienced to all of you, our readers.

You might find some non relevant content with your needs but I believe that somebody will need that.

Offgrid-living is not a standard, offgrid-living is a goal, where we free our environment affection.

Notes bout offgridliving.news redirect.

We wanted to start this blog in 2020, at that time, a marketing company says that if we are targeting offgrid, then offgridliving.news is a good domain. It cost us $700 for the domain 🙁

At that time, we find that is a good idea, offgrid and news. Great!

But after carefully thinking about the “news”. We are not a “news” website. We want our blog is a place that we share our experience about offgridliving.

So, we bought emoffgrid.com. For your information, “em” means “we” in English.

But we don’t want to lose $700 credit, we redirect offgridliving.news to new domain. https://emoffgrid.com

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