How to Crack Black Walnuts

Nuts come with a hard shell, and most of them are easy to pick and eat. Black walnut is the most stubborn nut that has a yellow-green peel outside.

Kids and senior citizens don’t like it for its hard nutshell. Similarly, people who don’t want to put much effort into eating nuts avoid these hard nuts.

But, if you are determined to get a powerful instant snack, walnuts will be your first choice. 

You can make this yummy and nutritious nut easily accessible by following some steps.

In this writing, we present the complete walnut-cracking process. Besides, we discuss its nutritious value, eating habits, and storage guide.

Why Learn How to Crack Perfect Black Walnut Quarters?

Why Learn How to Crack Perfect Black Walnut Quarters?

If you consider the hardness of walnuts, you will find the extreme shell of this valuable food. Because of its hardness, you have to learn the cracking process. 

If you can not crack it perfectly, you might lose the nutritious value of the nuts. Walnuts are good for brain and heart health. Similarly, the cholesterol level helps you to keep your body healthy and supple.

There are seven ways to crack walnuts without destroying their nutritious value. These are:

  • Hinged Nutcracker
  • Screw Press Nutcracker
  • By Using a Sharp Knife Blade
  • Freezing Method
  • The Door Hinge Method
  • Crushing Machine Process
  • The Hammer Blow Cracking 

The most important thing is that you have to understand the process very well. Otherwise, you will ruin the nuts and their inside materials. 

How To Crack Black Walnuts Perfectly

How To Crack Black Walnuts Perfectly

There are several options for cracking walnuts perfectly. You have to understand each method and use specific tools for individual methods to crack perfectly. 

Now we describe the best options that will help you to prepare this hard shell food. First, you have to follow some initial steps to prepare walnuts for cracking.  Let’s explore.

There are several options for cracking walnuts perfectly. You have to understand each method and use specific tools for individual methods to crack perfectly. 

Now we describe the best options that will help you to prepare this hardshell food. Let’s explore. 

Harvest Your Walnuts

You will find several methods for harvesting walnuts. But, we recommend following the easiest method. 

The trees will drop nuts in early October and you can pick them from the ground. We suggest waiting for one or two days after the nuts fall. In this way, you can avoid the wet pulp.

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Washing and Cleaning

The fallen walnuts need to be washed perfectly to remove any dust and dirt. It is easy, and all you need is a plastic container to submerge the nuts. 

It is better to keep them in the container for 30 minutes to mild the dirt. 

Methods and Working Processes for Cracking Walnuts

Methods and Working Processes for Cracking Walnuts

The Door Hinge Method

Your doors not only protect your room but also enable you to crack walnuts. Select a durable door with stable hinge support. Put the walnut in the middle of the open door, hinge, and jamb.

Start closing the door to create pressure on the walnut. You will hear the crack sound, and yes, it is working. Simply separate the nutshell and remove it from the door.


You don’t need any tool for this method instead, a strong door with a good hinge.

The Hammer Blow Cracking

If you are willing to crack walnuts gently, the hammer blow method is more effective. 

First, soak walnuts in hot water for three or four hours. It will make the nutshell soften and enable you to crack easily. 

Put the walnut on a flat surface and make sure that it can tolerate the hammer’s pressure. 

Hold the hammer carefully and hit the walnuts one by one. The nutshell will open to the axis direction. Be careful while targeting walnuts. 


You need a hammer and flat surface for cracking walnuts with this method.

Screw Press Nutcracker

When you need additional help for applying pressure on walnuts, a screw is an ideal device for cracking walnut shells.

In this method, you can use the screw on the axis of the nutshell. 

It doesn’t require strong hand pressure or grip for breaking the shells. Do it carefully to avoid and avoid excessive pressure.

You can use a wooden hammer to hit the screw. 


A Long Screw

A Wooden Hammer 

Sharp Knife Method

This is the simple cutting method. You will use a sharp knife to cut the nutshells. 

It is similar to cutting the shell of coconut or other hard fruits. You have to cut the shell carefully and place the knife perfectly to complete the process.

If you cut nicely, the inner side of the walnut opens perfectly. It is easy, but the knife can slip instantly. 


A Sharp Knife

How To Crack Perfectly

How To Crack Perfectly

Make a good crack to the flat portion of the nut.

A good crack will help you open the nutshell easily. So, when trying to hit and remove the shell, it is important to make a good crack.

Try to do it based on the flat portion of the nut. It will spread the pressure and enable you to open the hard shell with your hands.

You can hold the walnut to make a crack on the entire body. You see the perfect outer covering that is separated from the nut. 

Rotate the Nut and Give Them Another Crack

If you find the nutshell too hard to crack, you can rotate the walnut and apply the method thoroughly. It will work as a slow and steady process and provide you the best result. 

Rotating also helps you to mark the crack on both sides of the walnut. But, the process depends on the method that you are using. 

If you use the door hinge press method, you can’t rotate the walnut between the door and hinge.

On the contrary, the screw press or hammer crack method requires rotating. 

Crack It

It is time to remove the nutshell to crack the cover completely. You will explore the inner material of the walnut. 

Make sure that you are doing the separation carefully in a clean and dry place. Now collect the husks from the shell.

You might find worms on the husks, and it is very rare. Through that walnut to the dustbin and carefully crack all the nuts. 


To complete cracking perfectly, you have to place the walnuts on strong ground and use the hammer until they completely crack. Hit them with a perfect grip to ensure the pressure on them.

Always carefully collect the nut pieces and do it with patience. Take time and follow the steps to become a successful nutcracker. You need some safety gear when cracking black walnuts. Use eye protector glasses and hand gloves.

If you want to get unbroken nut pieces, soak them for a day to remove the shell efficiently. 

Store them at room temperature and wait a few hours before freezing. 

How to Tell Black Walnut Is Good or Bad

How to Tell Black Walnut Is Good or Bad

You can simply check the status of the black walnuts. First, take a look over the black walnuts, and you will find their yellow-green color. Similarly, there will be a brown and black spot on the shell of the nut.

If you find lots of spots here and there, especially the brown color on a nut, the inside of the walnut might be rotten.

There is another option for checking walnut’s condition. Get it on and give all the pressure by foot. The nutshell will be cracked, and you will see a fresh hull. If it is brown or black, the walnut is rotten. 

How Many Black Walnuts Should Eat In A Day?

Eating something excessive is not good for your health. It will create problems instead of benefits. You must maintain your eating habits if you are a regular consumer of walnuts. 

When you eat walnuts every day, it is better to eat one to two walnuts per day. 

A Harvard study shows that eating excessive walnuts will change the genetic capability of colorectal cancer in your body. 

But, this fruit has several benefits, and you can add walnuts to your meal in different ways. You can mix walnuts with smoothies, juice, butter, and other homemade foods. 

How to Store Black Walnuts Properly

How to Store Black Walnuts Properly

You can store walnuts for a long time with the same flavor. Use a fresh and airtight container to store walnuts in the refrigerator or freezer. 

Black walnuts will remain fresh for at least 12 months in the freezer. Besides, these stored walnuts are suitable for other recipes and dishes. 

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Finally, you have several methods and tools to crack black walnuts at home. Apply a method that is comfortable and fits your needs.

Collect walnuts and maintain standard cleaning procedures. It will help you to get fresh nuts from the trees. 

Wear safety gear and keep your children and pets away while cracking walnuts. Also, store the nuts at the right temperature and check frequently. 

Enjoy the homemade nut-cracking time and make your recipes. Stay connected with EM Off-grid and get the latest news about off-grid living.