How to Make A Broom At Home

Off-grid life and homemade essential products are full of fun. Among many products, a handmade broom will show you skills of craftsmanship. It will enable you to sweep up messy floors and areas efficiently. 

People have been using this tool for centuries to keep their homes and workplace clean. You will find commercial, homemade, and natural brooms that work great. 

Natural brooms come with a variety of materials and bonding techniques. 

You will need several tools and devices to make homemade brooms from raw materials. Besides, you have to follow the steps carefully. 

In this writing, we describe the process step by step and help you to make your DIY broom nicely. 

How To Make A Broom

How To Make A Broom

Making a broom is not difficult but tricky. You are not an expert. So, you have to understand and follow everything to make the project successful.

The most important thing is to arrange essential things before starting your work. 

You can start from the very beginning by producing broomcorn or buying the essential materials from the local market. 

In the next paragraphs, we present the things and the steps for making a beautiful broom at home. Let’s explore. 

Things You Will Need

This is not a long list that you can’t manage. These items are available everywhere under the sun. First, you have to decide about the resource and number of brooms that you will make.

Wood Handle With Threaded Metal Tip

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Lacquered-Wood Broom Handle With Threaded Metal Tip, Natural for Floor Cleaning/Sweeping in Home/Office 60in
  • This is a broom handle with a hard lacquer finish and a threaded metal tip for use with a push broom head
  • The wood handle is heavier than typical polymer or metal handles and is better suited for moderate to heavy sweeping
  • For use in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including airports, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, and stadiums

There are two options for selecting bristles. You can choose broomcorn or straw to get a flexible and long-lasting bristle. 

Broomcorn is very similar to sweet corn, and this traditional material makes your sweeper stronger than artificial elements. You need about two to three pounds of broom corn per broom

Here is the list of other materials:

  • A Sharp Knife 
  • #18 Nylon Cord (for Tying)
  • Hemp String
  • Wooden Handle
  • Foot Held Apparatus
  • Scissors
  • Large Needle
  • Sewing Clamps
  • Light Drill

Steps To Make A Corn Broom

Corn Broom is made with broomcorn. It is a long-lasting and durable resource for homemade brooms.

From start to end, you have to ensure that you are using high-quality materials. It will enhance the life of the broom. 

These steps will guide you to make an effective broom from the raw material.

Drying Broomcorn

The process begins with the storage and drying of the broom corn. Corn Broom comes in different sizes, and you have to trim them to get the desired length.

This process requires a sunny day to dry the different layers of broom corn. The drying process ensures the dust holding and removing capability of the broom corn. 

The layers will be arranged together, and they will get a strong shape for everyday sweeping. Don’t dry it too much.

Excessive heat will make them fragile. The minimum time is 15 minutes for drying. Make sure that it dries and soaks perfectly. 

Make Broom Handle

You will operate the broom with a nice and comfortable handle. The handle should be prepared individually and attached to the broom corn. 

A rustic and sturdy look makes the broom stronger. You can use a wooden or bamboo stick to feel better. 

After collecting the stick, cut it with the standard length. We preferred 18 inches for a normal broom.

Don’t use cracky or too much light material for the handle. It will reduce the strength and stability of the broom. Make a hole carefully where you will attach the broom corn. 

Assemble and Tie the Broom

It is the most tricky part of broom making. Get the soaked broomcorn and start tying. 

Tie the broom corn and string with the handle and place the inside layers of broomcorn together. You need eight gauge wire to ensure the tightness of the corn.

Jute Twine String Hemp Rope

Jute Twine String Hemp Rope - 984 Feet 2mm 3ply Natural Burlap Cord Rolls for DIY Crafts, Decoration, Bundling, Packing, Gifts, Artworks, Gardening Applications (Brown(3 Pack))
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Cover the whole handle with a round shape and finish the tying process. Make sure that it is not too loose or tight. 

After finishing the broom corn assembly, you should tie the wire at least eight rounds. It will ensure tightness and hold the handle for a long time. 

Weaving The Handle To Secure The Broom

Now, take a part of a weaver and tie the outer part of the broom corn. You have used the longest and strongest layer of broom corn with the handle. 

Make sure that it is weaved perfectly with jute rope. The weaving technique will cover it with a strong attachment and protect the broom from being opened.

Jute rope will increase the liability and enhance the performance of the broom. Otherwise, the end of the broom corn will unfix the tie. 

Shaping Your Broom

You can give different shapes to your broom. In general, we find flat and round-shaped brooms.

A flat broom is ideal for outdoor cleaning, and it will enable you to clean a larger area faster. On the contrary, the round broom is perfect for indoor cleaning and gives you perfect movement for the floor’s dirt.

So, shaping is an important part while making a broom. Use a clamp to spread the broomcorn for making a flat broom. You have to tighten the clamp and keep it for a certain time to give the shape.

Similarly, you can use a rope to tie the broomcorn for getting a round-shaped broom. Use a jute rope and tie the broom in three separate sections. You will get a perfect shape. 

Braided And Stitching “Broom Tongue”

In the next step, you have to stitch the broom. After fixing the flat or round shape, you will see that the broom looks like aimless hair. You can use waxed hemp to stitch the broom.

Depending on the shape, use a double-pointed needle for sewing. Cut the string and fold it in half. Place the rope on both sides of the broom. 

You have to use the hand-working techniques for stitching a broom perfectly. It will ensure the shape and size of the broomcorn.

Cutting The Excess Broomcorn

Now it’s time for final finishing. You will find excess edges at the bottom of the broom. You have to remove the excess broomcorn to make it beautiful. 

You can complete the cutting process with scissors. It is just like cutting the edges of ladies’ hair. A broomcorn cutter will also help you to do it within a short time.

This is a continuous process, and the cutting requires a few weeks to remove the excess edges. Give a sturdy look to your broom with a nice cutting edge.

What Materials You Can Use To Make A Broom? 6 Types Of Brooms

What Materials You Can Use To Make A Broom? 6 Types Of Brooms

When considering a broom, we find the idea of a standard small indoor tool. Different types of brooms will help you to sweep your areas. 

A perfect broom will help you to remove any dirt that is laying around your floor. 

However, if you don’t have prior knowledge about the types of broom, you can check the six different types of brooms here.

Standard Broom

Standard brooms are designed for small indoor areas. It will enable you to remove dust easily from the floor. This kind of broom contains high-quality materials and lasts for a long time.

If you are living in a condo or apartment house, you can use a standard broom for everyday sweeping. In general, it comes with a lightweight and durable design that is easy to move.

Standard brooms are easy to clean, store, and carry. So, you will enjoy the cleaning time. 

Corn Broom

If you are willing to use a traditional broom, the corn broom is the ideal cleaning tool for you.

This broom is suitable for any surface, and you can use it for everyday cleaning. You can clean a large area and surface with a corn broom because of its design and length.

Besides, broom corn is flexible and capable of removing large objects on the floor. But, you might face difficulty when collecting dust with this old-fashioned broom.

Sometimes, you will explore bristles on a floor while using a straw broom. You can utilize a corn broom perfectly for outdoor places and laundry areas. 

Push Broom

When you need more stress to clean a surface, the push broom is ideal for you. It is not suitable for everyday uses, but you will find it useful for different occasions. 

The large head of a push broom covered a wide area and would save your cleaning time.

If you are worried about cleaning dirty floors like a garage, shopping mall, vegetable shop, the push broom will help you a lot. 

Service experts and professional cleaners use push brooms to save their working hours. 

Angle Broom

In your house or office, you will find some places that are difficult to clean. A specialized broom will help you to clean this area. By using an angle broom, you can easily remove the dirt from the floor.

This design offers comfortable cleaning for hidden and open spaces. You can say that an angle broom is designed for places where a standard broom can not reach. 

You must keep an angle broom in your kitchen to reach each corner. 

Rubber Broom

A rubber broom is the latest innovation of cleaning devices. It will enable you to remove sticky and stuck dirt from the surface.

The rubber broom is the perfect choice for those who don’t want bristles on their floor.

The problem is that you can not collect dust easily with a rubber broom. You need a standard broom for collecting the dust.

We recommend you use the rubber brooms in a muddy area where you have to remove a lot of dirt. 

Water Broom

When you need a broom for business and commercial purposes, a water broom comes with extreme cleaning power.

This broom is designed for food or bakery industries where water cleaning is a must. Besides, you will use it for wet cleaning purposes to wash the space.

Water broom will allow you to clean your patio, garages, sidewalks, and poolside.

We recommend using a water broom outside and not for indoor cleaning. It might destroy the surface of the indoor floor. 

Some Tips For Your Broom

Some Tips For Your Broom

Good maintenance and usage will increase the life of your broom. You can utilize a broom for several months if you use it properly.

Try to wash the broom every time after cleaning and dry it perfectly. Corn brooms will be fragile if you wash them too much. It is better to dry them on a sunny day. 

Select the most comfortable handle for your brooms. It will allow you to clean comfortably on any surface. 

Don’t try to remove all the dust with a single broom. Make sure that your broom can remove this type of dust and then start working. 

You can decorate your broom with a nice hanging hole. It is recommended to store a broom in a dry place.

If you want to learn more cool DIY ideas for off-grid living, you can check it out here.


Enjoy the sweeping time and keep every floor clean. A clean floor will ensure healthy living for your family members. 

You got ideas about different types of brooms in this writing. Now, it is up to you which broom is best for you.

Don’t go for an expensive one. Compare the features and stability of the broom before purchasing or making it. 

Thanks for connecting with “EM Off-Grid. We present the easiest things for your off-grid living. Stay connected and explore more.