17 Fun Things to Do When the Power Is Out

Are you wondering how you can spend your day or night without electricity?

Power outages can be devastating because we have made electricity our lives. However, there are still many fun things to do when power is out.

Whether you have kids, colleagues, or alone, you can still entertain yourself as though nothing is wrong.

We will highlight 17 fun games and activities you can engage in during a power outage. And lastly, we will shed light on what not to do when power is out. Read on for details.

10 Things To Do When Power Is Out

10 Things To Do When Power Is Out

Whether you live off the grid or grid-tied, a power outage is something you cannot eliminate from your life.

Extreme weather elements such as storms can cause problems. Or, if you are using solar panels to generate power, winter months never give you enough of that.

So, what can you do when power is out?

You can do 10 things to salvage an emergency power out. Don’t have to feel bored or as if the world is coming to an end. Consider engaging in the following:

Grab Your Lights Out Box And Give Everyone A Flashlight

A flashlight can produce just enough light for everyone in the room. Usually, the light from the bulb is directed by a reflector to focus on one point.

If you take that off, it will go in all directions. You can at least have enough to do many things in the house.

You never know when the emergency power out situation will happen. So, consider buying a flashlight to help you when you cannot have electricity from the grid or generate it.

You are never safe, provided you rely on artificial light.

Protect Your Electronics: Unplug Your Electronics

Protect Your Electronics: Unplug Your Electronics

This is advice to grid-tied individuals. If you didn’t know, unplugging your electronics and other appliances from the socket protects them.

Usually, power returns are associated with voltage surges and hiked currents that can destroy your electronics.

Always unplug them as soon as the power goes out. Failure to do so may be costly.

Some may argue that modern electronics have fuses and circuit breakers to protect the device. Yes, that may be true, but do you stock fuses to replace instantly?

And if you do, not everyone is a DIYer, and a technician may be miles away. Also, these protective components can fail, putting your electronics at high risk.

Determine The Range Of Power Out: Go Outside And Look Around

The most common way of estimating the range of power outages is to walk around. Maybe, it is only you who is affected or a few people in the neighborhood.

If the problem covers a large area, it may take a shorter time to get the power back because of the number of people affected.

And when looking around, check if there was scheduled power line maintenance in your area. Power outages due to this usually take a longer time to be resolved.

But if you are the only one affected, call a technician to check your meter and power distribution box in your home if you cannot do it yourself.

Concerned About The Condition Of The Neighbors

A power outage is likely to affect a large area. Check on your neighbors and their situation.

Are they also in the darkness? Find out how you can team up to resolve the problem. Your collective voice can be heard by the utility company.

Lock The Doors And Ensure Your Pets Indoors

Power outages pose many security risks, especially at night. Crime rates are usually high in dark areas or dark neighborhoods.

For the safety of your family, pet, and yourself, ensure everyone is indoors and shut the door. Avoid walking in the darkness as much as you can. Save yourself from becoming a victim or casualty.

Call The Power Company

The power company may not be aware of the power outage in your area. It is a kind gesture informing them about the situation.

The company always has a standby team to respond to such emergency situations. You can get their numbers on the internet or from your neighbor.

Turn On Emergency Radio

If you have a radio that uses an in-built battery, this is the time to turn it on. It will keep you informed and entertained at the same time.

So, if you don’t have one as we speak, place an order for it online. Never be caught unaware next time when there will be a power outage.  

Close The Doors You Won’t Use

Modern houses have more than one door. It is a safety feature to allow you to escape in an emergency.

In this case, however, you will need the extra doors. They can be a security threat. Your kids or pets can get out only to face the danger that lurks in the darkness outside.

Close all extra doors and windows that you will not use at that time. This enhances your security and can keep your house warm for a while as you look for alternatives.

Get Your Portable Generator Up And Running

Get Your Portable Generator Up And Running

If you have a standby generator, this is the time to have it running to supply the power you need to light and warm your home.

A few homeowners have one. But if you are among the lucky few, never hesitate to use it. And if it generates more electricity than you need, share it with your neighbor next door.

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Start Doing Other Fun Things

A power outage can be devastating since it gets most people unaware. Without your primary entertainment system, time may seem longer than usual.

However, if you can do fun things with your friends or family, you can feel better.

Think of playing some games, reading a novel, setting up a tent, doing something artsy, or engaging in an indoor workout.

The list of things you can do is long, and we will discuss a few in the next section.

17 Fun Things To Do When The Power Is Out

How do you pass the time or make yourself useful when there is a power outage? Don’t keep yourself idle or devastated by the situation.

Instead, think of some fun and/or engaging activities you can do without power. Fortunately, the list of things that will keep you busy is endless.

Consider the following 17 things to keep you entertained when the power goes out:

Play Some Card Games

Play Some Card Games

This card game is ideal if you have invited your friends or siblings to play it. If the power outage is at night, you will need a candle, spotlight, or you can play by the side of an outdoor fireplace.

You will need a deck of cards, and experience in card games is crucial. However, you can also use that chance to learn a few games.

Consider All Fours, All Fives, Agram, Apples to Apples, or any other card game of choice.

Play Some Board Games

Hundreds of board games that you can play with your colleagues during power outages exist. Think of Clue, Candy Land, Monopoly, Scrabble, battleship, Risk, Stratego, Axis & Allies, etc.

The names of these board games may differ from region to region. Regardless of what you call it, you will need the board and source of light.

You can play board games all through the night without feeling bored or getting bothered by the power outage situation.

Play Other Types Of Games

Apart from the card and board games mentioned earlier, you can still engage in other games. The game you choose depends on your situation and whether you have a company or not.

If you are lucky to have power on your phone, you can access many games online. Just look for what suits you and keep yourself entertained.

Thumb Wrestle

Thumb wrestling is an easy game to play and can be played by anyone since it does not require power, strength, speed, weight lifting, or combat.

It involves two players at a time. Each opponent only has to be tactical to beat the opponent.

As the name suggests, this game is played with thumbs. You win it when you pin down the thumb of your opponent. It has rules, scores, and a winner like all other games.

Play Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare game is one of the best ways of passing the time with your kids, siblings, or friends.

It involves asking questions about practical life events, and the opponent is expected to give a truthful response.

Hundreds of truth and dare questions that can keep you busy during a blackout exist. You can refer to them since you cannot have everything off-head.

Play Charades

Playing charades is a fun way of keeping your family lively when power is out. But to play this game, you need a notepad and a pen to write the scores, a list of charades phrases, a stopwatch.

You choose the player to start by acting the word or phrase in front of other players. The first person to rightly guess the word or phrase scores a point.

For example, you can pretend to be playing a musical instrument. You need multiple players, and they take turns acting the words or phrases.

Set Up A Tent, Go “Camping” By Building A Pillow Fort

Set Up A Tent, Go “Camping” By Building A Pillow Fort

If you live in a gated community or fenced home, you can build a tent as a fun activity.

You will need your camping gear, including a source of light and bedding. If it is cold outside, you will also look for a heat source.

Setting up a tent may be interesting, but you should only do it in a safe place. Don’t go into the jungle with darkness all around you.

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Read Books/Journal

If you have never had time to read that book or journal your friend gifted you, this is the time to do it.

You need a candle or a flashlight to help you see the wordings and ensure not straining your eyes. Reading should be an appropriate choice when there is an eerie silence in the neighborhood due to blackout.

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Write Letters To Someone Special

Are you in a long-distance relationship or live away from your family? Do you remember that favorite aunt, uncle, or friend?

Since you have the entire night, you can use it to express your love and feelings to that person. Find a paper, pen, source of light, and start writing.

Do Something Artsy: Draw/Paint/Embroidery/Sewing

Are you artistically talented? If yes, you can engage in that activity you like to do, such as drawing, painting, embroidery, etc.

These tasks will help to keep you busy and achieve your goals.

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Sing Songs/Listen To Or Play Some Music

You have the best time to sing or play some musical instruments when there is a power outage.

If you are a member of a musical group, you can call your colleagues to sing all night. You can play guitar and others.

Clean/Redecorate Your House

If there is a power outage during the daytime, you can use that opportunity to clean and rearrange your house.

Also, think of decoration ideas to facelift your spaces. You can do that indoors or outdoors. At least, you keep yourself occupied doing something meaningful.

Paint Your Nails

To the ladies and other beauticians, you can spend the time painting your nails, making your hair, or doing any other grooming task.

Ensure you look at your best when the power outage problem is resolved.

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Go For A Stroll

Weekends can be unnecessarily long without power. Instead of spending the entire time indoors, you can stroll around. If you have your loved ones, they can accompany you to spend quality time together.

Visit/Talk With Your Friends, Family, Or Neighbors

Power outage provides an excellent bonding session for you and your kids.

Instead of being carried away by technology, you can visit your friends and family or even neighbors. Use the time to bond well with people around you.

Go Through Old Family Albums

Our lives are made of memories, and there is no better place to find them than a family album.

Regardless of technological advancement, let us not forget to photograph our best and worst moments. An old family album will help bring back those old memories.

Do An Indoor Workout

An indoor workout is a time-passing activity that helps keep your body physically fit. You may need light, but that depends on the time and workout type.

Take a nap

Take a nap

Have you been waking up early, every day, to go to work or face any daily task? It is a revenge time when there is no power. You can take a nap, especially in the afternoon after your meal.

Tell jokes

This is best for a group or a family. You can never miss that one comedian in a family that always makes everyone laugh.

Even if you are not the usual funny guy, you can still make people around you smile by repeating jokes you have heard from your friends. Or, just telling stories is enough to cheer yourselves up.

Lastly – my favorite: Tell ghost stories And Play hide-n-seek

This reminds me of ghost stories that would give me nightmares. If you are my type, you may consider not listening to such stories at night.

Otherwise, ghost stories cheer people. Hide and seek is for everyone, and it becomes even more exciting in the dark.

4 Things To Avoid When The Power Is Out

Power blackouts come with its inconveniences that you need to face courageously.

There are things you can do and some that may be costly. And since you don’t know when the situation will be resolved, it is better to conserve the little water, sight source, and other resources you have.

You may consider not doing the following things:

Don’t Take A Bath

This may sound weird since the electricity and plumbing system may not be directly connected.

Your plumbing system will continue to function normally. But if the power outage is due to a blizzard, do not turn on the faucet. The -plumbing was frozen.

City dwellers may not have a problem with their water lines. But to off-gridders like me, you may need that electricity to pump water and warm it for use.

If you still have some hot water in the reserve tank, you better leave it for cooking. If you have an overhead tank with a lot of water, you can take a cold bath.

Don’t Open Your Refrigerator And Freezer

Opening your freezer or refrigerator door will quickly lower the temperature. Leaving it closed will keep your food fresh and safe for a long time since refrigerators can maintain internal temperature for four hours after a blackout.

The content of your freezer should last for about 24 hours without power, but only if you avoid opening it unnecessarily.

Don’t Leave Your Electronic Appliances Plugged In

You should unplug all electronics when the power goes out. It will ensure those appliances are safe even if the power comes back with surges.

Keep Off Windows and Doors

Stay away from windows and doors as much as you can during power outages to avoid possible accidents.

Power can go out during storms. And without you realizing the danger outside, you can be a victim of storms.

Some Thoughts

You now know what to do and not to do when there is a power outage.

We have also highlighted some fun ways of keeping yourself busy in such situations, but we have not exploited everything.

You can still find other ways to entertain yourself and your family.

Thank you for your time at Em Offgrid. We appreciate you for reading this article and invite you to share it with your friends. Also, consider exploring the website for more related content.

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