25 Tips to Make Extra Money From Home

Making money can be more challenging than anyone ever thought. The Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world and that has changed almost everything.

Many employees were laid off and might think of alternative ways of making money from home.

Similarly, retirees, off-gridders, or people on leave may want to keep themselves busy. Learning how to make extra money can go a long way to ensure you live a comfortable life.

Even when you want to supplement your current income, any of these 25 things to do to make extra money from home can be the best for you.

25 Things You Can Make And Sell For Extra Money

25 Things You Can Make And Sell For Extra Money

When you talk about making money from home, especially when living off the grid, many people will think about online jobs and selling digital products.

That is just one of the ways, however, may not be appropriate to people living off the grid. There is limited electricity and many are not connected to the internet.

The ideas presented here require only your commitment and personal skills, including cooking, weaving, sewing, baking, trading, etc.

Another advantage is that the market for the items is available off-grid, or you can go to the city to sell. Check them out!

Cakes/Bread Making

Cakes/Bread Making

As the name suggests, it is the making of cakes and bread to sell to other people. Just like any other food-related product, the market for them can never decline.

It may be challenging for an off-gridder to bake bread for sale, but it is worth trying.

Try out homemade bread recipes to master the art before thinking of baking in bulk to sell. It is better to gain the experience first to ensure high quality when you take your product to the market.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are essential products for home use, especially for city dwellers with bath tabs. They help in removing the dead skin layers and moisturizing the skin.

Many people prefer them in their baths for these and other reasons. You can learn how to make bath bombs for sale. Marketing might be challenging at first because you will be competing with similar commercial products.


There is at least one pillow in every household. That tells you how inviting the market is.

If you live off the grid, making pillows can be a lucrative venture for you since most neighbors don’t have to go to the market to buy them.

You can also sell your products online if you have an internet-enabled device.

In fact, this idea is for anyone who wants to make extra money at home. Just master the skills and list your products for sale.


Many people earn good money with their T-shirt making or printing business. If you have art skills and can come up with attractive designs, you can start earning money at home.

There are different ways of making custom T-shirts at home. Master whichever skill of your choice and get your business running.

Gift Baskets

Hand-woven baskets are great gift ideas for grandmoms and mommies. They are on-demand items that are also rare in the market.

If you are good at weaving, then you have a way of earning money at home. You don’t have to be creative here because you can get hundreds of ideas on Pinterest.

Do your research to know how to appropriately price your products, depending on the material used and labor cost. What we can say is that handcrafted gift baskets are currently selling.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

All gifts warm the hearts of recipients, however, personalized ones leave a lasting impression. They are treasured and give lifetime memories.

If you want to create gifts that touch the soul, add images, personalized messages, and many others.

You can think of engraving mugs for birthday gifts, printing gift cards for different occasions, and many others. These attract more attention and are higher demand than generic gifts.

Handmade Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry are perfect gifts to loved ones. You can also think of making them get extra money from home.

Learn how to make jewelry at home to start your lucrative business. It is one sector in the fashion industry that is well-paying. It might be a painstaking process, however, the rewards are worth it.


Candles have high aesthetic values. City dwellers will not probably need them for light but to set a soft, warm, or romantic ambiance. Off-gridders, on the other hand, light their cabins with them.

Others use candles for religious purposes. Start your candle-making business to take advantage of this available market.


Some often overlooked products are sweets. Most entrepreneurs never think of it as a way of earning extra money at home.

There are different sweets you can make depending on your location and what people like at the moment. Once again, you have to perform your due diligence and find an appropriate sweet recipe.  

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Both city dwellers and off-gridders hold their pets so dearly to their hearts. That means they are likely to buy anything that will make the pets happy and comfortable.

Fortunately, there are many pet supplies you can make, including, but not limited to, dog treats, pet toys, and pet accessories.

You may only specialize in one area to perfect your art and skills. Pet owners want nothing but the best for their pets.

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Kids Toys

The world population is growing, meaning more kids are being born. Babysitting strategies are also changing.

If you can invent a kid’s toy idea to keep them more engaged, you have a market for your products. You can make DIY dolls for kids, toy cars, among other things.

Invitations & Stationery

As a DIYer, you can turn your skills into money. Make DIY wedding invitations at home and turn them into a business.

If you also have stationery-making skills, you can go ahead to make them and start a shop or sell them online.

Anything is possible with the right motivation. Plus with this, you will be greatly rewarded.

Natural Cosmetics

People are increasingly becoming aware of healthy living and tend to like natural products.

It is a sign that the market for natural cosmetics such as perfume, lip balm, and many others is on the rise. You can learn how to make these products to earn extra money at home.

Digital Products

Digital products are like services. You can never see or touch them, but people are increasingly using them.

The advantage of starting a business to sell digital products is that it requires less capital if you already have the skills.

You can sell photos, videos, games, eBooks, software, and many others remotely and earn a substantial amount of money.


You may not make magnets and/or pins, but you can buy and sell them to the target audience.

They work better than glue or traditional pinning methods for notices and documents on the notice boards. Big institutions and offices are likely to adopt it, meaning you can easily win a tender as a supplier.

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Art/Decor and Prints

We are approaching a festive season, and everyone has started thinking about decorating their houses.

Even without Christmas, there are other arts and/or décor products you can consider making and selling.

These include hair accessories, friendship bracelets, decorative glasses, ornaments, and easter items.

Your creativity can go a long way in earning you a livelihood from these decorative items.

Sewn Items

Apart from weaving gift baskets, you can also consider sewing. People like handmade clothes or knitted products such as pullovers, scarves, rugs, and baby clothes.

You may start with just one product and expand your sewing business as the need arises.


Amusement parks are great places for kids on weekends. The business may require huge capital to start, however, you can narrow it down to only coasters. Installing one in your home will earn you extra cash.

However, it may not be feasible for the off-gridders. Plus, what you get also fluctuates.

Picture Frames

Picture Frames

People frame their favorite photos to keep as a memory of their past activities. They are also used as part of interior decorations.

Artistically designed picture frames can earn you a lot of money since you will have clients from far and beyond.

There are different picture frame design ideas. However, if you don’t have the skills, you can make basic photo frames.


If you have a camera, you can make money by just selling the photos you take. You can also use your phone if it has a good camera. You can photograph just about anything and everything around you and earn.

The only task here is to find a reliable site to link you to buyers. Consider the following:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Alamy
  • Etsy
  • Fotomoto.
  • Crestock
  • 500px, etc.


Soap Making

Everyone does some laundry at least once every week and it requires soap or a detergent.

You can be the soap maker and supplier to your clients if you know how to make soaps. Just perfect your skills to start earning from home.  

Tote Bags

Tote bags are famous with women. They usually carry one with them whenever they leave home.

There are many in the market, however, you can still find buyers if you become more creative. Learn how to make tote bags and use the skills to earn money at home.


Ceramics are made by using clay, earthen elements, powders, and water. These ingredients are mixed, shaped into the desired form, and fire-treated to make the final product.

It is then decorated, waterproofed, and glazed to make them functional and attractive.

If you have some pottery skills, then it is time to consider making ceramic products for sale. They have many uses, meaning they are on demand.  


Many people walk around with bunches of keys accessing different rooms on their property.

What it simply means is that someone will need keychains or keyrings to make a bunch. You can consider making these items for them.

You can design personalized keychains and keyrings to sell. It is a DIY project that you can do if you are determined.

Traditional Handcrafted Goods

If you are great in art and craft, then you can design and make traditional handcrafted goods.

These are eye-catching and get the attention of both locals and tourists. It is a bonus for you if you live in a tourist destination center or area.

The traditional handcrafted products include the following:

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Pottery
  • Hand-Woven Blankets
  • Hand-Stitched Quilts, etc.

How To Start Your Own Shop

To be an entrepreneur or to earn extra money at home, you may need a shop. That is where you will be selling your products. Setting up a shop is a process, which includes the following steps:

  • Deciding on your product.
  • Deciding on the type of business.
  • Choosing a name for business.
  • Pricing your items for profit.
  • Starting to sell.

The following are the details of the above steps:

Decide Your Product

You need a shop because you want to sell something. So, decide on what product it is you want to make and sell.

It can be bread, soap, sweets, traditional handcrafted products, or any other item. The product you sell will help you decide on the type of business to set up.

Decide What Type Of Business

You can have a physical shop or an online shop, depending on your products. Some cannot be sold online, or it is simply just not a good idea to sell them online.

Most digital products are better sold online, however, you can sell pretty much everything online these days. List your products on Amazon, Shopify, Wix, or any other eCommerce platform.

Choose A Name For Business

A business name helps you sell your products. You should thoughtfully choose an appropriate business name that is in line with your products.

But, at least, you should have a name. It is the only way your products can be discovered online and offline.

Price Your Items For Profit

This is the most critical stage. You need to sell to make a profit. At the same time, you should not overprice your products because no one will buy them.

Consider the material cost and labor. These factors will help you make an informed decision regarding the price tag for your items.

Start Selling!

The last step is to sell and make money. You may need to review the previous ones if you are not getting the returns as expected. Review your shop setup process and adjust accordingly.

Pros And Cons Of Starting And Growing Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur has its advantages and disadvantages. You should be prepared to taste both sides because it will not always be a smooth run.


  • You finally live your passion.
  • You become your own boss.
  • You have a flexible work-life balance.
  • You can change your community and the world at large.
  • You will always gain new experience.


  • You feel bad when the business fails.
  • You become uncertain about yourself.
  • It takes time to get returns.
  • You work harder and for longer hours.

Some Thoughts

We have described 25 things you can do to earn extra money at home. If you are already doing any of them, kindly share your progress and its effectiveness.

But if not, also let us know what you plan to do and why it is appropriate for you.

Thank you for choosing the Em Offgrid. Keep coming for more content like this one. Or, you can explore the site for previous posts on related topics.