5 Safest Places During Martial Law

Consider the possibility of civil order crumbling and martial law being implemented over the country.

You value your personal freedom as a survivalist. As a result, you should be concerned about the 5 safest places during martial law.

With the levels of social division, political warfare, rioting, and other types of civil strife becoming so common and intense, it is easy to see why the authorities will eventually step in and put their foot down in a huge way.

In order to restore order, martial law will be declared.

This article will go over the 5 safest places during martial law. But first, some background on martial law and what it entails. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

What Is Martial Law?

What Is Martial Law?

Martial law is the law that gives military forces temporary authority over a particular region when a civil government is deemed incapable of functioning in an emergency.

This rule is most commonly invoked during periods of war, natural disasters and insurgency. 

The legal repercussions of declaring martial law varies by jurisdiction.

Still, they typically include the suspension of normal civil liberties and the application of summary military justice or military law to civilians.

In theory, a regime of martial law is only transitory, although it can last eternally. 

When martial law is declared, the military commander of a region or country has unrestricted power to make and enforce laws.

When civilian authority has failed, vanished, or become ineffective, martial law is justified. 

Martial law also suspends all existing laws, civil authority, and the regular administration of justice.

What Happens When Martial Law Is Enacted?

What Happens When Martial Law Is Enacted?

Military leaders take administrative, legislative, and judicial responsibilities during martial law. When martial law is declared, military commanders may:

  • Impose curfews and censorship of the media
  • Take over businesses
  • Sales of some products are prohibited (like alcohol)
  • Hospitals and emergency rooms under supervision.
  • Wages and working conditions are regulated.
  • Civilians must be fingerprinted and identified.

If civilian courts are unavailable, civilians who commit crimes or disobey military orders face military trials.

5 Safest Places During Martial Law

5 Safest Places During Martial Law

Although martial law might be necessary, it can usually restrict the rights, independence and privacy of citizens.

This is why it is important to know what measures to take during these periods. This article will go through the 5 safest places during martial law.

Heading To A Rural Town

This is usually considered to be the best option to stay during martial rule. And there are a lot of reasons for that.

One of these reasons is that most times when martial law is imposed, those regions often remain unmonitored in comparison to larger communities. 

This might be due to the fact that rural towns are usually not considered strategic points, especially during war.

And they are usually self-sufficient and can provide survival essentials such as water, food and housing without having to depend on larger settlements. 

It is highly unlikely that a major deployment of troops to a rural town will occur during martial law.

But if it does, you will be pleased to know that it is very easy to be self-sufficient and make personal preparations in these towns. This is what makes these regions more survivable. 

Move To Wilderness 

Move To Wilderness 

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the wilderness is the last place military troops or invading forces will be deployed in cases of martial law.

For people with a preppers mentality, there is no better option for dealing with martial law. 

In the wilderness, you don’t have to worry about the military forces trying to impose their new rule in the region unless you unintentionally land in an area where the military is organizing some form of cover operation or trying to install a strategic or tactical outpost. 

However, one con to consider when you choose this option is that living in the wilderness can be very challenging.

This is due to the fact that getting self-sustaining resources can be very challenging. You might end up having a hard time living off the land. 

Getting a hold of resources can be very hard in the wilderness. So what will you do for shelter or food? These are factors you have to consider before going for this option.

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Hide In Big City

This option might be against the better judgment of a lot of people, but it’s actually a pretty great one.

Who would have thought the best place to ride out the martial rule might just be the region already under such rule. 

Yes, it is true that during martial rule, the big cities are often under the control and influence of the military and what you want is to protect yourself during this period.

One of the best ways to actually do this is to blend into the background into the hustle and bustle of the big cities. 

However, if you go for this option, you should get your ID ready because you are going to be seeing many checkpoints, lockdowns, curfews and inspections.

So before you go for this option, you should be prepared to endure these situations. 

However, this ‘hiding in plain sight’ option could backfire anytime due to the fact that you will be well within reach of the military rule enforcers.

And also, big cities are sometimes the target of battle during the war. 

Anywhere But Here

People with a prepper mentality often choose to believe that martial rule will influence every part of the nation, from coast to coast and touch every city, village, or town.

But the truth of the matter is that is not the case. 

In actuality, the martial rule is often limited in scope even though it is theoretically supposed to be nationwide. So not every city, town and village will be locked down by these military forces. 

Most likely, the regions that will be focused on during the military rule are the ones with major political, economic or strategic importance to the nation.

Also, regions experiencing the actions of insurgents would also be likely to welcome military forces. 

So if you don’t live in any of these parts, you can stay in your home. But if you live in any of these regions or are tied to it in some ways, you can just move to a region that is not under martial rule. 

This might involve something as easy moving to a nearby town or as hard as moving across the country.

So if the martial rule in your nation is limited in scope, this is one of the best ideas for you. 

Flee The Country

Flee The Country

If you notice that the martial rule has gotten quite serious, this might be the best option for you.

You might observe the military forces getting more pervasive that it starts threatening the peace in the country. If this happens, then it might be time to flee the country. 

This is particularly an awesome option for people that live close to the country border and people with transportation means. You also need to get your traveling passport ready. 

However, this option can come with some challenges, like the fact that you will have to leave your entire life to start a new life in another country.

There might also be a language barrier between your country and the neighboring country.

Another problem to consider is that the relations between your country and the neighboring one might not be so smooth. The tension might make it hard to settle in that place. 

10 Things To Do When Martial Law Is Enacted

10 Things To Do When Martial Law Is Enacted

Although martial law might be necessary, it can usually restrict the rights, independence and privacy of citizens.

This is why it is important to know what measures to take during these periods. Here are 10 things to do when martial law is enacted;

Stock Up Ahead Of Time

The martial rule can often restrict citizens’ rights and impose things such as curfews and lockdowns that can make it hard to access resources. This is why you have to stock up ahead of time. 

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You Must Remain Calm: Never Panic 

Although martial rule might give you many reasons to panic, it is in your best interest that you keep calm.

Panic can make citizens make some questionable choices that might get them in trouble. So it’s best you remain calm. 

Stay Neutral And Never Run To Authority

Martial law can sometimes restrict the rights of citizens, so it is best that you remain neutral and don’t run to the authorities. 

Do More Listening Than Talking

During martial rule, you cannot be too careful, especially when it comes to what you say.

Martial rules have been known to restrict citizens’ right to speech. So you should be wary of what you say and instead choose to listen more instead. 

Trust No One

It is in your best interest that you trust no one during martial rule.

Martial law is usually enacted during periods of war and insurgency, so you have to be very careful who you relate to. You should trust no one. 

Keep A Tab On The Current Rules To Avoid Getting In Trouble

Ensure that you are updated on the current rules during martial rule so you can obey them and avoid getting in trouble. 

Pretend You Have Nothing And Be The ‘Grey Man.’

People can be very desperate during martial rule, so you have to be extra careful.

There might be a lot of looting due to the uneven distribution of resources during this period. So it is advisable that you pretend you have nothing. 

Avoid Getting Stuck In Camps

Getting stuck at camps during martial rule is not a good situation. You might not be able to leave the camp due to lockdown or blockades. 

Get To Safety And Stay There

The best advice for you to remain safe during martial rule is that you get to safety and stay there. You do not want to be caught up in any violent altercations. 

In A Group/Some Community

It is usually not a bad idea to stay in a community during martial rule. This is because a community is often self-sufficient. They are also full of people you are familiar enough with. 

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Can they confiscate guns during martial law?

Although the US constitution makes it illegal to seize guns, such a rule can usually be overturned during a crisis.

One such example is the virtual martial law that was declared during hurricane Katrina. During this virtual martial law, firearms were confiscated in the region. 

What is another term for martial law?

Other terms for martial law include the rule of the sword, army rule, stratocracy and imperium in imperio. 

How many times has martial law been declared in the United States?

Martial law has been enacted about 68 in the US, often limited to certain areas.

Nationwide, the US has declared martial law once during the civil war. It also enacted martial law regionally during WWII

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In Conclusion

Martial rule can be pretty scary to think about, but we cannot shake the reality of its possibility.

During this period, citizens should be prepared for restrictions of rights, lack of privacy, lockdowns, and extended curfews. All there are enough to get you to leave such a region. 

This is a great idea, but only if you know the best place to hide during martial law.

So if you want to keep yourself out of trouble, you should go over the list above to find the 5 safest places during martial law.