Our Life Update

April 2022: It Is Very Hard To Live Totally Off the Grid

As you guys knew that we had our first baby last November, and there were so many happy moments since she came into our life. Among the happiness, we had to care for many other things, not just us but my daughter (Lobs( as well.

We failed the goal of living totally off the grid. 

We had to purchase a lot of baby care products for her, especially diapers.

Now, in the month of 6, Lobs needs two packages per month and besides diapers, she also needs some tissue, and vitamin D. So we have to shop online once a month.

When we look at our goal, where we free our environment affection. We are still not able to do that. But I and Linh will try our best every day to achieve the goal and also influence all of our lovely readers.

Thank you for supporting us.

April – 2023

It has been awhile since I created the last piece of content. Now Lobs is 17 months old and very active. I am now back end sharing my off-grid life again in May 2023.