Top 14 Fastest Growing Fruit Trees for You Garden

Fruits are the source of energy. You can’t deny the appeal of fresh fruits. There are plenty of fruits that you can grow in your garden. 

Depending on the nature, fruits require five to ten years to harvest. But, if you don’t have enough patience, you can plant the fastest growing fruit trees at home.

These fastest-growing fruit trees take less time and produce more fruits while harvesting. 

You will have a reliable source of fruits at home when making a garden with the fastest-growing fruit trees.

In this writing, we present the top 14 fastest growing fruit trees for your garden. Stop waiting, and let’s explore the best types of fruit trees. 

Benefits Of Growing Fruit Trees In Your Garden

Benefits Of Growing Fruit Trees In Your Garden

You will get free fruits if you plant fruit trees in your garden. You will have a reliable source of fresh fruits. You can pick fresh fruits anytime, and they will be healthier than commercially produced fruits.

Besides, fruit trees will increase the property value and reduce the carbon footprint from the atmosphere. A fruit garden will attract birds that will increase the beauty of your home.

You will get natural surroundings without investing too much. 

Top 14 Fastest-Growing Fruit Trees

Top 14 Fastest-Growing Fruit Trees

We include the top 14 fastest-growing fruit trees for your garden. These trees are the best for backyard, front, or isolated gardens at your home. 

We research the characteristics, harvesting time, and fruit-bearing efficiency to find the best one. 

Our goal is to present the fruit trees that are suitable for almost all types of land, weather, and soil property. Let’s discover them. 

Guava Trees

Guava Trees

First, we include the Guava tree on this list. Guava trees are suitable for planting on any area and land.

You can plant Guava trees from seeds or purchase a seedling from the nursery. It takes eight years to produce fruits from the seeds.

You can plant it under full sun and partial shade. A mature Guava tree will grow up to 20 feet and can survive in very cold weather. 

You will get five to ten guavas in a branch, and it depends on the nature of the tree. 

You will experience different shapes that vary from the type of seed. Guava trees bloom in Spring, and some trees continue the process throughout the year. 

You can harvest fruits within five to six months from the blooming time.

Papaya Trees

Papaya Trees

Next, we include the Papaya trees in this list. This single stem plant is suitable for all kinds of land, including sand. 

But, it will not grow on wet soil. The land must be dry and should have a perfect drainage system.

Papaya trees have long leaves instead of branches. The fruits bear on the stem. 

During the fast harvesting time, you will get 10 to 20 papayas from a tree. It depends on the seeds type and fertility of the land.

Papaya tree transplantation is more difficult than other trees. It is better to plant trees from seeds. This process will enhance the germination process. 

It takes up to ten months to harvest Papaya from seeds. You will like the flavor with a soft juicy core.

Banana Trees

Banana Trees

Can you imagine a garden without banana trees? Banana is one of the fastest-growing trees that require small spaces and grows vertically. 

Slightly acidic soil is suitable for banana trees and you have to plant it under direct sunlight.

Like Papaya trees, banana plants require an excellent drainage system. Excessive water storage can damage the plant at the very beginning. 

Growing a banana tree from seeds is more difficult. It is suggested to plant banana stems in your garden. 

You will get fruit within four to six months from a banana tree, and it depends on the weather, variety, and soil quality.

Peach Trees

Peach Trees

If you are willing to harvest fruit from your garden just within a year, peach is the right pick for you. It will grow faster if you do the right thing. 

This delicious fruit is ideal for open space. You have to plant peach trees in a place where the sun is available for at least six hours per day.

Peach trees also can be grown in a container in your garden. While planting on the ground, make sure that it is protected from the mulch. 

Keep the soil moisturizedd to avoid damages while planting in a container. 



Nectarine is a delicious summer fruit. It is sweet, tasty, and suitable for salad. You can grow Nectarine trees in a small space where you have the opportunity for irrigation.

When considering the fastest-growing fruit in your garden, it will surprise you. 

A nectarine tree takes three to four years to grow from seeds. You can harvest nectarine from a mature tree within three or four months. 

A healthy and stable nectarine tree will produce 75 to 200 fruits per season. It depends on the weather, the size of the tree, and soil quality. 

You have to take care of these trees especially in the summer season. Supply water as much as the trees need. 

Mulberry Trees

Mulberry Trees

Next, we include another delicious fruit tree that is suitable for open space and requires a good drainage system. Yes, you are right. It is a mulberry tree.

Mulberry trees grow in any soil, and they will grow up to 70 to 80 feet long. It takes only three years to bear fruits. This fastest-growing fruit tree grows six feet every year.

The harvesting time is between August and September. The fruit will ripe within two to four weeks. 

A mulberry tree will produce 200 to 230 kg fruits per season. You will get a huge amount of expensive fruits from your garden. 

Apple Trees

Apple Trees

Can you imagine a day without a sweet bite of the apple? We know it is not possible because of the protein fact and sweet taste of this fruit. 

Apple trees grow faster, and you should plant this tree in your garden.

In general, apple trees are suitable for almost all the land. The medium texture and gravelly sands are the best soil for apple tree plantation.

If you properly plant an apple tree in a suitable place, it will produce fruit in just three years.  But, if you use seeds for planting an apple tree, it will take 7 to 10 years to mature.

When you see flowers on the tree, it takes about four to six months to mature. It depends on fertilization, soil, and weather. 

An apple tree produces 400 to 800 apples in a season. In some cases, you will get more than 1,000 apples. It will enrich the fruit production of your garden.

Citrus Fruit Trees

Citrus Fruit Trees

When it comes to the citrus tree, we recommend lemon for the fastest-growing garden. Lemon is the core source of Vitamin C, and you can use it from juice to salad.

This tree can grow faster than any other tree from the citrus family. A standard lemon tree will grow up to 20 feet and start fruit production after one year

You can plant it from the seed or purchase a seedling from the nursery. It is better to choose a seedling for the fastest-growing garden. 

Surprisingly, this plant is suitable for any soil and land, including indoor plant containers. You will get up to 1,500 lemons depending on the weather and soil condition. 

Apricot Trees

Apricot Trees

If you are searching for an easier option, an apricot tree will produce fruit without special care. 

This is a self-fertile tree and is suitable for all kinds of soil.  We recommend planting apricot trees under the full sun. But they will survive in the colder areas too.

For the fastest result, buy and plant a one-year-old tree because it doesn’t produce fruits in the first year. 

An apricot tree will produce fruit from the second year. It takes only two months for the blossom to bear fruit. You will get about 40 kgs of fruits in the first few years. 

The production will increase day by day.

Mandarin Fruit Trees

Mandarin Fruit Trees

We include mandarins fruit in this because they are easier to plant than traditional citrus fruits. 

This is a smart tree and grows faster in slightly acidic soil. It requires 6 to 7 hours of direct sunlight. 

Mandarins are easier to grow and require less maintenance than other citrus trees. 

It will take six to seven years when you plant from seeds. But, the time will reduce when using a grafted tree. You can harvest fruit within two or three years from a grafted tree.

 Make sure that you cover the tree during snowy or colder weather. It is better to plant in a container and keep it inside during extreme winter. 

You will get up to 79 kg mandarin from a mature tree. 

Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees

If you have a large space in your garden, cherry trees are the best choice with a massive outlook. 

But, you won’t get fruits quickly from a cherry tree like an apricot. 

Cherry trees are suitable for acidic and neutral soil with a good drainage system. A mature cherry tree will grow up to 50 feet with ample branches and leaves.

It is important to plant a cherry tree ten feet away to ensure enough space. These trees take four years to produce fruits, and a cherry tree will produce up to 68 kg of fruits. 

Fig Trees

Fig Trees

In this list, we can not ignore fig trees for the fastest-growing fruit garden. 

Fig trees are suitable for slightly acidic soil and require full sunlight. 

When the trees get warmer weather, they will produce fruit quickly. You can grow them easily without special care.

This self-fertile tree won’t produce a flower. So, you will directly get fruits from the tree after two years. 

It is better to plant a fig tree on the ground. The tree can reach 30 feet in height. 

You will get 20 to 60 figs from a tree in a year. So, it will enrich your garden with fresh fruit. 

Pear Trees

Pear Trees

If your garden has loamy and sandy soil, you can plant pear trees for quick growth. You have to select a pear tree consciously because not all pear trees produce fruit quickly. 

It requires full sunlight, and you can select the most fertile variety for your garden. 

A high-quality variety will take three to four years to flower and bear fruit. You can harvest pear within 115 to 165 days from the day of bloom. A good variety of pear trees produces 22 to 25 kg fruits

Pear trees are suitable for almost all-weather, and these trees have fewer disease and pest problems. 

Moringa Trees

Moringa Trees

Finally, we include the moringa tree in this list. You can plant moringa trees on sandy or loamy soil that has a neutral pH level. Make sure that the place has a good drainage system and full sunlight.

The fruits are nutritious, and you get the full benefit of having a moringa tree in your garden.

This plant is suitable for almost all weather. But, you will get more fruits if you plant in warm weather conditions. 

This super fast-growing fruit tree will enrich your garden with green stems. These fruits are suitable for salad, tea blend, and juice.

If you plant moringa from seed, it will take less than six months to mature. A moringa tree will produce 300 to 400 pods based on the variety. 

5 Tips For Growing Fruit Trees In Your Garden

5 Tips For Growing Fruit Trees In Your Garden

Growing fruit trees is more complicated than vegetables. But, when you get familiar with the process, you will find that it is not so complicated.

Here, we include six tips to grow the fastest-growing fruit trees in your garden.

Growing Grafts Instead Of Seeds

If you try to grow fruit trees from seeds, it will take more time. Some fruit trees require up to ten years to bear fruits when planting from seeds. 

On the contrary, grafted trees are ready for faster growth and it will take half time than seed germination. 

You can not germinate all the seeds and the percent or germination depends on the quality of seeds and weather. It takes special care and time management. 

Pick A Tree Suitable For The Climate

Weather and climate are the most important factors when planting trees or growing crops. You have to select trees that are suitable for the climate. 

For example, a tree grows faster in colder areas. You can not produce fruit when planting in warmer climates. 

So, it is important to select a tree based on the weather, soil quality, and fertility. 

Heirloom Fruit Seeds

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Check Out Pollination Needs Of Trees

Pollination happens between two trees of the same type. It will help the trees to bloom to bear fruits. But, some trees can grow alone in your garden.

You have to check the pollination process while planting a tree.

Make Sure Enough Space To Trees Grow

In your garden, you have to ensure enough space while planting a tree in your garden. Some trees grow up to 30 to 50 feet. 

Besides, some trees have long roots that need a large container and a deep whole.

Use The Right Container Size

Some fruit trees grow perfectly in the container. You have to select the right container size when planting trees in a container. 

Make sure that it has a good drainage system and stable material for long time use. Pour it with the right type of soil for perfect growth. 

Homegrown Garden Fruit Seeds

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Dig A Deep Hole

You can not plant all the fruit trees in a container. So, it is better to plant fruit trees on the ground for a permanent garden plan. 

Follow the instructions for each type of tree and dig a whole based on the tree type and needs. 

You have to ensure that trees get stability to protect against wind and rain. Don’t add excessive soil to the basement. 

Proper Care: Watering, Fertilizing, Lighting

It depends on proper care how much fruit you will get from a tree. Lack of watering, fertilization, and sunlight will affect the growth of the trees and reduce fruit production. 

You should provide the necessary water every day and use tolerable fertilizers to get a healthy tree. It is recommended to use organic fertilizer for faster growth. 

Sunlight is a significant factor for growing trees. Lack of sunlight reduces the growth, and excessive sunlight can damage the trees. 

So, proper care and maintenance are important for growing fruit trees in your garden. 

Personally Thinking

When it comes to growing fruit trees in your garden, you have to consider the taste first. Apart from the growth and fruit production time, the taste of the fruit is more important. 

For example, you have planted apricot trees in your garden, but your family members don’t like the taste. 

I would recommend you to buy the fruit from the supermarket and try the taste. If you and your family members like the taste, then you can take the next step. 

If you like the fruit, you will be passionate about the care and plantation of those fruit trees. 


Fruit Tree

Finally, you have the list of the fastest-growing fruit trees for your garden. You can make your own plan and give priority to plant fruit trees. 

Always give priority to the taste and choice of your family members. Remember, you are making a garden to provide fruit for you and your family.

No matter how long it will take, plant fruit trees that you like. Take care and be patient. One day your garden will be enriched with all of your favorite fruits. 

You can share your ideas and thoughts about a successful fruit garden. Thank you for staying with EM Off-grid. We try to make your life simple and peaceful with an off-grid lifestyle. 

Enjoy the tranquility of nature and try to live off-grid at least for a few months in a year.