37 Best House Designs for Off-Grid Living (Photos Included)

A house is something that will shelter you, protect you from natural calamity, and offers the best place to sleep whether you are in a city or off-grid area.

You can use the best house design for off-grid living to make it more attractive and convenient.

An off-grid house should be designed based on local weather, surroundings, and community guidelines. You cannot build a house that is not suitable for the area.

Besides, cost management depends on house design. You have to select a house design that suits your budget as well. Don’t go for an expensive one if you have limited funding for off-grid living.

Furthermore, you should consider whether you live permanently or for a certain period. If you live permanently, you will need a long-lasting and durable house.

In this writing, you will get reviews of the best house designs for off-grid living and a complete buyer’s guide that helps select the most suitable one for your new life. 

What to Look for In A Good House Design For Living Off The Grid

What To Look For In A Good House Design For Living Off The Grid

Off-grid living is full of adventure and you will get the serenity of nature. If you want to get the unique experience of off-grid living, you will need a house that suits your surroundings.

A good house comes with significant features and options for a convenient living experience. Here, we found some options that you can consider while selecting a house design for off-grid living.  

Save Water And Energy

An off-grid house with water and energy-saving technology will enable you to reduce living costs. You can collect winter sun and block sunlight in the summer. It reduces the use of light and air conditioners

Besides, solar energy will provide uninterrupted power to the house. You can minimize the power production costs and get a reliable power source even off-grid. 


You need a large space for off-grid living. An open design in a natural place will create a beautiful ambiance. Plus, you can utilize the open space to do household chores. 

Have Wood Stove

A wood-burning stove will enable you to keep the house warmer and cook your favorite foods. A good off-grid house comes with a wood stove. You can select the size and type of wood stove before finalizing the design.

Have Insulation

An insulation system keeps your home warmer and helps you to maintain perfect airflow. It might be an inevitable feature for off-grid houses.

Plus, you will get a comfortable temperature while living in a house that has insulation.

37 Best House Design for Off-grid Living & Our Thought]

37 Best House Design Reviews

Here, we include the best 37 house designs for off-grid living. We review these houses because of the high-quality materials, easy build process, and long-lasting life. 

We try to recommend the best models that give you the freedom of off-grid living. Keep in mind that the price is an important matter when selecting a model for your needs. 

The Athru

First, we have The Athru, a tiny house plan for off-grid living. This 124 square-foot design comes with one hideaway bed, one bath, kitchen, and trailer foundation.

The unique design of this house is perfect for people who want to maximize the use of space in a tiny house.

With the modernized kitchen design, you will have the freedom of cooking. Self-build will costs around $23,500.

ARK Shelter (Pre-Fabricated)

The ARK Shelter is designed to provide you with a new way of living on off-grid. It has a design philosophy that brings you close to nature.

This prefabricated modular house can be installed in the forest, lakeside, edge field, and open field. You can get a complete house within a day and the price is around $420.

Green Modern Kits Solar Homes

Next, we have an affordable house design that offers a modern look and green opportunity. It is an energy-efficient passive house with a solar and SIP kit. 

This house can be built on any surface. You can modify it according to your needs, and the design complete pdf plan costs you less than $100. 

Nugget by Modern Tiny Living

Now, we include a modern trailer house that comes with exclusive features and portability. You can carry the house wherever you want and enjoy the serenity of nature.

The Nugget has complete capability for off-grid living. You don’t need to sacrifice freedom because of its tiny design. It is built to utilize the space. It costs around $87-$90 thousand.

Backcountry Hut Company

Backcountry Hut Company is ready to build an award-winning off-grid house design. This sustainable house has compact and modernist structures, standard materials, and minimal impact on nature.

The design is simple, outstanding, and easy to build. You can put down the root in any place wherever you like. This includes the hilly areas or even a lakeshore. The average price of this house is around $102,200 to $171,000.


Ecocapsule is a new self-sustainable micro home. This smart portable home can utilize solar and wind energy to produce power.

You can stay in remote places without any infrastructure. The design is independent and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Besides, the home can be used as a cottage, mobile office, research station, and more. The starting price of this excellent house is $49,000.


The ZeroHouse comes with a simple, compact, and prefabricated design that can be easily assembled and shipped. You will get a complete kitchen, bath, and other luxury elements in this house.

Plus, the house has enough space to accommodate four people. This house doesn’t need any external connection.

The independent operation, waste processing, water storage, and minimal maintenance make it unique. It is a little more expensive. This house will cost around 35,000 dollars.

Method Homes

Next, we have a precision-engineered home design called Method Homes. It is a custom-built prefabricated structure.

The sustainable design of the house enhances its value and offers a healthy and quality living space.

Furthermore, the house has an extended service area and enough open space for enjoying nature. You have to pay a little more. However, for about $25,000, you can own this beautiful house. 

Plant Prefab

If you are looking for a custom-built and high-quality home, PlantHouses will be the perfect choice for you. The healthy sustainable design makes your home a better place to live.

Besides, the house has its own energy, water, and other resources. It is a complete off-site constructed house. The house is not as affordable as some other options. The starting price of this home is $586,300. 

Black Barn, England, by Studio Bark

Studio Bark is a true off-grid house that offers a wide view and open space. This two-story house is designed based on a local agricultural structure in England.

The house has an efficient solar and bi-diesel power production system. It will cost you more than $100,000. 

The Off-Grid Guest House, USA, by Anacapa Architecture

Next, we have an exclusive off-grid house that is perfect for the coastal area. The glass and concrete property of the house comes with sustainable features.

It has a low impact on the environment, and you can install it in the core of nature. The large kitchen, luxury bedroom, and extra open space make it perfect for remote places.

You can customize the house and the price depends on your element choice. 

Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

Tiny House Design & Construction Guide: Your Guide to Building a Mortgage Free, Environmentally Sustainable Home
  • Louche, Dan S (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 182 Pages - 05/01/2016 (Publication Date) - Tilt Development (Publisher)

Lochside House, Scotland, by Haysom Ward Millar Architects

This house is designed for cottage lovers who want to get the feel of a luxury house off-grid. The design was crafted based on natural material to offer you a complete natural scenario.

It can generate electricity from solar panels and has clean water resources. Therefore, this is a combination of sustainability and comfort.

House For All Seasons, China, by John Lin

Architect John Lin crafted an all-season design with a traditional rural style. This Chinese house design is a sufficient village home based on local service points. The staircases are designed for planting crops. 

In off-grid living, you can utilize the house for living and producing different resources. Just like modern houses, it has an earthquake-resistant system. It costs around $ 53,400.

Conservatory House, South Africa, by Nadine Englebrecht

Now, we have a conservatory house that is designed for off-grid living in a farming area. The design is broader and it will enable you to explore the surroundings of your home.

This house has a double volume space on top for a full view. Besides, this of-grid house comes with a durable structure and comfortable interior. The cost depends on the location and material availability.

Off-Grid Home, Spain, by Ábaton

If you are looking for a self-sufficient off-grid home, the Madrid Studio Countryside design is perfect for you. The home is perfect for locations that are nearest to the town.

It has solar power, hydroelectricity, and a clean water production system. Not to mention, stone and timber structures make it durable with a unique interior design.

Currently, this design has no estimation for building costs, however, it has a rental announcement. 

Maui House, USA, by LifeEdited

Next, we have another self-sufficient house that can generate more energy than it consumes. It is a family home and perfect for off-grid living.

With little environmental impact, this house is a combination of design and technology. Plus, the house can serve twenty people at a time. 

Camp Baird, USA, by Malcolm Davis

The Camp Bair is designed for people who want to extend their view from the house. This house has sloped metal roofs for off-grid utilization.

The solar panels collect huge amounts of energy for the house and you will never find yourself in an energy shortage. The glass wall and lounge area are suitable for everyday parties and enjoyment. 

Casa Campo, Spain, by Standard Studio

This is a self-sufficient cottage and off-grid showroom-type home. It has a unique interior design with a large bathroom and bedrooms.

Solar panels are located on the roof for energy production and the house can collect rainwater. The wide space and attractive painting make it artistic and pleasant. 

Hill Country House, USA, by Miro Rivera Architects

Next, we have a design for a hilly area. The Hill Country House is perfect for rural areas, and it has sustainable features for off-grid living.

This independent house has a heating and cooling option via a geothermal system. The single-story design can protect you from wildlife and extreme weather.

With the traditional chimney, the house glows at night and indicates your location. 

The Hut, USA, by Midland Architecture

Midland Architecture has designed an off-grid family house for the forested area. This single-story house is ideal for a natural setting and remote place.

The excellent layout of this house comes with a large kitchen, comfortable bedroom, and compact entryway. You will love the coziness of the house in natural surroundings.

The Edifice, USA, by Marc Thorpe

The Edifice is an off-grid cabin designed with a balance of the environment. This small house is suitable for flat, hill, and coastal areas. It has less maintenance and durable material.

With the rectangular design and box shape exterior, it gives you artistic beauty. You can say the design is the response to environment safety and the natural connection of human beings.

Catuçaba, Brazil, by Studio MK27 ZeroCabin, Chile

The Studio MK27 is a complete off-grid house with a prefabrication design. It is made for the hilly areas to enjoy nature.

An expanded wooden deck makes the house perfect for natural exploration from the living area. This house allows you to enjoy complete isolation in off-grid living.

Villalon and Ian Burbulis

The ZeroCabin is a self-sufficient off-grid cabin that can tolerate extreme weather without environmental impact.

Solar energy is the power source of this house and you will have an uninterrupted energy source. The comfortable interior design and simple orientation will make you happy.

The most interesting thing is that the house is made with all-natural elements. 

Ashen Cabin, USA, by Hannah

This house is the revolution of architecture. With infested ash wood walls, the house has a unique exterior and shape.

It is more sustainable and most of the parts are made with a 3D printer. The complete shape looks like the local structure in the forest area. 

House of the Big Arch, South Africa, by Frankie Pappas

Next, we have the Frankie Pappa Skinny House originated from the South African forest. It has an unusual skinny shape with a unique exterior design.

The house is specially designed for a specific location in South Africa. With zero environmental impact, the house is built without cutting any trees in the forest. 

Bruny Island Cabin, Australia, by Maguire + Devine

If you are a wood structure lover, this will be the perfect design for your off-grid house. This is a highly crafted house that takes minimum space for accommodation.

It has everything for living off-grid. The rainwater collector and underground tank system make it a better place to live. Built-in furniture and sliding doors offer more comfort in the house.

Heva, France, by A6A

A6A is a wood-constructed cabin for off-grid living. The 22-square meter space stands with a unique exterior and sufficient living space.

It is a portable house that you can transport via truck to any location. The kitchen, shower area, and technical storage make it a luxury cabin.

Not to mention, the sliding doors and glass-covered exterior offer an attractive view.

Modece Architects

This design comes with natural orientation, seasonal variation, solar shedding, and natural ventilation. Similarly, it is made with natural materials for a comfortable, healthy, and beautiful structure.

In short, the house will enable you to live with your spirit on the earth. It will give you a unique off-grid living experience. 

Minim House (prefabricated or plans)

A tiny house plan comes with a modern architectural design. It comes with an innovative design idea to make your space livable.

The complete solar system and high-quality electronic design make it ideal for on or off-grid locations. Besides, the design is suitable for mobile or foundation structures. 

Penobscot Cabin (plans)

The Penobscot Cabin comes with a Native American design for a specific tribe. It is a single room with additional three sides. Plus, the half loft design makes it durable and simple.

With the easy-built design, the house is perfect for off-grid living. A person with basic construction skills can build this affordable house. 

Tiny A-Frame (plans) – The Budget-Friendly Trial Run

There will be living comfort when you create a space according to your choice. This small frame house is very simple, beautiful, and elegant.

The unique layout maximizes the use of natural light. With the easy-build design, the constructed unit can be moved easily. The cost is $153 per square foot.

Zenkaya in South Africa

Zenkaya is a South African prefab house design with the concept of human mind peace. This survival house is a milestone for South African architects to learn the concept of house design.

The goal of this project is to solve the unemployment problem in rural areas. Furthermore, the design will protect you in all weather conditions when living off-grid. 

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The Porter cottage in Maine

It is a tiny cabin with an entirely green gateway design. The design is perfect for a coastal area. With a steel structure design, the house has enough space and windows.

The maximum ventilation system keeps the house cool in the summer. The resident will get a natural atmosphere even in this house.

David Burn Residence in Tasmania

When you need an open-plan prefab house with a durable design, the David Burn Residence is ready for your accommodation.

The simple box house shape makes it suitable for the beach and coastal areas. This house has all the options for self-sufficient energy production and water storage.

It will give you the freedom of home on a remote island. 

Garlick Residence in Washington

Garlick Residence in Washington is a unique house design that suits different geographical areas. This prefab house will give you the freedom of off-grid living.

Durable materials and excellent exterior ideas make it a healthy habitat. The slope roof design collects rainwater and it is ideal for solar panel installation. 

Off the Grid Dream Home in Hawaii by LifeEdited

Do you want to utilize the space of your off-grid house? This is a clever tiny design with a 1000-square-foot size. 

The two-story building is designed to produce necessary energy from the rooftop solar system. Furnished bedrooms, office space, and dining space give you the luxury of living in a remote place.

Sarah Off the Grid on HGTV Canada

Finally, we have the Sarah Off the Grid house design. The design will help you to renovate your space and accommodate more. It has an attractive exterior part, and the eye-catching appearance suits any location.

The large dining room and dream kitchen with plenty of seating space will give you the comfort of living off-grid. This house will be your dream shelter for off-grid living. 

How To Choose The Right House Design For Off-Grid Living

How To Choose The Right House Design For Off-Grid Living

Selecting the right house for off-grid living is a challenge. If you don’t have experience and knowledge regarding this sector, you can’t choose the best one.

Several factors matter when selecting a house design for off-grid living. You can finalize your list by comparing these factors with a design. Here are three key factors for off-grid house selection. 

Determine The Purpose 

First, you have to consider the purpose of the house. It depends on you whether you live in a modern or primitive house.

You have to make a shortlist with the pattern that you want. Similarly, location is an important matter along with the purpose of the house. 

Your Budget

Budget matters! Yes, you can’t go for a house design that is not suitable for your budget. So, before selecting a design, ask for the estimated budget and installation cost in your location.

You can compare several designs to get a clear idea regarding pricing and costs. 

Your Favorite

You will live in the house. So, give top priority to your favorite design. A home with your own choice brings a satisfactory feeling in a remote place.

Try to add all the features that you deserve in an off-grid house. 


Off-Grid House Design

Finally, it can be said that off-grid house design is a significant factor, and you have to select the most suitable one based on your location. 

A house is not only a place for sleeping but also a shelter in a remote place. It is your responsibility to find out the best design that ensures a healthy living space. 

Besides, it is important to consider the environmental impact of the house. Don’t select a design that is not suitable for the community or place where you will live. 

A self-sufficient house that will have fewer impacts on the environment is going to be best. Plus, you can utilize the solar, wind, and water resource to live effectively.