10 Best RV For Off Grid Living

RVs allow people to adventure in unforgettable areas of the world safely and comfortably. For its mobility and self-contained nature, you can expand your traveling experience even in extreme surroundings.

The special design of an RV will help you to make a plan out of the busy world. RV trailers are best for off-grid life excursions, and you can use them with your pre-owned truck or SUV.

These next-level outdoor adventure vehicles are suitable for camping and wilderness areas. You will get the real experience of off-grid life.

In this writing, we reveal the best RV for off-grid living that will enhance your travel experience. 

This post also presents a complete buyer’s guide that will enable you to select the best RV for your next vacation.

Benefits Of RV For Off-Grid Living

The Benefits Of RV For Off-Grid Living

An RV will enable you to explore the outdoors with the best features. You will get the biggest benefits for living off-grid when traveling in adventurous areas. 

Most importantly, you will always get home, no matter where you are.

An RV will offer you a shower with hot and cold water, a comfortable bed for living, and an uninterrupted power source even in a remote area. 

Forget the tension of food because you will have a well-organized kitchen area in the RV. You can store plenty of drinking water for a long traveling period.

Thanks to its entertainment and communication devices that enable you to communicate and enjoy your favorite shows while traveling.

You can install anything according to your priority to include all the options that you need outdoors. 

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good RV For Your Off The Grid Life

What To Look For In A Good RV For Your Off The Grid Life

A buyer’s guide will help you to compare and select the best device with exclusive key features. It also enables you to find the most suitable device or product for you. 

You can compare your needs and specifications of the RV with the value of the money. Here we found the best key features of a good RV for off-grid life. 

Off-Road Capabilities Of RV

Most of the time, you will travel in the path of nature, including hilly and rocky areas. Besides, you have to pass the rural roads to reach your destination and explore nature. 

Considering these issues, you have to select an RV that can survive and run off-road without difficulties. It enables you to reach your destination easily. A good RV is always perfect for high-way and off-road. 

RV Size and Weight

The best RV always comes in a compact size, but it contains all the features. The weight depends on the capability and materials that you include in it. 

Don’t select a large size when you are traveling alone or with a single family. Make sure that you have control of the vehicle whether you are traveling for long or short distances.

Clearance & Wheelbase Of RV

The design should have ample ground clearance and a durable wheelbase for off-roading. Hilly and muddy areas need more ground clearance to move smoothly. 

Besides, a standard height will keep you safe during the night from wild animals or snakes when sleeping in a remote place. 

Tank Capacities Of RV

Getting freshwater for showers and the kitchen is important when living in an RV. Consider the tank capacity and ensure that it can hold enough water for everyday use. You have to ensure drinking water too. 

Fresh Water

You will drink and use fresh water for cooking. So, you can ask for a separate tank when considering water storage. A good RV always contains a large tank for freshwater. 

Waste Water

The wastewater tank is mandatory because you don’t want to pollute the area where you will live for a few hours or days. Make sure that the RV has a standard wastewater management system. 

Slide Outs

RV slide-outs enable you to live comfortably with much more room in the vehicle. A high-quality RV contains sliding doors and furniture with an expandable design. You have to consider it when selecting your RV.

Good Facility

Make sure that your RV contains all the good facilities for living. You can not stay long without a comfortable living area. After exploring the outdoors, it will give you perfect relaxation. 


Bathrooms are the top priority when considering a good living facility. A fresh shower or clean commode keeps you fresh and relaxed. So, choose the best design with exclusive facilities. 


A stable power source will help you to run all your devices and get light at night. You can install solar systems or vehicle power systems with powerful batteries. You can not utilize anything without uninterrupted power.

Off Grid Emergency Power Supply for RV Camping Travel Outdoor Backup

PAXCESS RM120 120 W 18 V Portable Solar Panel with USB Output for Camping
  • Perfect for outdoor camping and off-the-grid phone charging, the portable solar panel lets you gain electricity anywhere
  • Cleanly produces 120 watts of power at 18 volts, converting 23 percent of sunlight to safe energy ready for you to use
  • Equipped with USB QC 3.0 and Type C outputs for fast charging; Folds to a compact size for easy travelling


It is the area that will eliminate your hinges. Make sure that you have all the appliances in your kitchen and a good refrigerator for storing food.

Sleeping Area

No matter what facilities your RV has, without a luxurious and comfortable sleeping area, it is impossible to spend time outdoors. Decorate it with all the possible devices and add your favorite color. 

Seating and Dining Area

You will explore the outdoors with friends and family. A comfortable seating area is perfect for family gossiping and planning for the next outings. 

Similarly, a well organized dining area that helps you to maintain hygiene while taking food.

RV Security

You need the best security option when living in a remote area. Wild animals might attack your vehicle and bad weather can affect security. 

So, you have to ensure that the doors and slides are durable and secure enough. Fire protection and security are also important for RV. 

RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle w/ Integrated Keypad & Fob

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Basement Storage

Basement storage is used for large devices and additional equipment that you can use for an emergency.

It also allows you to get some special things from the tourist spots. So, consider the capacity of the basement storage when selecting an RV.

RV For Off-Grid Living & Their Reviews

RV For Off-Grid Living & Their Reviews

Here, we present the best ten RVs that come with attractive design, effective features,  and convenient user experience. 

We include these RVs because of their high-quality material and unique specifications. We also consider expert opinions and real users’ feedback. Our goal is to provide you with the best products. 

RV Size (Length and Height) RV WeightCost
2020 Newell Coach P5045 Feet x 13 Feet63,300 Pounds$2 Million 
XV-HD by EarthRoamer35 Feet x 8 Feet37,000 Pounds $1,700,000
Winnebago 30R Intent31 Feet x 12 Feet18,000 Pounds$122,619
Comparison of the Best RV for Off Grid Living

Thor Quantum LF31

First, we have a full wall slide motorhome that is perfect for a large family and friend group. It is designed with extra comfort, convenient user options, and high standard safety. 

Thor Quantum LF31


  • GVWR: 14,500 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 8,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 32′-8″
  • Exterior Height: 11′-2″
  • Fresh Water Tank: 40 Gallons 
  • Black Tank: 28 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 28 Gallons 
  • Cost: $160,383

This is an excellent RV for your outdoor adventure. The vehicle is very professional, and you will get a pleasant experience when traveling. 

The spacious rear private bedroom and large TV unit offer full entertainment and a home experience. 

It has two bedrooms and the bathroom has two entry gates for easy access. 

The quantum kitchen of this family RV enables you to cook your favorite foods. Besides, a large family-size fridge will keep your food safe for a long time.

It will provide extreme support in off-road conditions with the Ford E-Series chassis.

The full wall slide system of this RV provides larger slide options. Comparing all the features and specifications, it is an ideal RV for off-grid living. 

Thor Quantum LF31 Pros and Cons

– Spacious Living and Dining Area 
– Durable
– Attractive Outdoor design 
More Fuel Consumption for Large Capacity 
Thor Quantum LF31 Pros and Cons

2020 Newell Coach P50

Next, we have the Newell Coach P50 with the highest loading capacity and luxury design. Keyless entry and roof-mounted air conditioning systems will expand your off-grid living experience. 

2020 Newell Coach P50


  • GVWR: 63,300 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 4,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length:45 Feet
  • Exterior Height: 13 Feet 3 Inches
  • Fresh Water Tank: 143 Gallons (Standard)
  • Black and Gray Combined Tank: 184 Gallons (Optional)
  • Cost: $2 Million

If you are planning to live off-grid with a luxurious coach with all the modern amenities, this is an ideal RV for you. 

You can order this vehicle with a fully customized interior and exterior layout. The builder will give you a body style that is the mother of comfort. 

It has some stunning features like keyless entry, a full kitchenette with dual inductions, a refrigerator, coffee tables, TVs, air conditioning, and a full bathroom system. 

The vehicle has the standard chassis and super suspension system for the best off-road experience. It will reduce flex and give you a smooth and stable journey. 

With electronic controls, you can easily use all the devices and setups. The vehicle has a 20-kilowatt generator that will provide uninterrupted power. 

Besides, a roof-mounted air conditioning system and luxurious furniture will welcome you to a home of comfort. 

Enjoy the serenity of nature from this RV in hot and cold weather. 

2020 Newell Coach P50 Pros and Cons

– Aristocratic and Luxurious
– Premium Quality Design 
– High-Quality Safety and Security 
– Expensive 
2020 Newell Coach P50 Pros and Cons

Winnebago 30R Intent 

The Winnebago Intent 30R is a special travel home for luxurious travel, and it will help you to escape from regular life and connect to nature. It is designed to extend your off-grid periods with all camping necessities.

Winnebago Intent 30R


  • GVWR: 18,000 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 5,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 31 Feet
  • Exterior Height: 12 Feet 1 Inch
  • Fresh Water Tank: 48 Gallons
  • Black Tank: 35 Gallons
  • Gray Tank: 40 Gallons 
  • Cost: $122,619

You will first find a design that is perfect for adventure and off-road traveling. This off-grid RV will reveal the paths that you had never explored.

With a 31-foot exterior length and 12-foot height, you can travel more and live far away from the busy life. 

The manufacturer includes all the facilities and travel necessities in this RV. You will explore the outdoors comfortably and feel that spending time at home. 

It has sliding bed options and modern living areas that are suitable for children and senior citizens. 

This off-grid RV has a large 48-gallon water tank capacity. You will always have fresh water.

The exterior is outfitted with a rack system. It includes a storage box, off-road tire, and axle lift. Like other RVs, it has its own safety gears, including a fire extinguisher and ground fault interrupter. 

Winnebago 30R Intent Pros and Cons

– Small and Compact Design 
– Suitable for Hot and Cold Weather
– Super Comfortable Bedroom 
Limited Interior Space
Winnebago 30R Intent Pros and Cons

Winnebago Vista

Now, we have Winnebago Vista from the same manufacturer. If you are not comfortable with the previous one, this is the best option for all-season camping.

Winnebago Vista


  • GVWR: 22,000 Pouds
  • Hitch Weight:  5,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 35 Feet
  • Exterior Height: 12 Feet 4 Inches 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 74 Gallons
  • Black Tank: 41 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 57 Gallons
  • Cost: $156,786

This luxurious RV will give you the freedom of outdoor exploration. It will enable you to enjoy the remote places with the feel of a home. The system is designed to provide great visibility and comfort. 

It has a 35-foot exterior length that is perfect for camping and off-grid living. 

You will have an exclusive interior design furnished with necessary appliances and furniture. You will feel that it is your birthplace. 

Besides, the vehicle has a large water tank, and you can reserve up to 74 gallons of fresh water. The fresh black tank and gray tank are large enough to survive for a long time.

It has Ford F53 Chassis and a 7.3L PFI V8 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission. 

Similarly, the RV contains the best braking system for highway and off-road driving. Hydraulic brakes and ABS keep you safe in any place. 

Considering the features, road performance, and innovative style, the Vista is an ideal coach for off-grid living and travel. You will love the sliding side of this RV that will make it spacious. 

Winnebago Vista Pros and Cons

– Nice Coach for Family Travel
– Excellent Performance in all Weather Conditions 
– Best for Family and Long Term Off-Grid Living 
– No Issues Found 
Winnebago Vista Pros and Cons

Winnebago Ekko

The Winnebago Ekko is a class C coach camper van with combined efficiency and enhanced capability. This is entirely a new model of RV that is packed with outstanding features and a well-organized design. 

Winnebago Ekko


  • GVWR: 11,000 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight:   5,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 23 Feet 2 Inches
  • Exterior Height: 10 Feet 6 Inches 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 50 Gallons 
  • Black Tank: N/A
  • Gray Tank: 51 Gallons 
  • Cost: $163,662

When you are searching for a new path, Winnebago Ekko is ready to accompany you for off-grid living and outdoor adventures. This is a revolutionary motorhome with all the essential features and appliances. 

The body of this RV is designed for four-seasons camping and you can spend time outdoors as much as possible. 

It has a durable wall, a beautiful interior, and an exclusive entry door for comfort. You will feel secure anywhere under the sun with this RV. 

The vehicle is powered with a 320 amp per hour lithium-ion battery and two 170 watts solar panels. You can monitor the system via Bluetooth.

The Winnebago Ekko has a dry and interesting bathroom. You will get an Oxygenics showerhead for comfortable bathing. 

The bedroom area of Winnebago Ekko includes two beds and stairs between the beds.  The beds have a spring system with a soft, comfortable cushion for a perfect sleep. So, you will get an excited off-grid RV with all the elements. 

Winnebago Ekko Pros and Cons

– Self-Help Tool/Quality Service
– Incredible Performance 
Undefined Black Tank Capacity 
Winnebago Ekko Pros and Cons

Thor Chateau

The Thor Chateau comes with a space-efficient design and durable exterior for a smooth ride experience. It will enable you to set your camp and enjoy the day with a comfortable motorhome. 

Thor Chateau


  • GVWR: 18500 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight:   8,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 24 Feet 7 Inches
  • Exterior Height: 11 Feet 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 40 Gallons
  • Black Tank: 29 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 25 Gallons 
  • Cost: Starting $108,150

This is an excellent motorhome with modern amenities and layout. You will get plenty of storage and the design is perfect for residential purposes.

It is loaded with powerful automotive features. The Chevrolet and Ford chassis is great for off-roading. 

With the perfect floor plan on this chassis, you can enhance the performance and get ready for a drive.

The RV has a beautifully designed interior that has enough space and is suitable for four family members. 

You will love the design and get extreme comfort while sitting, sleeping, eating, and exploring. Most importantly, the jack-knife sofa will enhance your seating experience. 

Chateau Bath is equipped with all the modern features, and you will relax while using this space. 

Furthermore, the solar power system of this RV will give you full electricity access anywhere under the sun. 

Thor Chateau Pros and Cons

– Attractive Interior/Exterior
– Modern Amenities w/Convenient User Experience 
– Perfect for Small Families
– Management Can Be Stressful 
Thor Chateau Pros and Cons

Unity from Leisure Travel Vans

This RV from Leisure Travel Van comes with six innovative floor plans and twin beds. It is suitable with your lifestyle for traveling.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity


  • UVW: 9,895 Pounds
  • GVWR: 11030 Pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 5,000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 25 Feet 1 Inch 
  • Exterior Height: 10 Feet 6 Inches 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 25.6 Gallons
  • Black Tank: 30.6 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 35 Gallons
  • Cost: $138,460

When you are miles from ordinary life, an innovative luxury class RV will help you to enjoy the path and nature comfortably. This RV has endless possibilities and features. 

The compact design, easy driving, and flexible floor plan give you the freedom to explore.

It contains Mercedes sprinters and a handcrafted wood cabinet that is designed with a careful master plan.

The interior contains everything, and the furniture will impress you with its fine fabrics and high-quality finishing. 

It has a sliding bed that will enable you to sleep after a long journey. 

The entertainment unit, kitchen, and living area are the symbol of luxury. You will feel every moment like home in this RV. 

It will be your best outdoor partner with the best security.

Unity from Leisure Travel Vans Pros and Cons

Personalize Design Available
Best Size and Comfort 
No Issue Found 
Unity from Leisure Travel Vans Pros and Cons

Safari Extreme by Global Expedition Vehicles

If you are looking for something enormous, this truck is built after you. The luxurious interior, comfortable living, and huge load capacity make it the outdoor living beast. 

Safari Extreme by Global Expedition Vehicles


  • Exterior Length: 16 Feet
  • Exterior Height: 7 Feet 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 135 Gallons 
  • Black Tank: 30 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 28 Gallons 
  • Cost: $580,000

There are several reasons for choosing this vehicle, and you will have the most durable body for off-grid living. 

The length of this vehicle is more than 15 feet, and it has a kinetic mounting system with two structural ideal bearing options.

The premium windows are made with dual-paned glass that can protect against UV rays and insect attacks. 

Besides, it works better for noise cancellation systems. Like all the other features, you will get easy access to doors and storage compartments. 

The entry door can be controlled by electric power and it has an LED safety light.

The exterior structure of this RV truck is integrated with attractive body graphics. You can hold your bicycle and surfing boat in the back of this vehicle. 

The kitchen, dining, and bed area are designed with handcrafted wood. You will get premium living space with a fantastic finish. 

Furthermore, the washing area and bath have a large tank capacity containing a wet shower.

The entertainment unit and electrical functions are made of all the modern amenities. It will give you a convenient off-grid living experience. 

Safari Extreme by Global Expedition Vehicles Pros and Cons

– Heavy-Duty Design for all Weather
– Powerful Engine
Safari Extreme by Global Expedition Vehicles Pros and Cons

The Terracross TC59 by Unicat

If you are not satisfied with the previous RV truck, you can select this giant truck with a luxurious interior and powerful engine. It is ideal for travelers who want to adventure more in camping. 


  • GVWR: 14980 Pounds 
  • Hitch Weight: N/A
  • Exterior Length: 19 Feet 
  • Exterior Height: 8 Feet 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 158 Gallons 
  • Black Tank: 39 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 15 Gallons 
  • Cost: $600,000

Reveal this recreational vehicle that is fitted for all-weather and places. It will allow you to explore the outdoors with comfort. 

It is powered by a 5.6 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine and you will have a top speed of around 80 miles per hour. 

The inner beauty of this truck will attract you. It is suitable for seating up to four people. You can convert the cabin into a bed. 

Similarly, the large double bed facility offers more comfort while sleeping. 

The kitchen area is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven.

So, it will be your best outdoor RV for long adventures and off-roading.

The Terracross TC59 by Unicat Pros and Cons

– Large Interior
– Heavy-Duty Exterior
– Foldable Kitchen Appliances w/Easy Storage 
Trailer Does Not Separate From Truck
The Terracross TC59 by Unicat Pros and Cons

XV-HD by EarthRoamer

Finally, we have the EarthRoamer HD that is designed for people who love the high-quality design with more amenities. The craftsmanship and features of this vehicle are more than you think. 

XV-HD by EarthRoamer


  • GVWR: 37000 Pounds
  • Exterior Length: 35 Feet
  • Exterior Height: 8 Feet 5 Inches 
  • Fresh Water Tank: 250 Gallons
  • Black Tank: 125 Gallons 
  • Gray Tank: 125 Gallons 
  • Cost: $1,700,000

This spacious RV is loaded with a compact design and the latest technologies. It is the more efficient, self-sufficient, and durable vehicle that allows you to travel off-grid for a long time.

The EarthRoamer HD comes with a convenient water tank and fuel-efficient system. The appliances and devices are powered by high-efficient solar panels and batteries.

The exterior of this vehicle is up to the standard and suitable for all weather. You can travel to remote places, and it will protect you in summer and winter. 

The intelligently designed luxury interior gives you the feel of a home. 

The manufacturer is ready to build a customized interior with your floor plan. 

Besides, the vehicle is standing on Ford F-750 4WD Chassis. With the vacuum-infused carbon fiber body, it will perform non-stop for your relaxation. 

Enjoy the leading-edge technology, advanced system, and user-friendly interface when discovering nature. 

XV-HD by EarthRoamer Pros and Cons

– Next Level of Luxury Design
– Customized Floor Plan 
– High-Efficient Engine 
No Issue Found
XV-HD by EarthRoamer Pros and Cons

The Difference Between An RV, A Travel Trailer And Camper

Before you start buying an RV, you should know the different classifications and exact terminology. This helps you determine which classification is right for your purposes.

So what is an RV?

RV stands for “Recreational Vehicle”. It may include trailers, motorcycles and fifth-wheelers. They usually mean a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with some home comfort.

Simply put, it is a mobile home in itself. It has an engine available. You just drive it to where you want it to go.

What about “Travel trailer” and “camper”?

The terms “camper” and “travel trailer” generally refer to trailers that are towed by trucks or perched on the backs of trucks.

This means that they have to be pulled with pegs. You can often see them attached to some small vans, SUVs, or pickup trucks.

Camping trailers typically take up less space, but travel trailers provide more room for sleeping, storage, cooking, or other amenities.

Travel trailers insulate campers from the wilderness gives the user a feeling of complete comfort, while the camping trailer transports them into the wilderness, giving them a camping experience.

The Camper is capable of driving on rough terrain, withstanding the harsh elements and storing stuff in tight spaces.


Can You Fully Live Off the Grid in an RV?

Living off-grid doesn’t refer to you living in an RV permanently. You can spend a specific time of the year in an RV when traveling or exploring outdoors. It will never be your home and permanent residence.

How long can RV be off-grid?

A camping adventure will last at least two weeks. If you want to expand the duration, you can re-store food and essential materials to go again. 

How can I power my RV without electricity?

Solar systems and solar-powered generators are the best options to power your RV without electricity. 

Can I Drive a Motorhome with a Car License?

Yes, you can drive a motorhome with your regular license. But, if you are living in a country where a special license is required, you should apply for that. 


Finally, you got the reviews of the best RVs for off-grid life. Now, it’s up to you which one is suitable for you. Select an RV by comparing its features and your needs. 

If you are searching for the first time, it is difficult to select the best RV with the value of the money. In this situation, you can follow our suggestions. 

The 2020 Newell Coach P50 is an advanced coach with perfect outlooking and shape. You will get a luxury home with all the modern amenities. 

On the contrary, the XV-HD by EarthRoamer is perfect for people who love to explore more. It is designed for extreme adventure and traveling.