14 Best Dog Breeds For Off Grid Living

The off-grid life will give you holistic views of life and nature. You will explore the surroundings with raw nature.

On the contrary, dogs are considered one of the best friendly animals for off-grid living. 

The best dog breeds for off-grid living will allow you to find the most suitable one for everyday life. You can start with the right breed and expand your off-grid dog nurture activities. 

All breeds are not suitable for a particular area. So, you have to understand several things while selecting a breed for off-grid living. 

Besides, you have to consider the habit and protective nature of the dog breed. 

In this writing, we present the best dog breeds for off-grid living. Similarly, we will discuss the necessity of dogs and help you to select the right dog breed. Let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need A Dog For Off-grid Living?

Why Do You Need A Dog For Off-grid Living?

A dog is the friendliest animal that will give you company in different conditions. Having a dog will allow you to get several benefits off-grid. 

You will feel less alone in a remote place, and it keeps your heart well. Besides, a dog has the extreme capability to escape the crisis. 

A good dog breed has some instinctual behavior that will help you a lot in an off-grid location. 

This social animal will play with you and maintain a social connection at your home. You can go for a morning trip with your dog and ask to do several movements at home. 

So, you will have a social, friendly, and protective animal when you get a dog as a pet. 

How To Choose the Right Dog Breed for Off-Grid Living?

How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Off Grid Living

Selecting a dog breed is a challenge for off-grid living. You can not choose a breed without analyzing several issues. 

Our goal is to provide you with the right information for selecting the right dog breed. 

We consider several issues and make a shortlist for you. It will enable you to search for the best dog breed confidently. 

So, you must consider these three issues. Let’s explore.

Determine The Purpose

First, you have to determine the purpose of using a dog. You can use it for hunting or protecting livestock against wild animals.

Besides, some breeds will alert you of unwanted guests. Furthermore, you can take a dog just to become your companion. 

Your Environment Suitable For The Dog Breed

You have to select breeds that are suitable for your surroundings and environment. You have to understand the surroundings and weather before selecting a breed. 

The geographic location is a significant factor that will allow you to find the best dog breed for off-grid living. Your location will decide which breed is most suitable for you. 

Besides, it is important to consider other available animals around your home. 

Your Favorite

The dog will be your companion. You should prioritize your choice and select your favorite breed.

It is better to search on the internet or experience the dig practically before choosing a particular breed.

Best Dog Breeds Review

Here we review the best 14 dog breeds for off-grid living. We include these good breeds that are suitable for rural areas.

Similarly, we try to ensure breeds with the best behavior. Our goal is to provide you with a convenient experience regarding dog breed. Let’s explore. 

BreedsSize AppearanceLifespanCost
Border CollieWeight: 20 kgHeight: 22 inches Wolf like body and head shape with coat 12 years +$1,300 to $4,500
Australian Shepherd Weight: 27 kgHeight: 18 to 21 inchesDouble coat with long and silky body 12 to 15 years $650 to $850
German ShepherdWeight: 30 to 40 kgHeight: 22 to 25 inchesStraight outer coat with black color 10 to 13 years $500-$1,500
BeagleWeight: 16 to 20 kgHeight: 15 to 20 inches The skull is slightly domed. 12 to 15 years $500 -$2000
WeimaranerWeight: 25 to 40 kgHeight: 23 to 27 inchesGray coat and white marking on the chest 11-14 years$700-$1000
Bouvier des FlandresWeight: 43 kgHeight: 27 inchesTriangular ears and docked trail. 10-12 years$1500-$2000
MuttsWeight: 10 to 25 kgHeight: 12 to 22 inches Depends on the mixed breeds10-13 years $600
Labrador RetrieverWeight:  Upto 36 kgHeight: 22 to 24 inchesSturdy legs, strong body, and board head 10-12 years$800-$1200
Jack Russell TerrierWeight: 8 to 10 kgHeight: 15 to 17 inchDark brown eyes and fold ears13 -16 years $800-$2500
Great DaneWeight: 50 to 72 kgHeight: 32 inchesShort coat, long ears, and straight legs 8-10 years $600-$1300
Bernese Mountain DogWeight:  35 to 55 kgHeight: 25 to 28 inchesTwo layers of fur and wool like texture6-8 years $800-$2000 
Siberian HuskiesWeight: 26 to 30 kgHeight: 20 to 23 inchesDouble coated with smooth hair 12-15 years $600-$1200
BullmastiffWeight: 45 to 54 kgHeight: 25 to 27 inchesSquare muzzle and broad head8-10 years $1000-$2200
CoonhoundWeight:  25 to 36 kgHeight: 26 inchesIt comes with black coat and pumpkin seeds like eyes12 years $5000-$8000
Comparison of Best Dog Breeds

Border Collie

Border Collie

First, we have the Border Collie that is an amazing dog. You can own it without too much time, energy, and special care.

This energetic breed is perfect for a whole day’s company. It has a protective nature, and it is perfect for agility training.

You will get a stable performance from this dog in off-grid living. It will make you happy and get compatible with the surroundings.

They can tolerate cold weather but cannot live outside in it. So, they need you to take care of them and provide shelter.

You will like the famous eyes and fast movement of this dog. You can carry it easily in any place because the size is medium.

The muscular look and sophisticated body will give you a standard pet experience. 

Border Collie might be aggressive to strangers. You need special care to behave with an unknown person. It will help you to keep the dog calm in every situation. 


Next, we include Beagle in this list. This dog breed comes with chasing nature and can be a protector against rabbits, raccoons, and other insects and animals.

It will be the best decision to choose this breed for off-grid living. 

You will get an active partner in a remote place and can enhance the protection of your living area. If you can arrange a few Beagles together, you will get the best output.

This hunting dog has a happy and funny behavior that you will get from its expression. Besides, it is easy to maintain, and you will get a reliable company even in a remote place. 

Furthermore, the pleasing colors of this dog breed will attract you undoubtedly. The lemon, red, and white colors are the most famous, and you will love them. 

It can be easily found, and you have to spend $500-$2,000 for a puppy. 



Weimaraner is a family dog that has an excellent bird hunting capability. This breed is gentle and can survive in all weather conditions.

You will like this German dog breed for several reasons. The attractive color with a spot on the body makes it highly appealing as a pet. 

Besides, the friendly nature makes it the best companion with other pets, including a cat. 

The shoulder of this dog is around 27 inches. Furthermore, the blue-gray eyes and solid color come with a unique combination. 

So, you will have a pet with balanced activity and beauty. The easy grooming and lovely nature will allow you to take the dog with you for a long time. 

You should keep this dog physically active and ensure mental engagement. It will give you the best pet experience. You will get it for $700- $1000

Australian Shepherd

Now, we include Australian Shepherd in this list. This dog breed is ideal for off-grid living, and you can easily train them for different activities. The breed is related to cowboy life.

The most interesting thing is that the Australian Shepherd has an irresistible appeal to other dogs, birds, and kids. 

You have to train it properly and give a flexible space for different activities. It will reduce the attacking behavior.

It comes with medium size, a clean body, and attractive eyes. You can handle it confidently in all movements.

However, this breed will be your perfect companion for sport, daily activity, security, and outdoor exploration. 

You should remember one thing that you cannot keep this dog with your kids before providing proper training. It might destroy your plan in off-grid living. This breed will cost you around $650-$850. 

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres

Next, we have a dog breed that is ideal for off-grid farmers. The Bouvier des Flandres is called a farm dog, and it can work hard.

This intelligent dog breed will provide you with an ideal experience for different services. 

You can call it a guard dog, and the dog will assist you in enhancing house security. You will get a wise solution for surveillance and watching in off-grid areas. 

It comes with mixed experiences, including obedience, agility, and family companions.

The body structure is ideal for surviving in farm areas, and the skin is like a waterproof coat. It can perform in the rain for a long time.

The most positive behavior of this dog breed is its friendliness. It is affectionate and playful with all humans. It can be your best companion and family member. You can easily find the dog for $1,500-$2,000. 


Mutt is a mixed breed. It means you will find this dog in all shapes, sizes, and patterns.

You can identify Mutts with their stubby tail and giant spot over the left eye.  The breed will increase the possibility of dog breeding. 

You can’t say Mutt is a watching or guard dog. But, it will make your home secure if proper training is provided. The process depends on how you will treat the dog.

You will get a reliable and active dog for off-grid life. They have calm behavior and will follow your command and order. It will help you a lot in a remote place. 

So, select your favorite size, shape, and color and get a trustworthy partner in off-grid living. Mutts’ price depends on the price of the combined breeds. You can get it for $600. 

Labrador Retriever

If you are looking for a dog breed for a friendly companion with useful nature, the Labrador Retriever will be your best partner in off-grid life. 

It has a historical reputation as a fishermen’s helper. You can use this British dog breed for hauling nets, fetching ropes, and retrieving fish from the chilly. 

Nowadays, Labrador Retrievers are considered hard-working and America’s most popular dog.

In general, this dog breed is used for different purposes. It is ideal for rescue operations, hunting, assisting, and searching.

The body structure of this dog is attractive. The wide head, glimmer eyes, and soft neck make it a perfect companion for adults and kids.

You have to ensure a proper environment to keep this dog active. It requires special physical exercise and activities.

The most common are swimming and running. So, you will have a reliable and active dog breed off-grid if you choose the Labrador Retriever.  The price is perfect, and you will get it for $800-$1,200. 

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is suitable for all purposes. It fits every situation excellently and supports you in different locations. The breed is intelligent with a muscular and large body.

The character of this dog is versatile, and you will have a loyal, confident, courageous, and steady dog in an off-grid area.

It can be said that German Shepherd will delight your off-grid pet experience.

The body outline of this dog is muscular. It has smooth skin and curved angles on the neck. 

You will find several reasons for having a German Shepherd in off-grid. Loyalty, courage, and confidence are the most significant characteristics of this dog breed.

It will follow your command confidently and provide a faster response. Besides, the breed has no problem with other dogs and pets. You can keep it to maintain a good pet living in a remote place.

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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier is a clever, lively, and independent dog breed. With a charming and affectionate nature, the dog can survive all weather conditions.

If you like a sporty dog, it will be your best companion. It can work continuously and move forward faster compared to other breeds.

This small, adorable, and compact size dog will be the best pet at your off-grid house. If you live alone in an off-grid house, this dog can be used as a guard.

To keep this dog active, you have to make a plan for plenty of exercise and outdoor performance. After the beginning stage, you can handle it easily and use it for different purposes. 

So, take this effortless dog breed to expand your pet experience off-grid. 

Great Dane

The Great Dane is named after its behavior and size. It is a great breed with 32 inches in height and 70kg weight. The dog has a mixed color with black spots on white. 

This pure dog breed is ideal for security, shelters, and rescue operations. You can select this dog for off-grid living to get an excellent company.

It is friendly and has a positive attitude towards other animals.

In some places, it is known as Apollo of Dogs. You will like its giant size and muscular attitude. 

Besides, it has enough strength to perform in difficult situations. You will find a perfect balance of size and power.

With the smooth and perfect skin tone, you can enjoy indoors and outdoors with this dog. 

So, it is a mixture of true courage and power. You have to spend around $600-$1,300 for this German breed. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is an ideal breed for the powerful and hard working. The dog has a unique nature, and you will get affectionate behavior from it. 

In general, it has an agile attitude towards strangers but perfectly merges with the owner.

The size is large and comes with a 27 inches long shoulder. Besides, the skin is black with a silky and thick coat. You will like the white spot under the neck. 

You will find a distinctive mark on the eyes with an intelligent sign. 

Bernese Mountain will help you with multiple tasks, and it can survive in cold weather. The breed can perfectly live in a family with senior citizens and kids.

You will get extra support in off-grid living if you choose this dog breed. The price of this breed is around $800-$2,000. 

Siberian Huskies

If you are looking for a medium-sized dog, it will be your best partner in off-grid living. The breed is known for its great endurance, dignity, and friendliness. 

It can survive in cold weather, including snow and rain. The dog is clean and easy to maintain. You don’t need special care or tools for it. 

Besides, the brown eyes with a smooth body convey the graceful attitude of this dog. You can take it in off-grid living for a powerful and effortless attitude.

Furthermore, this breed is friendly with humans and other dogs. So, you will have a simple and elegant family dog. The friendliness of this dog will make your kids happy.

You will like the fast-running speed and loads chasing power of this dog. You will have a friendly and powerful pet when living off-grid. You can get this breed easily and the price starts from $600. 


Now, we have a muscular dog that is fearless and harmless at home. The Bullmastiff is powerful and ready to help you in off-grid living. 

It has a large shape with a heavy weight. In general, an adult Bullmastiff weighed between 100 to 130 pounds. 

Besides, it will make a great impression on humans and other animals with V-shaped ears and dark eyes. 

Furthermore, the dog will make you happy with different activities. You can use it for playing and walking alone in the morning.

Though it has a large shape and size, you can easily control it in every situation. Proper training and socialization will make this breed ideal for family and off-grid living. 

The dog will help you with different tasks. It can be used for security, rescue, and outdoor activities. The bullmastiff price starts from $1,000.


Finally, we have the Coonhound that is a sleek and racy dog. If you are looking for a sporty dog with great performance, it will be the best companion in off-grid living. 

The dog is ready to give you company in different sports activities. You can start your exercise and morning walk off-grid with this dog. 

This medium size dog comes with a muscular look and gentle behavior. You will get a sweet temperament and gentle behavior from this dog. 

Besides, the dog has an attractive color and a beautiful outlook. It is naturally clean and comes with a smooth body. 

The dog needs special training and socialization to make them physically and mentally stable. So, you will get a gentle and active dog in off-grid areas.

This is an expensive breed, and you have to pay $5,000-$8,000 for this breed. 

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Personality Thinking

I had a dog when I was 10 years old. He has been with me for 11 years. Up to now, he still has great memories in my mind. I have never known such an intelligent and loyal dog.

Luckily, I still have a few pictures of him. You know, if your family has kids. Get a dog. That can create wonderful meanings in life beyond your imagination.

Best Dog Breeds for Off-grid Living FAQs

What is the most laid-back dog breed?

Bulldog is the most laid-back dog breed. You will get a calm and cute dog for off-grid living. It will allow you to enjoy the family pet experience.

What is a good farm dog?

Bouvier des Flandres is a good farm dog. This hard-working dog can be used for surveillance and family purposes. You will like the affectionate and playful nature of this breed.

What is the best guard dog for country living?

Australian Shepherd is the best guard dog for off-grid living. You can use this pet for surveillance and maintaining tight security. The dog will protect strangers and other animals in your area. 

What is the best dog for smallholding?

Border Collie is the best dog for smallholding. It will give you a unique experience when living in a small shelter outdoors. The dog has extreme capabilities to survive in difficult situations. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it can be said that a dog will give you the best company in off-grid living. You have to select the best dog by considering several features and issues. 

You can select a breed based on your choice, location, and wish. Besides, it is also important to consider the characteristics and behavior of a dog before finalizing your decision.

The size is also an important issue when it comes to off-grid dog breed selection. It is better to select a large and medium-sized dog to get a muscular attitude. 

Furthermore, you need an active and gentle dog that will take care of your different tasks in a remote area. 

If you want to know more about keeping pets when off-grid, click here.