6 Best Toilet For Off-Grid Living

You won’t get a complete living experience without the necessary equipment in off-grid. The best toilet for off-grid living will enable you to use it safely and securely.

When it comes to off-grid toilets, the right toilet will give you the best experience that is essential in a remote place.

Besides, the toilet should be eco-friendly and designed with easy and convenient functions. It will make your outdoor living experience better.

You have to consider several things before selecting a toilet. Unlike other small equipment, you cannot change it instantly.

In this writing, we present different categories of the best toilets for off-grid living. Besides, we discuss significant points that will enable you to choose the right toilet. Let’s explore. 

6 Best Toilet For Off-Grid Living

6 Best Toilet For Off-Grid Living

We include the best 6 off-grid toilets based on quality, comfort, and ease of use. Our goal is to provide you with the most convenient toilets for remote areas. 

We consider several issues to ensure healthy waste management. Besides, we try to include models that are suitable for rural areas. 

Regular Toilet For Off-Grid

Modern construction and manufacturing technology are a blessing for us. We can use a toilet off-grid without having trouble.

A regular toilet is the most common toilet that we use at our home. You can simply install it in your off-grid home or caravan. 

If you have a good power system, you can install a regular toilet anywhere. Solar and wind power is the best solution for it. The energy will work to pump the waste into the septic tanks. 

You need a stable water source to use a regular toilet off-grid. 

The installation process is easy and convenient. You have to select the right place and build a shape with regular toilet building materials. The room might be constructed with PVC or aluminum material. 

Besides, the toilet will be connected to the septic for secure storage. It is eco-friendly, and you can remove the tank when it is filled. 

Furthermore, a regular toilet will cost you around $500 to $800. It depends on the location and capacity of the toilet. 

How To Regular Toilet Work/Use

A regular toilet works in the same process as a home toilet. It has two separate parts, including the commode and septic tank.

The commode is connected to the septic tank, and you will use water to dump the waste into the tank. 

The tank might be removable for temporary living and constructed underground for permanent off-grid houses. Water is a must-have item for this function. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Regular Toilet

A regular toilet is cost-effective, and you can use it forever with an unlimited number of users.

Besides, this toilet is permitted in most local areas, and you won’t get objections from the local citizens. 

Cold weather might affect the drainage system of the toilet. It is better to use a removable hose while installing a regular toilet. 

Off-Grid Composting Toilet

Off-Grid Composting Toilet

Off-grid composting toilets are the best solution for off-grid areas where you don’t have a stable water resource. It is popular among off-grid people because you can use it without water.

A composting toilet comes with the ultimate recycling system, and you can turn the waste into compost for your garden.

This is an eco-friendly solution and perfect for off-grid. You will get compost for farming and gardening free of cost.

Installing a composting toilet is easy, and it is suitable for anywhere. You can install it without modern plumbing and tools. 

First, you have to select a suitable flat surface and mount the brackets on it. Then you have to position small ventilation beyond the brackets. 

There are lots of designs and models in the market. The average installation cost of a composting toilet is around $1,400. It might vary based on your location.

Furthermore, composting toilets don’t require regular maintenance. The waste naturally decomposed in the tank.

The tank absorbs odors and provides solid waste output. The output compost doesn’t have any smell, and you can directly use it for farming. So, you don’t need to clean the tank in frequently. 

How To Composting Toilet Work/Use

We mentioned in the above section that a composting toilet functions without water. 

The toilet directly stores the waste in a tank. This tank is made with dry carbon material. With the help of the dry carbon material, the tank converts waste into solid compost. 

Here are some excellent composting toilets for off-grid living. 

The Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is ideal for permanent and temporary living. 

On the contrary, the Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC toilet is designed for permanent off-grid houses. 

The Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle is well known for its easy installation and user experience.

Pros And Cons Of Using Composting Toilet

A composting toilet is useful for hilly and dry areas. You can use it without water. Similarly, the toilet is easy to install and set up. 

There is no vital issue with this toilet. But you need a reliable waste usage and management system for the compost.

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Propane Or Electric Incinerator Toilet

Propane or incinerator toilets are the latest inventions of waste management. The toilet burns human waste with heat. Besides, it doesn’t require water, plumbing, or digging.

You need electricity or propane to run an incinerator toilet. If you have solar power, this type of toilet will be the best choice for you. For the propane model, you need an additional gas tank. 

The installation process is easy, and you can instantly use this toilet anywhere. If the place doesn’t have solar/wind energy resources, you can directly use propane gas.

This toilet is suitable for permanent and temporary living places. You can set up an incinerator toilet with a pre-installed plumbing frame. Some models are suitable for caravan and mobile houses. 

A quality incinerator toilet costs around $1,500 to $1,800. It depends on your location and waste burning capability. 

How To Electric Incinerator Toilet Work/Use

An incinerator toilet works scientifically with the heating process. The waste goes through high heat and burns away. 

The waste drops into the container under the commode via a waste plus paper. When you press the flush button, the toilet automatically incinerates waste. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Electric Incinerator Toilet

An electric incinerator toilet saves time and space. You will get an odorless toilet without a waste management system. Besides, the installation process is easy, and you can install it without plumbing.  

However, it has some drawbacks. You have to spend more than a regular toilet. Without electricity, you can’t use an incinerator toilet. 

Off-Grid Outhouses Toilet

Off-Grid Outhouses Toilet

An outhouse toilet is a big hole in the ground along with a seating position. The hole can contain a large amount of waste, and it is the best option for temporary off-grid living.

You can establish an outhouse toilet for camping in remote areas.  

The unique advantage of this toilet is that you don’t need a waste tank or buckets. Waste will automatically be disposed of in the ground. 

You can instantly use this toilet anywhere by digging a hole. It saves your time and money. 

You will find mobile outhouse toilets that are more convenient to use and set up. You can shift the toilet just simply to close the hole. 

You can use the waste as compost, and it will help you to get free fertilizer for the garden and crops. 

Furthermore, an outhouse toilet is more affordable than any other option. You can establish a high-quality outhouse toilet for $50-$10.

How To Outhouses Toilet Work/Use

The function of this toilet is very simple. You have to dig a hole in the ground and establish a commode on it. You can add a flush and water supply to an outhouse toilet like a regular toilet. 

The waste will directly drop into the hole. You have to clean the whole thing when it is almost full. You don’t need electricity to use this toilet. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Outhouses Toilet

An outhouse toilet comes with several advantages. You can establish the toilet instantly, and it will save your time and money. Besides, the waste can be used as compost for farming. 

The toilet is not suitable for the rainy season. The hole might be filled instantly with rainwater and spread odors. 

Off-Grid Bucket Toilet

Off-Grid Bucket Toilet

An off-grid bucket toilet is the simplest version of a toilet for outdoor use. The concept is simple and concise. You will use a bucket with a lid as a toilet. 

This toilet system will be the best solution for short time campers. 

You don’t need anything except a bucket to install and use this toilet. A bucket toilet is not an ideal solution for an outdoor toilet. But you can use it for an emergency.

Besides, the waste management system is not ideal in this process. You have to clean it every time. If you delay cleaning, you will get an intolerable odor from the waste.

A bucket toilet is the best solution for a single person and remote area-based camping. It is not a community-based toilet.

You have to spend around $30 to $40 for a quality bucket toilet. Make sure that the bucket is suitable for your weight. 

How To Bucket Toilet Work/Use

The bucket toilet works in two distinct ways based on waste disposal. First, you can use the bucket to store urine and feces. 

You have to dispose of the waste in the disposal unit after two or three days. The second option is slightly different. 

You will use a separate container to store urine and feces. Next, you have to clean the bucket and store the waste in the disposal unit. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Bucket Toilet

The off-grid bucket toilet is cost-effective and easy to carry. You can use it anywhere under the sun. 

On the contrary, it is not suitable for a large group or family camping. You have to carry the waste frequently. 

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Off Grid Portable Toilet

If you are not comfortable with bucket toilets and still want an easy and convenient toilet for off-grid, then an off-grid mobile toilet is an ideal option for you. 

Off-grid mobile toilets come with a portable design, and you can easily carry the toilet anywhere. 

The toilet has a pump and flush system with a bowl to give you a healthy solution outdoors. 

Besides, the installation process is simple, and you can simply put it in the back of your camping tent. 

Portable toilets contain a waste tank, and you have to clean it after two or three days. 

You have to spend around $70 to $300 for an off-grid portable toilet.

How To Portable Toilet Work/Use

A portable toilet is just an updated version of the bucket system. It has a pan and waste container. The waste is directly put in the container and can use the flush for cleaning. 

After several uses, you have to empty the container in a waste disposal unit. You can use it in RV, campsite, and tent. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Portable Toilet

You will get several benefits from an off-grid portable toilet. It doesn’t require installation cost, and you can use it instantly.

The price is affordable, and it will be a great solution for short camping and hiking.

On the contrary, a portable toilet is not suitable for permanent off-grid living. You have to find a waste disposal unit when it will be loaded with waste. 

6 Important Things To Choose Off-Grid Toilets

You can choose the best off-grid toilet if you follow some significant steps. We include six important things that will allow you to select the most effective and suitable off-grid toilets. 

Legal In Our Area

You can set up a toilet without the permission of the local authority. You need to proceed legally. It depends on whether you are living temporarily or permanently off-grid. 

If you have an eco-friendly toilet, you can get permission from the authorities. There are some areas where mobile toilet setup is prohibited, 

Capabilities And Setup Costs

It is the most important factor when you are selecting a toilet for off-grid living. You have to compare the setup costs and capabilities of the toilet. 

A small toilet cannot be suitable for a large family or group of people. You have to ensure that your toilet will remain healthy after using certain persons.

What You’re Ready To Do And How Often

You have to decide how effective your toilet is. It depends on the ease of use, easy access, and convenient setup. Besides, it is important to consider how often you will use the toilet. 

Waste Disposal Of Your Toilet Waste

Waste disposal and management is the first thing that you have to consider. A good toilet comes with the best disposal system with an eco-friendly function.

You can compare several models to ensure that the toilet is safe for the location. 

Maintenance Requirements

You will live off-grid, and there are other tasks to do. So, it is better to select a toilet with less maintenance and a long lifespan. You will get long-term service from a durable and heavy-duty toilet.


You cannot use all toilets in a location. It is important to consider the location and weather before selecting a model. 

You should select the most compatible model that will give you a convenient user experience. For example, you cannot use a modern toilet in a forest. 

Wrapping Up

Finally, it can be said that off-grid living is a challenge, and you can make it convenient with the best toilet. This item will enable you to get a perfect sewerage solution off-grid.

You can grab a suitable toilet for off-grid living based on your location and needs. A high-quality toilet comes with a perfect waste management system and enables you to feel odor-free.

It is recommended to compare the features, materials, and capacity with the price. Don’t go for an expensive one. 

A wrong toilet might spoil your off-grid living experience and pollute the environment. For technical models, make sure that they are functioning and ready to use.

Stay with us for the latest update about off-grid living. Our goal is to provide a complete solution for off-grid life.