7 Best Coolers For Off-Grid Living

Storing your food is a challenge when living off-grid. The best cooler for off-grid living will allow you to maintain the temperature and store food for a certain period.

You can’t buy a refrigerator because that consumes high energy. You are living off-grid, and power management is a crucial part. 

An energy-efficient cooler will enable you to get the desired temperature and save energy. You can maintain the energy production and consumption rate with a good cooler. 

Depending on the types, wattage, and energy source, you will find several types of coolers. You have to select the most efficient one that comes with the value of the money. 

In this writing, we present the best coolers for off-grid living and a complete buyer’s guide. Besides, we answer some significant FAQs about off-grid coolers. Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need Cooler For Off-Grid Living?

Why Do You Need Cooler For Off-Grid Living?

A cooler is an essential home appliance that will enable you to store food in off-grid life. Generally, people live off-grid in natural places, however, hot weather can destroy the moment. 

An energy-efficient cooler will reduce the temperature and offer a good storage option. You need a cooler to protect frozen items or drinks if you live in a remote place far from the city.

Besides, a cooler consumes less energy than a refrigerator. It is less effective for the environment. You will get the feel of a natural cooling system while using it at your off-grid house and remote places.

A cooler will keep your food safe and you don’t need to purchase a refrigerator. Similarly, the portability of a cooler enables you to carry and use it conveniently. 

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Cooler For Your Off The Grid Life

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Cooler For Your Off The Grid Life

A buyer’s guide will help you to find the best product with significant features. It will enable you to compare the specification, output, and purchase a device with the value of the money. 

In this section, we present the significant key features of the best cooler for off-grid living. We include these features comparing different options and issues. Let’s explore!

Temperature Control

A good cooler contains temperature control and it will enable you to maintain the desired temperature. You can set the most comfortable output from the device. 


You have to consider the number of members of the house and the capacity of the cooler to find the best device. A quality off-grid cooler comes with a high-efficiency cooling system.


The design and user experience are important for a cooling device. It is better to purchase a portable cooler that will be easy to carry and is lightweight. 

Draining ability

A high-quality cooler should have an effective drainage system for extra water and air. You have to consider this feature to avoid unwanted errors.

Cooler For Off-Grid Living & Their Reviews

Temperature ControlCapacity
Gosun ChillConvection Cooling 40 Liters
Igloo 26-quart coConvection Cooling 26 Liters
Koolatron Travel Saver P95Hot and Cool 42 Liters 
Comparison Of Cooler For Off-Grid Living

Gosun Chill

First, we have a solar powered cooler that runs without ice and comes with an organized design. It has a touch screen dashboard for an easy and convenient user experience.

Gosun Chill


  • Solar Powered
  • Temperature Control
  • Touch Screen
  • 40 Liters 
  • 14-Hour Cooling Time
  • Plug and Play
  • 230 Watts
  • ABS Shell Material
  • Power Bank
  • LED Light
  • DC Power Cord

This is an excellent solar-powered cooler that has unique features. It will be your best companion for camping, outings, traveling, off-grid living, and more. 

The cooler contains ABS shell material for long-term operation and durability. You can store large amounts of food and drinks in this cooler.

It is portable, plus, the plug-and-play option enables you to use it on the go. The solar table of this device can produce energy anywhere under the sun, literally. 

With the additional power bank, you can charge 3 USB devices at a time. Plus, the car plug socket will allow you to connect DC-powered devices.

It is a good cooler with ample space and features. You can utilize the device for a better experience outdoors. 

Gosun Chill Pros and Cons

No Ice Needed
Easy to Use
Low Night Power
Gosun Chill Pros and Cons

YETI Tundra 45

Next, we have the YETI Tundra 45 that comes with an ABS plastic material design and interlock lid system

The cooler is designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts for a unique experience.  

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler


  • 45 Quarts
  • ABS Plastic Material
  • 0.06 Pounds
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • 25.75 x 16.13 x 15.38 Inches
  • Fatwall Design
  • 26 x 16 x 16.75 Inch
  • 27.5 Pounds
  • Drainage System
  • Interlock Lid
  • Durable Handle 

This cooler has extra thick walls to hold two inches of ice for better performance. The permafrost insulation system maintains the pressure and you will get commercial-grade service. 

It has a heavy-duty T-REX Lid with an interlock system. The device can create a strong barrier against heat. 

Besides, the cooler has a freezer quality gasket that blocks air and heat for an effective cooling system. 

It is very convenient to carry, and the lightweight design enables you to use it anyplace under the sun. 

YETI Tundra 45 Pros and Cons

Durable Design
Extension Cooling Period 
YETI Tundra 45 Pros and Cons

Igloo 26-Quart Cooler

If you want an ice-free cooler for outdoor activities, the Igloo 26-Quart Cooler is an ideal device. It has a brushless motor and convection cooling system

Your foods and drink items will be preserved safely when you are away from home. 

Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler


  • Metallic Fiber Material
  • 12.87 x 16.65 x 18.23 Inches
  • 26 Liters
  • Side Handle Bars
  • Two Handles for Carrying
  • Cools Without Ice
  • Brushless Motor
  • Plug and Play
  • 1000-Volt Outlet
  • 8-Foot Power Cable

This small and compact cooler is perfect for hangouts, long drives, off-grid living, camping, fishing, and more. It will support you when you need more room for food and drinks outdoors. 

The plug-and-play system saves time and enhances the performance wherever you go. It cools items without ice. Therefore, there is no risk of water drainage. 

Besides, it is easy to carry, and it comes with two handlebars. You can take this cooler with you without labor. 

The brushless motor and convection cooling system enables you to get a fast cooling system. 

You will get an 8-foot long cable and you can connect it conveniently to any electric or solar socket. It is also compatible with car plugs. 

Igloo 26-Quart Cooler Pros and Cons

Cannot Sit on It
Igloo 26-quart cooler Pros and Cons

Igloo 40-Quart Cooler

If you are not satisfied with the size of the previous one, you can get this large one from the same manufacturer. 

It has a 40-quart space, an inside space divider, and a carrying handle

Igloo Iceless 40 Qt Thermoelectric Cooler


  • Polypropylene Material
  • 21.87 x 15.25 x 16.75 Inches
  • 40 Quarts
  • 18.75 Pounds
  • Auto-Plug Adapter
  • Convection Cooling
  • 12-Volt DC Output
  • Adjustable Food Shelf 
  • Inside Space Divider
  • Carrying Handle

This commercial grade cooler is designed for frequent travelers and people living far away from the city. If you are a truck driver or a man who loves long drives, this cooler is ideal for you. 

The convenient operating option and durable design will enable you to run it in any weather condition. It has a plug-and-play option and you can connect it directly with the car’s DC output.

This cooler has an adjustable food shelf and carrying handle. You can utilize the inside space and carry the cooler easily. 

Besides, the convection cooling system offers the best temperature control without ice

One thing you might not like is that it is not as durable as other models. 

Igloo 40-quart cooler Pros and Cons

Faster Cooling
Ice-Free Cooling System 
Less Durable than ABS Plastic
Igloo 40-quart cooler Pros and Cons

Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer

This is a dual-power cooler and warmer that runs with electric and DC power sources. You will get a reliable device for hot and cool weather. It will protect your food and drinks from being rotten at a standard temperature.

Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car and Home with Wheels


  • 45 Liters
  • DC Car Plug
  • 16.3 x 23.1 x 18 Inches
  • Inside Divider
  • Carry Handle
  • Hot and Cold Settings
  • Plug Storage Compartment
  • Transport Wheels
  • ‎16.61 Pounds
  • Built-in Cord
  • Plug-and-play

This cooler and warmer is ideal for RV, camping, off-grid houses, beach picnics, and long drives. The easy locking mechanism and the sealed lid will control the internal temperature perfectly. 

Whether you are traveling outdoors on hot summer days or camping in the middle of the winter, this gear and warmer will be your best travel partner. 

It is designed to provide you with an easy food preserving option for the whole year. This hot and cool device has more space inside. 

An inside divider will help you store your food and drinks. 

Besides, it has a user-friendly operating option with a built-in power cord. The cooler comes with durable material and a lightweight design. You can easily carry it from the sea beach to the top of the mountain. 

There is one thing that is not compatible with this cooler that is its noisy fan. However, it is not a serious issue. 

Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer Pros and Cons

Glossy Finish
Noisier Fan
Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer Pros and Cons

Koolatron Travel Saver P95

Next, we have a cooler with a durable injection-molded exterior and a brushless fan motor. It will be your great and unique choice to keep your groceries cold.

Koolatron Travel Saver P95 Thermoelectric Iceless Electric 12V Cooler Warmer


  • Iceless 
  • 12-Volt
  • Cooler and Warmer
  • 42 Liters
  • Removable Compartment
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Sealed Door 
  • 6.49 Kilograms
  • 20.75 x 15 x 17.25 Inches

This high-efficient cooler is suitable for satellite to SUVs. You will get a plug-and-play option for a conventional cooling system. Just load the inner part of the cooler with your favorite food and drinks.

It is designed to use for several purposes and the cooler offers multiple benefits while traveling. The cooler will enable you to hold your energy with nutritious food during long and overnight journeys. 

It has all the modern features, including a sealed door and magnetic lock

There will be no risk for dripping and drainage of water because of its ice-free technology. It will be your best storage option while living off-grid. 

You can connect it directly to the car plug or a 12-volt battery. So, it will serve you anytime at any place. 

Koolatron Travel Saver P95 Pros and Cons

Wide Number of Practical Uses
No Gas
No Compressor
Takes Time to Start Cooling Initially
Koolatron Travel Saver P95 Pros and Cons

Koolatron P-27 Voyager

Finally, we have an efficient cooler for off-grid living that comes with a 27-liter large capacity and is suitable for a family tour. 

It has a removable compartment that allows you to use the space for maximum storage capacity. 

Koolatron Voyager P27 Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler Warmer


  • 27.5 Liters
  • 12-Volt
  • Iceless
  • Removable Compartment
  • Easy Carrying Handle 
  • ABS Plastic Material
  • 17.25 x 15.25 x 15.25 Inches
  • 11.1 Pounds

This cooler is ideal for camping, traveling, truck driving, and SUVs, and living off-grid. It has an iceless operation with a thermoelectric cooling system. 

The outer and inner part of this cooler is designed with professional-grade materials. You don’t need ice to keep your things cool. 

You will get a removable compartment for easy access and space utilization. Besides, the easy carrying handle enables you to move the cooler conveniently.

It contains a high-quality slide lock that keeps your food and drinks safe when living in a remote place. 

Koolatron P-27 Voyager Pros and Cons

Basket-Type Lock
Easy Lock and Safety
Durable Material 
No Issues Found
Koolatron P-27 Voyager Pros and Cons

Other options For Off-grid refrigeration

There are several options available for off-grid refrigeration. You can use zeer pot, icebox, ice house, root cellar, propane powered refrigerators, solar powered refrigerators. 

These options are also effective for off-grid preservation. You can select an option that is suitable for your place and house. Don’t go for an expensive one that is not compatible with your needs. You can explore  8 Easy Ways To Refrigerate Food Without Electricity. Best Cooler 


How do you keep food cold off the grid?

You can use natural processes and a cooler to keep your food cold. Off-grid coolers are the best device that requires low maintenance and costs. 

What refrigerator uses the least electricity?

Energy Star refrigerator is the most energy-efficient device. You can use it for off-grid, commercial, and home food storage. 

What is the best refrigerator for solar power?

Sundanzer Solar-Powered Refrigerator refrigerator is the best energy-efficient solar refrigerator. This device will provide you with a maximum cooling system and consume low energy.


Cooler with Foods

In conclusion, it can be said that a cooler is the best alternative storage when you don’t have refrigerator access. This small and portable device will enable you to store food during traveling, camping, and outings. 

If you don’t have prior experience with off-grid coolers, you can follow our suggestions. We recommend the best device with the value of the money. 

The Koolatron Travel Saver P95 is the best device with a removable compartment and an easy carrying option.

On the contrary, the Gosun Chill comes with solar power and a highly efficient cooling system. Before selecting any device, you have to consider your needs. You can select any other high-quality device from the list.