10 Best Campers For Off-Grid Living

Whether you have a plan for seven days or six months, a well-organized camper will help you to live off-grid comfortably. 

For short-term living or country-round trips, the best campers for off-grid living will give you more freedom, space, and accessibility to nature.

From cooking accessories to washing areas, this small RV will manage all things on four wheels. Some campers offer extra storage and carrying spaces for your pets, tools, and sports utilities.

You can enjoy the beauty of nature and lead an adventurous life in any weather condition in a camper. The latest campers have modern amenities that make off-grid life easy and secure. 

Having considered all advantages and flexibility of living off the grid, we present the best 10 campers for off-grid living and a complete buyer’s guide for you. Let’s explore. 

Why Should You Get Camper For Off-Grid Living ?

You need a camper van for off-grid living to get easy, comfortable, and instant living space in a remote area.

Off-grid living is adventurous and you can not live with the basic things, wherever the place is. A camper van will ensure the primary living materials when you are outdoors. 

Besides, the mobility of a camper will offer you the flexibility of living in a remote place. 

You can carry solar water, prepare food, and use the pre-installed power source to survive. The compact and comfortable design of an off-grid camper makes you feel like moving home. 

Furthermore, you can carry different sport utilities, including a bicycle, when living off the grid for a long time.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Camper?

Before selecting any product or device, you have to analyze the key-features, quality, and necessity of the product. A buyer’s guide will help you find the best off-grid camper with the value of the money. 

Our goal is to provide you high-quality products that will provide efficient service and help you to get the best service.

Add-On Option Ability

The add-on option of a camper enables you to customize your van and add more attractive features depending on your needs.

You can change the interior furniture and cabin options for different tours and travels. It also allows you to include features based on the weather of your living location. A good off-grid camper should come with this feature. 

Weather Resistance

Most probably know a camper can’t survive outdoors without a water resistance feature. A high-quality off-grid camper can survive in all weather conditions. 

Make sure that the interior part can protect against cold and wind when living in an open space. Without having a durable exterior, a van will never be compatible with outdoor survival. 

Large Storage Capacity

When you are leaving mainstream society and starting off-grid life, you need several things there. A large storage capacity allows you to store necessary items for living off the grid. 

The best manufacturers include ample storage with the ratio of the body dimension. Before selecting any model, you have to consider these issues.

Compatibility With Your Car

Do you like to buy another car for your off-grid camper van? No, because it will double your expenses for off-grid living. To avoid this, make sure that the van is compatible with your car. 

It will allow you to use the car and van separately and combined. Ask the manufactures and request for a test drive if possible. 

Camper Reviews

In this article, we include the ten best campers for off-grid life. We compare different models from several manufacturers and analyze the features of each vehicle. 

Besides, we ask the current user to get unbiased reviews that help us to present the incomparable campers. 

We consider expert opinion about all the possible features when comparing a camper. 

Turtleback Trailers Expedition Off Road Trailer$26,000
Opus 4-Sleeper Off Road Camper$19,000
Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth$18,500
Morv Explore$8,000
Price Comparison of Camper

Opus 4-Sleeper Off Road Camper

First, we have the Opus 4-Sleeper Off-Road Camper that has independent coil spring suspension and dual shock absorbers. It will give you the most stable experience while driving off-road. 

Opus 4-Sleeper Off Road Camper


  • UVW: 3100 Pounds
  • GVWR: 4200 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 17 Feet
  • Exterior Height: 7 Feet 2 Inches
  • Water Tank: 2 x2 Gallons
  • Cost: $18,999

This camper will be your best companion for off-grid living. The fixed double bed areas and high-quality interior design give you an aristocratic feeling.

The black enamel finish body gives the van an attractive look. It has dual water tanks for a convenient water supply. Each tank can hold 20 gallons of water. 

Besides, the stainless steel slide-out kitchen and the four-burner stove are ideal for cooking. 

The interior contains a leather cushion seating area and an adjustable folding table. You can enjoy tea time with your style.

In the washing area, this camper contains an adjustable shower and cassette toilet. You can feel like your home without any problem. 

The electrical supply is based on batteries, however, it has an optional solar charging port. You will get all the modern amenities like a stereo speaker, Bluetooth, CD, and radio. 

With a large tent and sun awning, you can make a large camping area. 

Opus is a renowned off-grid camper manufacturer and you can rely on their service. 

Opus 4-Sleeper Off Road Camper Pros and Cons

Ample Storage Space
Domestic Cooling Option 
Small Kitchen Compartment 
Opus 4-Sleeper Off Road Camper Pros and Cons

Morv Explore

If you are looking for a compact and useful trailer, the Morve Explore is the best camper. It comes with a rooftop tent and rubber molded LED lights.

You will get the maximum output from this trailer when living off-grid for a short time.

Morv Explore


  • Rooftop Tent
  • Rubber Mounted LED Light
  • Tailgate Design
  • Rack System Trailer
  • 5-Gallon Fresh water Holder
  • Removable Hard Aluminum Lid
  • Rear Recovery Hook
  • Rear Hitch Trailer
  • Rubber Bed Mat
  • 3-Way Ratchet Strap
  • General Grabber Tires 
  • Cost: $7,795

This is a durable travel trailer that contains high-quality materials for outdoor survival. The trailer has a tailgate design for a convenient and flexible driving experience. 

It has a removable aluminum lid that enhances the storage system. You can keep necessary items under the lid. 

The rooftop tent is connected with a 3-way ratchet strap design to get an easy mounting system. It takes less time to install and remove.

Besides, the trailer has grabber tires that will give you the best grip while driving off-road. You will get an additional tire with this trailer. 

Morv Explore Pros and Cons

Small/Compact Design 
Durable Body
LED Lights 
One-Person Capacity
Morv Explore Pros and Cons

Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth

Next, we have the Taxa Tiger Moth that comes with a powder-coated steel chassis and an under-bed storage capacity. Its on-top awning system gives you the flexibility of outdoor living. 

Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth


  • UVW: 1,310 Pounds
  • GVWR: 2,200 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 127 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 12’10”
  • Exterior Height: 6’8”(7’1” w/ Awning)
  • Fresh Water Tank: 5 Gallons
  • Powder-Coated Steel Chassis
  • Adjustable Load Bars
  • Front Cargo Step
  • Rooftop Storage
  • 2 Adult Habitat 
  • Dual-Stabilizer Jack
  • Roof Exhaust Fan
  • Cafe Table
  • 12-Volt Exterior Outlet
  • LED Interior and Reading Light
  • Under-Bed Storage
  • Windows Featuring Screen Shades
  • ABS Laminated Material
  • Cost: $18,550

If you want the freedom of off-grid living without losing modern amenities, this is the ideal camper for you. The dual-stabilizer jack enables you to camp anywhere instantly.

The exterior part of this camper is coated with ABS laminated material, and you will get a smooth surface.

It has an under-bed storage system that is a space-efficient design to keep your handy things.

The camper is suitable for two adults and you can enjoy the time even on a coffee table. With LED light, it will give you the best interior during the night.

This trailer contains four windows with screen shades that are best for protecting outdoor lights and flowing air. 

Besides, it has a 5-gallon fresh water tank that is suitable for a single tour. 

Taxa Outdoors Tiger Math Pros and Cons

Durable Material
Water Holder
License Plate with LED Light 
Secure Locking System (Could Use Work)
Taxa Outdoors Tiger Math Pros and Cons

Terra Trek Adventure Australia

The Terra Trek Adventure comes with cross suspension arms and a unique chassis design for a comfortable backyard experience.

You will have modern features and perfect storage capacity for outdoor living.  

Terra Trek Adventure Australia


  • Aluminum Body
  • Rooftop Tent
  • Mud Terrains
  • Interior Mattress
  • Water Tanks
  • Gas Bottles
  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Dual-Chamber Fridge
  • 350-Watt Inverter
  • 120ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Slide-Out Kitchen Sink
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Storage Socket
  • Compatible with Solar Power
  • Cost: $59,999

If you are searching for a camper where your expectations meet on the road, it is the perfect camper for you. This trailer is designed with a high-quality aluminum body and laser-cut design. The trailer will get the attention of anyone on the road.

The interior surface is designed with beautiful and durable material that will give you extra comfort in this small space, 

With the rooftop tent, you can protect rain and the sun while sleeping. Besides, it will make you feel like your bedroom.

You will get a spacious kitchen under the awning. It comes with a slideable sink that ensures a good cooking place. It has a dual-chamber fridge. 

The trailer has an underbody water tank and you can hold enough fresh water while living off the grid. 

You can use solar panels, and the electrical system is designed for modern utilities and devices. 

Terra Trek Australia Pros and Cons

Best Sleeping and Shade
Easy to Set Up and Remove 
No Issue Found 
Terra Trek Australia Pros and Cons

Boreas XT Off-Road Camper by Into the Wild Overland

The XT Off-Road camper is designed for backcountry basecamp. It has the best off-grid capabilities and features for new adventures around the year.


  • UVW: 2,200 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 210 Pounds
  • Overall Length – 16′
  • Overall Width (Fender to Fender) – 7
  • Fresh Water Tank: 30 Gallons
  • Independent Suspension
  • Full-Size Spare
  • Electric Brakes
  • Exterior LED Porch Light
  • Custom Aluminum Roof Rack
  • Instant Hot Water Shower
  • Side Awning
  • Two Cabin Doors
  • USB Power Source
  • Battery Monitoring System
  • FRP Interior Panel
  • Refrigerator
  • Stainless-Steel Table Top
  • Cost: $18,900

If you love to travel in extreme situations, this camper trailer is ready to serve you in a huge range of driving conditions. 

You will get an off-road explorer with the same performance on muddy, icy, rocky, and sandy surfaces.

It comes with everything that you will need off the grid. The fully equipped interior and durable exterior make it ideal for long travel. 

With 30 gallons of fresh water tank capacity, you can survive for several days. The sleeping place is nicely decorated. The rooftop tent helps you to create an exclusive sleeping condition.

It includes a solar kit that will help you during the long trip. Besides, you will get ample storage space to store your necessary items.  

Comparing all the features, you will get an efficient camper for off-grid living. 

Boreas XT Off-Road Camper Pros and Cons

Modern Design
Front Jack with Wheel
Expensive Camper 
Boreas XT Off-Road Camper Pros and Cons

Schutt XVenture XV2

The XVENTURE XV-2 camper comes with military engineering and aircraft aluminum. It will give you the best performance and enable you to take all your travel gear.

Schutt XVenture XV2


  • 12.6 Feet Long  
  • 6.5 Feet Wide
  • Curb Weight: 1,200 Pounds
  • GVW: 3,500 Pounds
  • 2,300-Pound Payload Capacity
  • 22-Gallon Water System
  • Adjustable Height
  • Cargo Bed Interior
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • All LED Lighting
  • Slide Galley System
  • Water Heater
  • Tire Carrier
  • 10-Year Chassis Warranty
  • Cost: $26,000

This trailer is originally developed for off-road performance to exceed your travel time. The Huck-Bolted aluminum structure is more durable than any other product. 

With all LED lights, this camper illuminates your camo and makes your travel time more comfortable. 

You will have a 360-degree lighting area, including underbody lighting. 

It is equipped with advanced accessories and the awning system has versatile mounting systems. 

The full-size cargo bed can be used for utility purposes when driving. Furthermore, you can use it for sleeping when camping.

You can take all your travel gear and increase the trailer size by using the elevating rack system. 

It will enable you to enjoy the outdoors without any fear. 

Schutt XVenture XV2 Pros and Cons

Durable Structure
Customization Available
Difficult Set-Up
Schutt XVenture XV2 Pros and Cons

Turtleback Trailers Expedition Off-Road Trailer

Next, we have the Turtleback Trailers Expedition that comes with a galvanized tube steel chassis on-demand water pump.

You will get the most flexible travel experience when living in this camper.


  • Galvanized Tube Steel Chassis
  • Front and Rear Receiver Hitch 
  • Aluminum Trailer Skin
  • 2 Steel-Burner Stove
  • LED Lighting System
  • Tempered Glass Top Sink
  • On Board Control Panel
  • Drop Down Tables
  • 42-Gallon Water Tank
  • On-Demand Water Pump
  • External Shower
  • Cost: $26,380

When you are ready to take life outside, this adventure trailer has all features for off-grid living.  It contains an attentive design with every single detail. You can drive it with complete confidence and comfort.

The well-built design and perfect size give you the best company whether you are single or with a group.

It contains an LED lighting system, a 42-gallon water tank, and on-demand water for a stable water source.

Besides, the drop-down table and external shower add features with needs. You will never feel bad with space and gadgets.

Turtleback Trailers Expedition Pros and Cons

Sturdy Design
Off-Road Master 
Small Load Capacity 
Turtleback Trailers Expedition Pros and Cons

Colorado BaseDrop Teardrop Camper

If you are looking for a small and reliable camp for off-grid living, the BaseDrop camper comes with a comfortable, durable, and lightweight design. 

Colorado BaseDrop Teardrop Camper


  • Fully-Insulated Wall
  • Maple Interior
  • Two Insulated Doors
  • 12.3-Foot Length
  • 6 Feet Wide
  • UVW: 1000 Pounds
  • Tongue: 55 Pounds
  • Queen-Size Bed
  • High-Ground Clearance
  • LED Lights
  • Tire Holder
  • Cost: $16,000

This camper is ideal for connecting to a small car and it will ensure high safety on any road surface. It will get attention because of its compact and eye-catchy design. 

Inside of this trailer, you will have a queen size bed that is surprisingly comfortable.

The most interesting thing is that you will have several options for this camper when upgrading. 

For a glamorous camping experience, you can include a patio umbrella, side counters, a big LED screen, and more.

It has two insulated doors, a standard galley, and ample storage space. 

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty in case of any problem with this little home. 

Colorado BassDrop Teardrop Camper Pros and Cons

Plenty of Storage
Lightweight Design 

Great Compact Design but Not Spacious for Off-Grid Living
Colorado BassDrop Teardrop Camper Pros and Cons

Hickory Expedition Off-Road Trailer

The Hickory Expedition Camper has a unique design idea with a rooftop carrying rack and HD axle suspension. It is a comfortable living space when living off the grid.

Hickory Expedition Off-Road Trailer


  • UVW: 1,250 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 200 Pounds
  • 4-Feet Wide
  • 7-Feet Wide
  • Aluminum Trailer Body
  • Electric Brakes
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • Extended Tongue
  • Rooftop Tent Rack
  • Expedition Bed
  • Lighting Bumper
  • Cost: $16,454

When you have a limited budget but you want to enjoy the adventure of living off the grid, this camper is made for you. It has a trailer hub that fits any vehicle. You will enjoy the best user experience. 

The Hickory contains an aluminum tail box with enough storage. You can keep travel gears that you never want to miss. 

All the tools and hardware are designed with stainless steel. With durable material, it will travel with you for years.

Besides, an aluminum bed rack and rooftop tent are perfect for sleeping while living off-grid.

Hickory Expedition Off-Road Trailer Pros and Cons

Suitable for All Weather
No Water Storage
Hickory Expedition Off-Road Trailer Pros and Cons

Taxa Tiger Moth Wooly Bear

Finally, the Taxa Tiger Moth Wooly Bear that comes with a kitchen organizer and lockable storage compartment. The spacious living area of this camper enables you to enjoy nature when living outdoors.

Taxa Tiger Moth Wooly Bear


  • UVW: 1,270 Pounds
  • GVWR: 2,100 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 140 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 10’8″
  • Exterior Width    5’4″
  • Exterior Height – 6’5″
  • Steel Chassis 
  • Battery Box
  • Open Storage 
  • Underbody Light
  • Lockable Drawer
  • 12-Volt USB Port
  • Kitchen
  • Adjustable Height
  • Cost: $15,500

The Wooly Bear is a dream camper for off-grid living. It has all the modern features, including a full-size outdoor kitchen. You can prepare your favorite dishes on the lap of nature.

It is suitable for two or three people. This lightweight and versatile trailer can reach anywhere, therefore, is perfect for off-grid and highway driving. 

You will have logical storage space for gear and food. The lockable drawer makes it more secure for outdoor use. 

Besides, the adjustable trailer enables you to elevate the platform to carry more gear.  Feel the freedom of travel. 

Taxa Tiger Moth Wooly Bear Pros and Cons

LED Kitchen Light 
Two Side Drawer 
Complex Awning Adjustment 
Taxa Tiger Moth Wooly Bear Pros and Cons

The Original-Authentic Standing Room 6-person Cabin Tent

Standing Room, Family Cabin Tent 8.5 ' OF HEAD ROOM 4 Big Screen Doors, waterproof Fabric Ceiling NOT LEAKY MESH screen FULL TUB STYLE Floor CANOPY FRAME NOT INCLUDED For 6 Person
  • This ORIGINAL DESIGN TENT IS DESIGNED FOR 10X10 STRAIGHT LEG CANOPIES and features 8.5 FEET OF HEAD ROOM (Able To Stand Up, Walk Around and Stretch Out, Even In The Corners) FULL WATERPROOF FABRIC CEILING (NOT CHEAP SIEVE SCREEN) GUARANTEED TO STAY DRY, FULL "TUB STYLE" Floor Nearly any 10'x10' (straight leg) canopy or gazebo with a vaulted ceiling can be used as a cover and the support for this tent.
  • TENT SETUP IS FAST AND EASY with its attach to canopy hooks and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Sets Up In Minutes (Even the youngest campers can help); includes separate storage bag for tent. Standing Room 100 Family Cabin camping Tent is the Best and can accommodate 6 campers
  • FOUR BIG SEPARATE DOORS AND TWO ZIPPERED SKYLIGHTS allows PLENTY OF VENTILATION as well as easy enter and exit from any side and ability to “stack” two or more tents together for additional rooms

4 Tips for Buying Your First Camper

If you have recently decided to live off the grid, these tips are definitely for you. For the first time, it is difficult to understand all the features and upcoming problems of a van. 

You can follow our tips to make your off-grid journey smooth and get a camper van that is worth it.

Set Your Budget

Never expect something better than your budget. Just make your plan and select the size, features, and options of the camper. 

It will help you to set your budget and get a camper with the value of the money. Don’t think that an expensive RV will give you more comfort. 

The design aesthetic should be compatible with the purpose and cost. 

Widen Your Search Net

Search, search and search. Yes, it is the most effective process to find the best camper for off-grid living. 

You can search for the features, quality, best manufacturer, and more. It will allow you to enhance your knowledge regarding the best campers. 

You can ask the manufacturer and seller about the features that you are searching for. You can easily make your plan to customize the design. 

Never Buy A Used Camper

Never buy a used camper for off-grid living. Everyone has a unique choice and needs.

A used camper might not be suitable for you. It is made for the previous owner, not for you. If you can’t afford the camper now, it is better to wait and buy a new one. 

Take Your Camper For A Test Drive

It is better to take a test drive. This is the most common and efficient advice.

You can understand the features, problems, and compatibility of the vehicle. 

If it is customizable, you can ask for the changes after a test drive. So, it is the best trick for beginners. 

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Coleman Portable Camping Chair with 4-Can Cooler - Perfect for Camping, Tailgates, Beach, Sports and More
  • Inbuilt 4-can cooler pouch ensures your cold drinks are within easy reach
  • Fully cushioned seat and back provide optimal support and comfort
  • Features a mesh cup holder and side pocket for storing personal items swiftly

The Difference Between Camper And A Travel Trailer

There are mainly three differences between a camper and a travel trailer. These are size, design, and structure. 

A camper van comes in small sizes. On the contrary, a travel trailer has a large interior and exterior. 

The design of a camper van is compact and it has less room than a travel trailer. Campers are suitable for short-term off-grid living. 


Finally, you have the best off-grid living campers. You can go for a luxury one or find a compact trailer that comes with the value of the money. 

If you are going to purchase a camper for the first time, it is difficult to select an ideal model. In this situation, you can follow our suggestions. 

When planning to live off-grid for an extended period with luxury, comfort, and unique features, the Opus 4-Sleeper Off-Road Camper is the best choice. 

On the contrary, the Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth is perfect for off-road traveling and camping. It contains a spacious interior and a useful exterior.