12 Plants That Can Repel Squirrels

Squirrels and other rats are bothersome. They forage on your garden, where they cause havoc. Keeping these creatures at bay is a daunting task, however, you can use our twelve plants that repel squirrels to achieve that.

Squirrels do not only destroy your garden but can damage your flowers by foraging on them. Some will dig in your yard and unroot any other plant in their way.

There are many ways of keeping them out of your garden, including trapping and killing them.

Instead of taking such drastic measures, you can use natural ways to keep them away. This article purposely tells people how to keep squirrels at bay using squirrel repellent plants. These are planted in the garden or backyard.

Are there Plants that Really Repel Squirrels?

Are there Plants that Really Repel Squirrels?

Yes. Research has been done to verify the relationship between squirrels and plants. There are those plants that produce an unpleasant scent to squirrels, and therefore, scare them away.

Planting these plants in your yard or as your landscaping plant will help you deter squirrels away.

On the other hand, some plants will attract squirrels to your yard. To avoid the mix-up, you need to identify these plants and avoid planting them if you live in a squirrel-prone area.

Using plants as squirrel repellent is the eco-friendliest means of controlling these destructive animals and other rodents.

Fortunately, most squirrel repellent plants produce beautiful flowers needed for landscaping. Keep reading to find out what these plants are.

12 Plants that Repel Squirrels



Daffodil is a flowering plant that has been proven to keep away squirrels, rabbits, and deer. It produces a scent that these rodents and mammals do not like. The taste is also not appealing to them. Therefore, they will tend to keep away from where Daffodils are growing.

This plant comes in different colors. You can find orange, white, and many other bright colors, giving you a better option as a landscaping or garden flower. It can survive in a wide range of climatic conditions and burst into colorful flowers in the early spring.



The most popular color of Hyacinth is the deep blue one, however, this plant has many shades of color to choose from. There are reds, purples, and white. These are all effective squirrel repellents.

Hyacinth flowers in the spring season and look more impressive when planted as groups.

During flowering, Hyacinth produces dense flowers with strong scents that repel squirrels. This unpleasant aroma will keep the rodent away from your garden or yard.



Gardeners depend on Geraniums to deter squirrels and other animals. Unfortunately, the plant cannot withstand high heat in some countries. As a result, they are only recommended to be planted in early springs and under shady conditions.

They help protect seedlings in the nursery from destructive squirrels and other wildlife. When planted in moist and well-drained soil, Geraniums become very effective by producing an unpleasant scent.



Lily-of-the-Valley is a naturally attractive plant. The plant thrives well when planted in shady conditions. Characteristically, Lily-of-the-Valley has stems covered with dainty bell-shaped flowers that produce a strong scent. It is this scent that squirrels do not like.

Lily-of-the-Valley is an easy-to-grow plant that will thrive all year round. The plant can also adapt to different climatic conditions. Therefore, the chance that you will deter squirrels is much higher.



Galanthus produces bulbs that emit a strong odor. This is what will prevent squirrels from foraging on your garden flowers or digging holes in your yard.

Galanthus has many species, with some of them producing bulbs all year round while others only bloom in the spring seasons.

The Galanthus elwesii variety produces huge and attractive flowers that turn to be the focal point of your garden.



Fritillaries is another visually appealing bulbous flowering plant that will keep squirrels and other pests at bay.

This plant variety will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden to add to that natural beauty while remaining effective in deterring rodents.

Common plants in this family include snake heads and mission bells, which produce a strong scent that squirrels dislike. They perform very well in the central and coastal regions and can be used for garden landscaping.



Onions, scallion, and garlic plants produce flowers. It is these flowers that we refer to as Alliums. Alliums produce a sweet-smelling aroma that many people would like to have in their dishes.

Squirrels do not like such flavored scents. That is why Alliums are effective repellents.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding hearts are beautiful and add color to your garden. However, their foliage is not that appealing to critters to forage on. Both the scent and taste are not pleasing to squirrels, making them effective repellents.

Bleeding heart plants are unique additions to your garden. They are perennial plants that can thrive in different climatic conditions.

Their eye-catchy heart-shaped flowers make them the focal point in your garden. The flowers can either be red, yellow, pink, or white. They can attract butterflies and birds.



Irises are not very effective in repelling squirrels, however, their contribution when planted with other flowering plants that deter squirrels is significant. They are not tasty to these rodents, however, they can still be an option when they are desperate for food.

Irises are an easy flower to grow. They require less maintenance and thrive in different climatic zones. The flowers can be red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, white, and a combination of two or more of these colors.

When selected carefully, Irises can decorate your garden.



Dianthus produces scents that can keep squirrels away, but they can still be an option if these creatures are starving. The fragrance from the plant is not as mouth-watering as that produced by other squirrel-repellent plants.

Most varieties of Dianthus are perennial, however, some others are biennial. The latter group will produce flowers in their second year after being planted. The plant has pink flowers with a wide range of shades.



Goldenrod is the plant on our list of plants that repel squirrels and can deter many other mammals from foraging in your garden. They are usually planted around the yard as the first line of defense to protect your garden flowers.

Goldenrod is a wildflower belonging to the aster family. It produces yellowish-gold flowers that attract both bees and butterflies.

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Other Ways To Repel Squirrels

If the squirrel around your house is too stubborn, your squirrel-deterrent flowers are not enough to keep the creatures away, or you simply don’t want to grow these plants, you can try:  

Spice Out with Cayenne Pepper!

Cayenne pepper keeps away rodents and can be used in many different ways. First, you can sprinkle or spray the red pepper on the ground near the plants or leaves that squirrels forage on.

The second method is mixing the cayenne pepper with petroleum jelly and then smearing it on the stems of the plants. You can also spread it on the fences, poles, and other things that squirrels can climb on or eat.

Remember, you will have to reapply cayenne pepper regularly and after it rains to renew the strength. Squirrels are stubborn creatures that will keep on coming to your garden, and they will jump right in if there are no protective measures.

Garlic Sprays

Squirrels and many other rodents do not like the smell and taste of garlic. To prepare your garlic spray, cut garlic into small pieces, add water, and vinegar. You will now let the mixture chill for a few days. That gives the flavor a chance to mix well with water and vinegar.

When ready, spray the solution on the fences and garden to keep away squirrels and other rodents.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Buy peppermint oil and dilute it with water. The mixture ratio should be 10 to 15 drops of the oil to one cup of water. Stir the mixture well to create a uniform solution. Spray this water and peppermint essential oil solution at the base of trees and fences.

Scaring Them (Using Cats and Dogs or Dummy)

Having pets such as dogs and cats can also be effective in controlling squirrels. These pets will scare squirrels away because they are territorial. They just don’t like any intruder invading their space.

Also, you can try using scarecrows to keep squirrels at bay. Make a life-like dummy and strategically place it in your garden. It will scare off squirrels and some other rodents.

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Remove Things That Attract Squirrels

You can make your garden or yard squirrel unfriendly by removing anything that would attract them.

Plants such as starchy tubers, bay leaves, sheltering plants, seed-bearing plants, low-hanging fruits, and vegetables will bring squirrels to your home. Try to eliminate them as much as possible.

The sight and scent of fallen fruits, seeds, and nuts will invite rodents to your garden. Clean them up as soon as possible. This includes bird feeders and any other trash. Collect your garbage responsibly and treat them as necessary.

Personally Thinking

Although squirrels are troublesome neighbors, many people do like to feed them. They are fun to watch! I was one of them. I love watching the squirrels run and watch them as they were eating.


There are many ways of controlling squirrels, however, we recommend a more natural and eco-friendly approach. Using plants that repel them is the best option. Additionally, such plants double as garden flowers by producing sweet fragrances and colorful petals.

As always, thank you for caring for ”Em off-grid” in your life! If you are reading this article of ours, thank you, and we hope you have found the information useful.

12 Plants That Repel Squirrels – Credit: Emoffgrid Youtube Channel