Top 11 Cheapest Rifle Ammo

Whenever it comes to protecting your house from shooting large animals, inexpensive ammunition is the way to go. 

Assault rifles are more comfortable to take for self-protection while utilizing low-cost ammunition, and their performance is also great for domestic usage.

If you have cherished rifles and pistols but find that feeding them may be costly due to the bullets used to feed them, read out these Top 11 Cheapest Rifle Ammo, which will assist you to stay skilled without spending a lot of money.

Rifle: Should I Buy Cheap Ammo Or Not?

Rifle: Should I Buy Cheap Ammo Or Not?

Most contemporary rifles may be used for home protection, shooting, practice, sport, or leisure firing. The most okay ammo is more effective than ever before.

But the issue though is because it seems to be much more expensive.

Top-of-the-line rifle ammunition may cost upwards of $3 per round, and with the advent of Tungsten Super Shot, certain shotguns rounds can cost upwards of $10 per round. 

Whenever you consider what’s at stake when you fire the gun, then you wouldn’t need to cut corners on ammunition. 

But you don’t have to spend a fortune; there is plenty of genuinely high-performance rifle and shotgun loads that are tough on animals but light on your pocketbook.

The 11 Cheapest Rifle Ammo

The 11 Cheapest Rifle Ammo

The 11 Cheapest ammo for rifles below is the result when we categorize them based on brand and size.

According To Brand:

Winchester Power Max Bonded

The PowerMax Bonded series of strong ammo, especially for deer hunters, is one of the best and most underappreciated on the market. Its lead center is fused to the copper alloy jacket using a unique bonding technique that eliminates the possibility of detachment. 

The bullet’s shielded hollow-point allows for enormous extension and huge hole cavities, resulting in rapid deaths. 

The PowerMax Bonded is offered in 16 of its most famous large bullet bunches, such as the .223 Remington .30/30 Winchester, as well as the new.350 Legend and .325 WSM.


The cost of this is from 30$ to 40$ for 150 grains.

List of Guns

The list of guns using this ammo includes Winchester 1873 Rifle,  firearms, and shotguns.

Federal Fusion

This is one of the cheapest quality big-game options on the market, with online selling prices as low as $17.89 per 20 for the most prevalent calibers, and it fires with surprisingly precise precision considering the cost.  

Federal Fusion ammunition, without a doubt, provides the finest lethal effectiveness on large wildlife for the lowest cost.

Fusion ammo comes in 28 distinct rounds, such as the 6.5 Grendel, 7.6239 Soviet, and .35 Whelen, among others. 

The 62-grain fusion charge is arguably the finest option at any price if you want to hunt deer with a .223 Remington.


Its price is from 40$ to 50$ for 150 grains.

List Of Guns

The list of guns using this ammo are, FARA83, Steyr Aug and Steyr Scout, etc… 

Redneck Convent Metal Ammo Case Can

Redneck Convent Ammo Can 50 Cal Solid Steel Military Metal Ammo Box with Airtight Sealed Lid to Protect Ammunition Gear
  • [Hold Dry Ammo]: Shield your ammo from water, dirt, dust, and debris with the RC Metal Ammo Storage Box; Protect your 50 Cal ammunition in the metal bullet case while on hunting trips regardless of the terrain
  • [Keep Water Out]: Airtight rubber gasket seal lines the ammo case rim to ensure your ammunition is protected from outside elements; Steel metal construction protects the ammo crate can even when fully submerged in water
  • [Open and Grab Gear]: Front-facing lid-locking latch is easy to open and close; Metal ammo can opens from the top so you can easily access rifles or ammo at a moment’s notice

Remington HTP Copper

This famed and really excellent Barnes Triple Shock cartridge is used in all Remington HTP (High-Terminal-Performance) Copper loads

You may expect double-diameter extension, profound penetrating, and a strong probability of an exit hole in the respective caliber. 

Considering their lethal capability, HTP Copper loading is an excellent method to enhance penetration without resorting to a larger bullet or more powerful cartridge. 

Barnes Triple Shocks are loaded by other ammunition producers, but not at this pricing. 


The cost of this is from $30 to $40 for 150 grains.

List Of Guns

The list of guns using this ammo consists of Remington ammo rifle, pistol, etc…

Hornady Superformance SST

The SST round isn’t considered superior, but it has a non-bonded lead core and a streamlined polymer point that discharges a great deal of energy upon entry and is noted for killing prey quickly. 

Being packed with Hornady’s Superformance ammunition line, the SST bullet truly shines. 

The SST demands deep attention if you anticipate you’ll have to take a long shot. Superformance loading can enhance muzzle velocity by up to 200 fps. 

SST ammunition is available in 18 different chamberings, ranging from .243 Winchester to .338 Winchester Magnum.


It has a price of 40 US Dollars to 70 US Dollars for 180 grains.

List Of Guns

The list of weapons using this ammunition includes Lever guns,  all firearm types, pump actions, and semi-autos.

Federal Premium AccuBond

The Nosler AccuBond is the top of the higher price pyramids, with a high combination of entrance and expansion. 

Its sleek polymer point matches the legendary Nosler Ballistic Point in terms of effectiveness. 

Its bonded, lead center permits it to match the renowned Nosler Partition’s terminal performance. 

Many manufacturers load AccuBonds, but the Federal Premium brand, which comes in 16 chamberings ranging from .243 Winchester to .338 Lapua, has the best pricing.


The cost of this type of ammo is from $70 to $80 for 165 grains.

List Of Guns

The list of guns that are utilizing this consists of Shotgun shells, rifles, pistols, etc.

According To Size:

.22 Long Rifle

The.22 Long Rifle is the gold mark for low-cost shooting, with both weapons and ammunition available at low prices.

.22 LR is suited for everybody, whether you use a conventional semi-automatic rifle, a centerfire modification package, or an extreme long-range (ELR) bullet framework.

Look for large quantities of the .22 LR ammo dubbed value packs or range packs, which include anything from 525 to 1,400 rounds.


The cost for this is 12 to 14$ for 50 rounds while 29$ for 100 rounds.

  •  36-grain copper-plated Federal Champion Value Pack HP (525 rounds)
  • Golden Bullet, (1,400 rounds) 36-Grain Copper-Plated Remington
  •  40-grain LRN Federal Range Pack (800 rounds)

List Of Guns

List of weapons using this ammo includes Marlin Model 60, Browning 22 Semi-Auto Rifle, Ruger 10/22 Takedown, Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport, and Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle.

5.56 NATO/.223 Rem

Chances are if you possess an AR-15, it’s chambered in 5.56mm. All 5.56mm guns are safe to use. Also available is the .223 Remington, which is generally less costly.

Steel-case ammo is usually often the cheapest option in this chambering. Brass-cased ammunition is pricier, although exceptional discounts can be found on occasion, especially with military surplus ammo


The cost of this ammo is from 600 to 670$ per 1,000 rounds.

  • 55-grain ( 1,000 rounds)
  • 55-grain ( 1,000 rounds)
  • Wolf Performance 55-grain FMJ in.223 Rem Steel Case (case of 1,000 rounds)

List Of Guns

List of guns using this ammo are Fara 83 Assault Rifle, Steyr SCOUT Bolt action sniper rifle, and Steyr AUG Bullpup assault rifle.

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6.8 Rem. SPC

The 6.8 SPC is the obvious winner when it comes to muzzle energy and long-range performance. 

It’s a fighting approved, ground proven cartridge with such a large reputation that it can take down animals at larger ranges than 5.56 NATO. 

So if you’re okay with the somewhat more complicated world of components and ammunition, go for it. 


The cost of this ammo is around $28 for 77 grains.

List Of Guns

List of guns using 6.8 Rem. SPC ammo is 17 Hm2, 204 Ruger (24), 17 Hmr (46), etc…

300 BLK/.300 Whisper

A bunch of the hardware problems is also gone with 300 BLK

It runs perfectly with normal AR-15 bolts and magazines since it is constructed of 5.56 brass and was designed particularly to fit in standard AR-15 magazines. 

There have been no loading difficulties, nor magazine limit problems and replacement parts are plentiful because the barrel is the only major change. 


The cost of this one is from 15$ for 30 rounds of ammo.

List Of Guns

‎The list of guns for this ammo is .300 Whisper, Sporting Arms ‎7.62×40mm, and Wilson Tactical.

7.62×39 mm

In the United States, the Kalashnikov platform has a devoted following, and 7.62x39mm ammo is generally cheaper than the .223 Remington.

The greatest discounts are generally obtained in large numbers of armed forces surplus steel-case bullets, such as .223 Remington, imported from Europe.

Fortunately, most 7.62x39mm guns can consistently and securely discharge steel casings.


The price is around $300 to 350 per 1,000 rounds.

  • 122-grain FMJ Wolf Performance Steel Case (case of 1,000 rounds)
  •  Barnaul 7.6239 FMJ, 123 grains (case of 500 rounds)
  •  Moscow Russian Army Standard 122-grain FMJ (case of 1,000 rounds)

List Of Guns

The list of guns using 7.62×39 mm ammo is Century Arms VSKARuger M-77, Romanian Under-Folder Straight Assault Model AK 47, Rock River Arms, Ruger Mini 14, CZ 527, Century Arms AES10B Semi-Automatic, and Russian Ak 47.

308 Win

I believe that almost all shooters will concur that the .308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum rounds all seem to be extremely renowned large game shooting ammunition across the globe.

The.308 Winchester is capable of shooting a 150gr cartridge at the very same speed as the original.30-06 Springfield despite possessing a significantly shorter case because of advances in propellant construction.

In addition, the.308 Winchester has a little greater pressure as compared to .30-06


The cost of 308 Win ammo is from $40 to $49 for 168 grains.

List Of Guns

The list of guns using 308 Win ammo is AG-3, AK4, and AR-10.

What To Take Care When Searching For Cheap Ammo

What To Take Care When Searching For Cheap Ammo
  • Prices might vary by several pennies based on the location.
  • Start stocking up if you get a good deal on ammunition, but just don’t stockpile too much of it.
  • Give special consideration to the pricing per round vs the quantity of rounds in each package.
  • Knowing if your ammo is steel-cased or brass-cased can have an impact on the price.
  • Purchase in bulk at a lower price.


To receive the best rates, keep an eye on the current discounts given by your favorite merchants. 

Because ammunition is not supplied on a daily basis, its prices vary. So don’t be surprised if you locate ammo that is less expensive than the ones described in this post.