Human Urine: The Most Effective Way To Repel Animals

Gardening is a hobby and requires lots of effort from a gardener, but predators like pests and animals can be the worst nightmare for them.

But little did we know that a simple solution like Human Urine can be the most effective way to get rid of them.

Any plant, be it a flower or vegetable, takes time to grow and mature. Taking proper care of your plants and protecting it from predators is a tedious task.

Even though commercial repellants are available in the market, they may not be handy, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

In contrast to what you might have thought till date, fresh human urine can prove to be the most natural animal repellent you can find.

So, in this article, we shall find out what makes human urine repel garden predators and how to use it effectively as a repellent.

Does Human Urine Repel Animals?

Does Human Urine Repel Animals?

Yes, human urine is surpassingly effective, especially in your garden, to repel most of the known predators like pests and animals. It is actually the smell of human urine that is considered unbearable for certain species.

At the same time, it acts as a piece of information that a human is in close proximity for the remaining predators, and they should keep away from that region.

Ammonia is a chemical compound that is naturally present in human urine. It has a strong, pungent odor which is not very pleasant for most garden predators.

So, by using human urine, we are basically targeting the sense of smell of an animal, and therefore human urine falls into the category of olfactory repellents.

How To Use Human Urine To Repel Animals? 

How To Use Human Urine To Repel Animals? 

Now that we know human urine can be one of the most natural and easily available animal repellents let us find out how to correctly use it for protecting your garden from predators.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to use human urine as an animal repellant.

Step 1: Collect Your Urine

Collect fresh urine samples in a suitable container. Fresh human urine is considered bacteria-free and clean. 


  • Urine sample collected in the morning works best because they are more concentrated and potent.
  • Male urine is a more preferred animal repellant.

Plastic Urine Bottle

Step 2: Dilute Your Urine In A Suitable Container

Human urine is very rich in nitrogen and needs to be diluted before using it as an animal repellant. It can be diluted by mixing one part of urine with ten parts of water to reduce the excess nitrogen concentration

By diluting the urine, we also minimize the urine’s offensive odor for the human nose. However, the odor is still sufficient to drive away the predators without being detected by a human.

Step 3: Spray The Diluted Mixture In Your Garden

Divide the diluted urine mixture into two parts. One part of the mixture can be poured around the perimeter of your garden to discourage unwelcome guests.

While the other part of the mixture can be filled in a spray bottle to spray on the plants, which will act as a pesticide.

Mercantile Plastic Spray Bottles Leak Proof

This procedure can be repeated at regular intervals as the effectiveness of human urine will last only for few days. The interval can be further reduced in rainy seasons as the rain will wipe out the mixture. 

Note: As an alternative to pouring the urine mixture, you can use cotton balls soaked in urine solution or even place small disposable containers filled with solution around the edges of your garden.

Some Advice For Using Human Urine As Animal Repellent

  • Use only healthy and fresh human urine as it has a mixture of hormones, minerals, enzymes, and salts, which is beneficial for the soil.
  • The containers, spray bottles, or buckets dedicated for this purpose should be clearly labeled.
  • Keep your plastic spray container out of sight so that it isn’t mistaken for a cleaning product.
  • Reapply the urine spray every time you water your plants or after any rainfall.
  • Thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with urine solution to remove any remaining residues. You may use warm water and a light soap for washing.
  • It is advised to wear garden gloves while spraying the urine mixture.
  • When you are done with spraying the urine mixture, wash your hands with soap and water and dry them with a clean towel. 

Personal Thinking

Not based on any science, but I think animals will be afraid of my urine. There are two simple reasons.

The first reason is that I cannot bear the smell of animal urine, and the second reason is that I, myself, cannot tolerate the odor of my own urine. So, how can any animal tolerate it?

What Else Can You Use To Repel Your Backyard Animals?

Apart from human urine, now let us also discuss about some other ways to repel animals from your backyard.

Human Hair

Yes, you heard it right. Human hair is another natural item that can be used in your garden to keep away predators. Similar to human urine, human hair can also serve as a deterrent to animals, especially snails, rodents, rabbits, and deer. 

The procedure to use human hair as repellent is the same as urine. You need to sprinkle a decent quantity of human hair in your garden to keep unwanted guests away.

Human hair will lose its scent in less than a week. So, you need to replace it frequently.

It has been researched and documented that human hair has much more nitrogen than any manure. So, it can not only deter animals but also work as a fertilizer for your garden. 


Scarecrows are one of the most used man-made DIY to keep predators, especially birds, away from your garden or farms.

It just replicates that a human is present in the garden, and the predator will keep away from your plants. 

All it needs to make a scarecrow is an empty can with the ring, some sticks, and old unused clothes. It is one of the most simple and effective ways to keep birds away from your farms.


Do Human Urine Keep Cats/Dogs Away?

You may have heard that tigers mark their territory by urinating around the area where they live. Similarly, by putting human urine around your garden, you mark your territory. Dogs & cats can smell the urine and detect human presence, which will keep them away from the garden.

Does Human Urine Repel Raccoons?

Raccoons dislike the smell of ammonia, and so they don’t urinate near their own dens or around their food. Since Human urine is rich in ammonia, it keeps raccoons away.

Will Human Urine Keep Coyotes Away?

Coyotes have a very strong sense of smell. They use this to their advantage for finding food. So, you can also use it as an advantage to keep them away from your farms by using smells that they dislike, like human urine.

Besides Urine, Does Human Hair Repel Animals?

Yes, human hair, similar to human urine, may repel animals, particularly snails, rodents, rabbits, and deer. You can either sprinkle human hair or tie nylon bags filled with human hair around the fields to keep predators away.


Finally, if you’re struggling to keep predators away from your farms or garden, then try out the solutions like human urine or human hair, as discussed in this article.

As usual, thank you for making us a part of your life! Hopefully, you find the information shared in the article beneficial. Feel free to share your thoughts with us about this content in this article.