15 Best Countries For Off Grid Living In The World

Off-grid living is always interesting and full of adventure. People are living off-grid around the world to avoid the daily routine of busy urban life. 

Some of them start living permanently in a nice house. On the contrary, some explore the places with a van or RV.

Whatever the reason, it will give you the serenity of nature, and you will have more time instead of using your multiple devices.

Before going to start off-grid living, it is important to select the best place and prepare yourself for the off-grid living style. 

You should consider some significant factors, including climate, weather, taxes, living expenses, and the law of the area. 

In this writing, we present the fifteen best places for off grid living and highlight their facilities. Let’s explore. 

Why Do People Need Good Countries For Off-Grid Living?

Why Do People Need Good Countries For Off-Grid Living?

Off-grid living is possible in any place in the universe. But, when you take it for a lifestyle, you have to consider only the best places. 

There are several reasons for choosing a place for off-grid life. It is not simply traveling to a place that you can leave when facing problems. 

You have to adjust to the place and arrange all the living commodities for a complete lifestyle. If you select an inaccessible place, you can not enjoy the off-grid time. 

Before selecting any place, it is better to research living resources, including food, water, weather, and other materials. 

You need a good place to enjoy the time and select it consciously when planning for a complete off-grid life. Especially the rural community and weather. 

Reader’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Country For Off-Grid Living

What To Look For In A Good Country For Off-Grid Living

You might ask the question: what makes a good country for off-grid life? If you are concerned about this question, please read this section carefully. 

We present some features of a good off-grid country that you can consider while selecting a place. 

We think these features will guide you to explore the most adventurous places with all the facilities. 


The first thing is legality. You have to find out whether it is legal to live off-grid in the country or not. 

Don’t make a plan for places where you won’t get permission. Make sure that you are following all the rules and regulations. 

Similarly, ask the community whether they will accept you or not. 

Weather and Climate

Planning for off-grid life is not easy as you spend some time in a hotel like other tours. It is adventurous, and you have to consider the weather and climate. 

For example, if you are from a Non-European country, you can not live off-grid without warm weather. 

Besides, permanent off-grid living requires some gardening and cultivation that depends on the climate. 

Population Density and Crime Rate

You are planning for an off-grid life to deny the routine life and enjoy the blessings of nature. A crowd-free place is ideal for you. 

So, when selecting a place, you should consider the density and crime rate of the area. You can not live peacefully in a dangerous zone. 

Beautiful Landscapes

Nothing is more beautiful than an attractive landscape. In the morning, you will see the green outdoors and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. 

In general, hilly areas have beautiful landscapes, and you will also get some places for exploring during the day. 

15 Best Countries For Off Grid Living Reviews

Best CountriesBest PlacesHighlight
1.  ItalyTorri SuperioreLowest Population Density
2. South AfricaKhula DhammaTraditional Homes and Residence 
3. New ZealandRaoul IslandZero Crime 
4. BrazilFernando De NoronhaFresh Climate and Weather 
5. USAIdahoBeautiful Surroundings 
6. JapanKonohana FamilyEco-Friendly and Self-Sufficient 
7. WalesLammas EcovillageIdeal for Community Living 
8. British ColumbiaLasqueti IslandSelf-Sufficient Production 
9. PortugalThe AzoresCrowd-Free Place 
10. PolynesiaEaster IslandBest for Traditional Adventure
11. UKTristan Da CunhaPerfect for Travel Spots 
12. EnglandTinkers BubbleSurrounded with Forest and Garden 
13. CanadaFreedom CovePerfect for Seasonal Tour
14. Puerto RicoViequesQuiet and Calm Community 
15. AustraliaLord Howe Island/ Macquarie IslandLimited Residents 
16. VietnamLam DongRising Community
Best Countries For Off-Grid Living

Italy – Torri Superiore

First, we include the Torri Superiore, which is a small village in Italy. This eco-friendly village has a medieval lifestyle and around twenty residents. 

It is completely an off-grid village and everything runs in medieval style. Even the people don’t generate electricity.

This perfect off-grid destination is called a little jewel of architecture. You will get a perfect balance of community, lifestyle, and nature. 

Italy-Torri Superiore Pros and Cons


Lowest Population Density

Good Landscape and Views 


No Modern Facility is Accessible 

South Africa – Khula Dhamma

If you are looking for a traditional place for off-grid living, the Khula Dhamma is an ideal village. It has more possibilities for an off-grid lifestyle and living.

The huts are made with clay and straw in an excellent style. The residents of this village produce their food, power, and they have a solar system for water supply. 

Off-grid living is common here because a lot of people don’t have other options.

South Africa – Khula Dhamma Pros and Cons


Traditional Homes and Residence 

Best for Long Time Off-Grid 


Long-Distance from Europe and America 

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New Zealand – Raoul Island

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. When considering off-grid living, you can not ignore the beauty of Raoul Island that is located in New Zealand. 

This small island has small residents, and most of the people are living off-grid life. The beautiful scenery of this island offers you the best view of the earth.

Before making your plan, just keep in mind that living on the island is expensive. 

New Zealand – Raoul Island Pros and Cons


Beautiful View and Perfect Weather

Zero Crime 


A Little Expensive 

Brazil – Fernando De Noronha

Brazil is a place of colorful carnivals and stunning beaches. The natural beauty of this country will add something special to your off-grid living. 

Fernando De Noronha is a place that is different from other South African countries. While living in this place, you can explore ecological attractions, including dolphins, rays, sharks, and more.

You will enjoy the peaceful nature and fresh weather of this island. 

Brazil – Fernando De Noronha Pros and Cons


Excellent for Nature Lovers

The Fresh Climate of the Sea


You May Feel Insecure in Some Areas  

USA – Idaho

Idaho is an ideal place for off-grid living in the USA. It is in the northwestern part of the country and has a low population density. In this state, you can legally live off-grid and harvest rainwater. 

The crime rate is almost zero and you can select a place for permanent living. It has fertile land to grow crops and vegetables. 

You might face difficulty with the higher living cost and cold weather. Everything is fine and perfect if you can settle with these two things. 

USA- Idaho Pros and Cons


Nice Surroundings

Low Crime Rate 


Expensive Living and Cold Weather 

Japan – Konohana Family

If you are willing to live off-grid in the South Asian region, the Konohana Family is a perfect village for you. The residents of this village are self-sufficient and everybody is conscious about their duty in the community. 

You will find houses with unique designs in Japan. You can’t find this type of house anywhere in the world. 

The living cost in Japan is higher than in any South Asian country. So, take a look and revise your plan if you have a budget problem. 

Japan – Konohana Family Pros and Cons



Self-Sufficient Village 


Living Cost is Higher 

Wales – Lammas Ecovillage

Lammas Ecovillage is on the list of the best top ten villages in the UK. This eco-village is ideal for people who want to live off-grid with a community. 

The lifestyle of this village is centered around the community and you will get help from them. 

It has a motto of working together and making a sustainable culture. 

Wales – Lammas Ecovillage Pros and Cons


Ideal for Community Living

Sustainable Living Culture 


Village Crowd

British Columbia – Lasqueti Island

Now, we have another Island that is perfect for people who want to work on the land for themselves and live off-grid. 

Lasqueti Island is known for its fresh weather and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Most of the residents are highly educated, and you will enjoy your time on this Canadian Island. 

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British Columbia – Lasqueti Island Pros and Cons


Self-Sufficient Production

Solar Power Available 


Weather is Stable 

Portugal – The Azores

If you want to detach yourself from the busy life, the Azores are ready to welcome you in the middle of the Atlantic. 

It is a secret tourist spot and even most of the tourists don’t know about this place.

Far away from the cities, you will get perfect scenery for outdoor recreation. This place is suitable for sustainable living, and off-grid life will be fulfilled here.

Portugal – The Azores Pros and Cons


Crowd-Free Place

Beautiful Scenery 


Far Away from Civilization 

Polynesia – Easter Island

If you are not willing to build a physical home for off-grid life, Easter Island is perfect for a semi-off grid life. 

That means you will spend some time without using your technological devices.

You can explore the sunrise and sunset perfectly from this island. 

The ancient statues will welcome you to this island. 

Polynesia – Easter Island Pros and Cons


Best for Short Time Off-Grid Living

You Will Get Traditional Adventure 


Not Suitable for Complete Off-Grid Living 

UK – Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan Da Cunha is located in the UK, and this place has a limited number of residents. The interesting thing is that everybody lives off-grid here. 

Though the UK is not a perfect place for off-grid life, you can check this place for a short time adventure.

UK – Tristan Da Cunha Pros and Cons


Perfect for Off-Grid Traveling 


Weather is Not Suitable for Off-Grid Living

England – Tinkers Bubble

The Tinkers Bubble is a woodland that is designed for off-grid life without the use of fossil fuels. 

The village is surrounded by beautiful forests, and you can grow most of the vegetables by yourself. 

If you have a problem with cold weather, this place is not suitable for you.

England – Tinkers Bubble Pros and Cons


Ideal for Garden Work and Forestry


Cold Weather 

Canada – Freedom Cove

Freedom Cove is a floating land that is designed for off-grid living. It is isolated from the land, and the designers established this place to inspire you to live off-grid.

You can take a boat tour around the village to enjoy the serenity of nature.

Canada – Freedom Cove Pros and Cons


Small and Clean Place

Perfect for Day Tour 


Not Natural Land

Puerto Rico – Vieques

In this list, we include another island that is called a visiting paradise. The quiet calm of the waves inspires you to live off-grid. Vieques island has its own identity and appeal. 

The island will give a new life and surroundings for new thoughts. This uncrowded place will offer you a simple and easy natural feeling. 

Puerto Rico – Vieques Pros and Cons


Quiet/Calm Island 


Remote Area

Australia – Lord Howe Island/ Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is suitable for nature lovers who want to live off-grid. 

The attractive plants and vivid wildlife will give you a unique travel experience. This island has its own water resource and you can grow some vegetables here.

It is much too convincing because of the limited number of humans. Besides, Australia always has a vibe for travelers from around the world.

Australia – Lord Howe Island Pros and Cons


Freshwater Resource

Limited Number of Residents 


Vietnam – A Rising Wave of Off Gridders

Vietnam has surprising places for off-grid life. It is the country where you will find an easy and simple traditional lifestyle. 

You can easily adapt to the culture and tradition of Vietnam. Nature will invite you to explore more in this country. 

You can build your own house or rent a beautiful one without any legal restriction.

Vietnam Pros and Cons


No Legal Restrictions 

Low Living Costs 


Less Secure than Other Countries

Best Off-Grid Countries FAQs 

Where is it legal to live off the grid?

Living off-grid is legal in all the places on this list. You can explore more by researching the local law and regulations of these countries. 

Where is the cheapest place to live off-grid?

New Mexico is the cheapest place for off-grid living.

What is the best place to live off-grid U.K?

Tinkers Bubble is the place to live off-grid in the UK.

What are the best places to live off the grid in South Africa?

Khula Dhamma, Hoedspruit (Limpopo), and Riebeek Valley are the best places to live off-grid in South Africa. 

What countries are off the grid?

No country in the world is completely off-grid. But, you will find several places in different countries that are best for off-grid living. 


Off-grid living

Finally, you get the best countries and places for off-grid living. You have to consider several things before selecting a place. Always prioritize local rules and regulations. Don’t go against the law. 

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