Pocket Power X: #1 Choice For Emergency Power

We all find ourselves in emergencies when it comes to the usage of power.

You may find yourself in a situation where you are in the middle of a very important activity on your device, whether laptop or smartphone among others when the battery suddenly goes off.

That is an example of a situation that shows why it is important to have a backup, a portable power source.

Pocket Power X is an entire package that will issue power in a variety of emergent situations. It is rechargeable hence, very convenient.

This article will guide you on knowing what a Pocket Power X is, how it works, what to consider before buying a pocket power source, among others.

All these to ensure that you are duly equipped with knowledge on a pocket power source.

What is Pocket Power X?

Pocket Power X

Pocket power X is a portable power source that is suitable for a variety of power-related emergencies.

It is a convenient battery that provides adequate power in situations where you may not access any other power source.

Pocket Power X comes in handy in circumstances that you might never expect. This portable power supply is rechargeable and does not take much time to charge.

Pocket Power X is compatible with a variety of electronic devices, a computer, tablet, small fans, mobile phone, among others. Pocket Power X is simply a lifesaver.

Pocket Power X Review

Pocket Power X Review

Pocket Power X is nothing but beneficial. It is a suitable size, a little larger than a phone, so can easily fit in your bag or pockets.

Even more interesting is the amount of power in this small package. It can even be used to jump-start a vehicle.

Above all, Pocket Power X works with almost all electronic devices. From smartphones, laptops, iPods, among others. It is important that the price is not too expensive. Its price is around $180.

Features of Pocket Power X

The Pocket Power X is small and compact and is used to charge almost any electrical device.

It contains different outputs in different DC that enable the powering of different devices. Those requiring less power and also those requiring a lot of power. It has 5 volts DC, 12 volts DC, and 19 volts DC outputs.

In addition, Pocket Power X has a 12 volts output that is connected to the 120 volts AC voltage converter. This expands the range of devices that can be charged by this power source.

Powerful and versatile

Pocket Power X is an all-round power source. It is not restricted to specific devices but embraces all kinds of devices from those that use less amount of power to those that use an incredibly high amount of power.

It can be used to charge a phone and a laptop. It also features a flashlight and it can also be used in jump-starting a vehicle.

What is even more exciting about Pocket Power X is that it has adequate power to fire up a car with a dead battery.

After being used to fire up a car, there is still enough power left in this power source to carry out more power-related activities.

This specifically makes the Pocket Power X a perfectly unique power source as compared to the other sources of power developed.


The Pocket Power X is slightly larger than a mobile phone. This is a perfect small size for a power source that is extremely powerful and can power a range of devices. 

Given its size, the pocket power source is fitting to carry around in the pocket, handbag, or wherever else you may find fit.

In addition, the manufacturer has made it easier for you by making an appropriate bag in which it is contained when you buy it.

Therefore, those who lack bags or a convenient place to carry in are already covered.

Pros and Cons of Pocket Power X

Portable Power X is compact and portable. It can fit in almost any bag or pocket because of its convenient size.

In case you have no pocket or no bag for that matter, the portable Power X comes with a case used for carrying it and it contains all the useful items that you may need.

The ability of Pocket Power X to work with a range of devices is remarkable. There is hardly any product that is not compatible with this power source.

In addition, it has 2 USB ports used for charging and to promote compatibility.

The Pocket Power X can be charged using solar. This makes it possible to charge it from any part of the world you may be in. It can also be charged off the house current and even the car.

Given its incredible power, the pocket power source does not take long to charge. Approximately three hours.

The price of the Power Pocket X may be its con. Its retail price is around $400 if you don’t get the offer. This price is pretty high compared to similar products.

Although the product is a popular one and trusted by many people, you will not find this product on amazon. You also won’t find many suppliers. You can buy it here.

3 Alternatives To Pocket Power X

Besides Power X, several other products will help you issue power in a variety of emergency situations. We present to you three other products:

  • Pocket Power Plus
  • Atomi Pocket Power
  • Eton Turbine 2000

Pocket Power Plus

The Pocket Power Plus is one power source that is convenient in size and also compact. It is, therefore, suitable to carry around in different places such as picnics, camping, fishing hunting among others.

Pocket Power Plus

It also is able to start a car or even a motorcycle indicating an incredible power source.

The only disadvantage is that there are no specifications online about the Pocket Power Plus. This makes it so difficult to compare the power source to others.

The cost of Pocket Power Plus is around $119.97. It is available online exclusively from PocketPowerPlus.com.

Atomi Pocket Power

The reason why Atomi Pocket Power is a suitable alternative is its long-lasting power. It is a compact power source that is made of lithium polymer battery cell.

Atomi Pocket Power X 10,000 mAh Portable Battery

It has a rubber/aluminum finish that enables it to withstand rough handling. It has an energy capacity of 1000mAh and can charge 1.5 tablets and 4 smartphones before it goes off.

Eton Turbine 2000

This alternative is convenient since it has several ways to recharge it including using a solar panel, through a USB connection to a computer, or a phone charger.

Eton Rechargeable USB Battery Pack

It also recharges itself using a built-in hand crank. It has a lithium battery with a capacity of 2000mAh. It is compatible with many phones, tablets, game players among others.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Power Source

Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Power Source

If you are considering buying a portable power source, you must have seen several different brands in this market.

The question would be how to know a reliable and portable power source that suits your needs. Here are some things to consider when looking for a portable power source that is specific to your needs.



Depending on what you intend to use the portable power source for, different capacities may be suitable.

A portable power source that is intended for phone charging may not require such a large capacity. However, a portable power source to be used for camping or traveling may require a larger capacity.

MilliAmpere Hour or mAh is the unit used to measure power capacity.

It is generally better to consider a portable power source with a large capacity that can be used for longer without recharging. Also, one that can be used to power many devices without going off

Taking into consideration the daily power usage of your devices will go a long way in determining the capacity of the portable power source that will be effective.

Weight, Size, Ports, Plugs

Weight, Size, Ports, Plugs

A portable power source should be mobile. As the name suggests, it should be easy to carry around.

The size and weight of a portable power source greatly inform their portability. The lighter the power source, the more convenient it is to carry around.

The ports and plugs are a very crucial consideration. This is especially so if you intend to use the portable power source with a variety of devices.

Here you would want to have ports that can charge different devices at a time. If, however, you do not intend to charge different devices, then consider one that is compatible with what you need.


It is important to be prepared for power loss. When getting a portable power source, you don’t just buy any device. It is important to ensure that the portable power source has a great capacity to suit your needs.

Pocket Power X is one such portable power source that is very versatile and is suitable for the smallest to the greatest power-requiring activities.

Portability and ports in the device are other important factors that should inform the power sources you purchase.

Pocket Power X is compact and easily portable. You can carry it anywhere in the same way you carry your smartphone.

In addition, it has a great power capacity. Pocket Power X is an ideal power source that ensures that you are perfectly prepared for any power-related emergency including power loss.