How to Build A Cinder Block Grill

Building a cinder block grill is definitely one of the most exciting and practical projects you can embark on in your home.

So if you are looking for an affordable home project that will light up your home, you should learn how to build a cinder block grill.

This project is rewarding on its own, but it also makes it fun to provide home-cooked barbecue for your family and friends.

Cinder blocks are the perfect materials for building a grill due to their incredible fire resistance and durability.

Cinder block grills are inexpensive, durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and can be customized easily.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process of building your cinder block grill.

Can You Use Cinder Blocks For A Grill?

Can You Use Cinder Blocks For A Grill?

The short answer is, Yes, you can use cinder blocks for a grill. As the name implies, a Cinder block grill is a grill constructed with cinder blocks. It is a popular, cost-effective method of building a grill.

Cinder block grills are known to be very effective and extremely durable enough to handle harsh conditions. It can also be customized very easily.

Materials and Tools To Build A Cinder Block Grill

Materials and Tools To Build A Cinder Block Grill

Building a cinder block grill is a very cost-effective project, and you can complete this project with a budget range of $110 to $300.

Here is a list of tools and materials to build a cinder block grill:

  • 48 cinder blocks.
  • Sand
  • One sheet of 48 by 80 inches expanded metal sheet
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Four 2 by 4 inches stake
  • One 2 by 4 inches 16 gauge steel sheet
  • Two 4 by 4 inches 16 gauge steel sheet
  • Tape measure
  • Shovel
  • Hand tamper
  • Hoe or Rake

3 Steps To Build A Cinder Block Grill

3 Steps To Build A Cinder Block Grill

Choosing a cinder block for your outdoor grill might be one of the best choices you make.

Not only is this option cost-effective, but it also has a long lifespan, great durability and resistance as well as ease of customizability.

The steps involved in building a cinder block grill include:

Step 1: Design & Dimension

Cinder block grills are well known for their customizability, meaning you can easily adapt the design to suit your taste.

There are three main types of cinder block grill designs, and they include:

  1. Basic cinder block grill:

This is basically a grill made with cinder blocks. It is often placed in a fixed area as it cannot be moved. Sometimes, normal bricks can be mixed with cinder blocks to build this.

It has a pretty simple design, but it is still durable to last you for several years. It can also be used with both charcoal and wood fuel.

  1. Square Wood-Fired Concrete Grill:

The wood-fired concrete grill design is one you can build with twenty-two 8 by 8 inches cinder blocks, four-half concrete blocks, metal sheet, angle bar and seven flat bricks.  

As the name implies, it is often square shaped and usually fuelled by wood.

  1. Hibachi-Style Open Grate Concrete Grill:

This open grate concrete grill design offers a compact and sophisticated aesthetic with a beautiful rectangular basin and gorgeous, traditional ornamental embellishments on the sidewalls.

Make sure you’re building the model on a flat, firm, compressed surface, just like you would any other cinder block or red brick unit. It can be used with both charcoal and wood fuel.

Step 2: Pick A Site And Clear Area

Step 2: Pick A Site And Clear Area

A cinder block grill is a fixed structure, so you will be unable to move it anyhow you like. This is why it is important to pick the best spot to install it in.

When building a cinder block grill, the main factors to consider are safety and wind. 

Ensure that the surface is a completely flat one that will make it easier to install the grill. The grill should be kept away from flammable materials like loose debris, garden mulch or trash.

The grill should not be constructed under a low-lying tree and should be kept at least 10 feet from your home.

However, some communities with strict fire safety guidelines may require you to place the grill at least 20 feet away from any structure.

Determine the wind direction in the spot you choose to avoid having the smoke from your grilling disturbing the guests, cook or your neighbors.

Due to the carbon monoxide content of these smokes, it is important to avoid too much inhalation that can harm you or anyone else.

Step 3: Build It

The steps involved in building a cinder block grill depend mainly on the type of design you plan to go with.

Based on each design, we will give detailed instructions on building your cinder block grill.

Basic cinder block grill

As the name implies, this design is a basic one that can take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Firstly, get 6 cinder blocks of standard size to make the main structure of the grill. Stack them to make a 2 layers tall 3-sided unit.

In order to prevent heat loss, you should try to get some half-blocks to properly join the grill at each corner and build the structure with no holes.

After making the bottom layers, place the cooking rack on the second level and pin the grate in position with some flat cinder blocks.

And when you are ready, you can place the wood or charcoal under the grilling rack to start cooking some delicious meals.

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Square Wood-Fired Concrete Grill

Start by leveling the ground in the preferred location for the grill. This is necessary to ensure that the foundation is properly erected and does not lean or slant after erection.

Use about 7 standard cinder blocks to construct the bottom level of the structure.

Make sure each side of your second level has a half-block on the front. This permits you to arrange the remaining full-length cinder blocks so that the joints are offset from the joints of the bottom layer’s bricks.

This straightforward procedure produces a significantly stronger and more long-lasting wall than it would otherwise be.

After finishing these 2 layers, add the mesh metal surface to the structure and place the angle iron or bar in front of it. 

Ensure that you include a third layer of cinder blocks to keep the mesh grid in place. 

Hibachi-Style Open Grate Concrete Grill

Start by digging a shallow trench in your preferred site, then fill the trench with crushed stones and metal rebar. These stones are used to create proper drainage for the grill. Next, pour some concrete mix on the rocks.

Once this wet concrete solidifies, you will have a one-level concrete slab to serve at the proper foundation of your cinder block grill.

On top of this concrete slab, you can construct a clean rectangular unit by stacking cinder blocks and filling the gaps between each brick with mortar or wet concrete.

Smooth down the filler with a hand or pointed trowel to give the entire unit a neat, professional appearance.

This design encourages you to incorporate a trendy sink into the unit, which you may achieve by making a mold or template out of wood and connecting it to the grill’s top.

Wet concrete should be mixed and poured into the wooden frame. When this liquid dries and settles, it will look like a beautiful farmhouse sink.

Attach some steel rebars across the hole in the middle of the top section: these bars will offer essential support for the fire bricks that will line the sink’s sides. 

Once you’re pleased with the unit’s structural stability, cover the cinder block construction with stucco or concrete to give it a more modern appearance.

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Building a cinder block grill is one of the most practical and affordable home projects out there.

Not only is building a cinder block grill inexpensive, but it also provides a durable and customizable grill for you to cook some delicious meals for your family and friends. 

This project is definitely worth your time and effort if you want to prepare a delicious barbecue or grilled chicken for your friends.

This grill is also well known for its long lifespan that will ensure it serves you for several years. 

Wishing you success in building your incredible cinder block grill.