How to Grow Avocado Indoors from A Seed

Avocados are one of the best summer fruits with high nutrition and flavor. From salad to tortilla chip, avocados make your dish exclusive in the hot summer. 

Garden fresh avocados will give you the best test of summer fruit. The good news is that you can grow an avocado tree from the seed. 

It is surprisingly easy, and you will enjoy the gardening time with a great lesson. You can grow this fruit indoors and the result will be amazing. 

You will have plenty of avocados at home, and the test will be more delicious than commercial fruits. 

In this writing, we present the A-Z guide for growing avocado from seed to trees indoors. Besides, we give you some tips to grow this fruit. 

Can You Grow An Avocado Tree Indoors?

Can You Grow An Avocado Tree Indoors?

Yes, you can grow avocado trees indoors like other plants if you have all the materials. It is easy, and there are several ways to do this. 

You can collect avocado seedlings and start nurturing them. It takes less time than the second option. You can get fruits more quickly and the process requires less maintenance.

The second option is sowing the seeds yourself. It takes more time than the previous one, and you have to find the best seeds from the market.

If you order plants from the nursery, they deliver an immature tree immediately. Besides, the plant can be damaged during the courier process.

So, growing avocado from seed is more secure than growing a ready-made plant. 

This article will show you the process of growing avocado trees from seed. You will get the complete process of how to grow avocado from seed. 

How To Grow Avocado From Seed

How To Grow Avocado From Seed

The process starts from choosing a location and moves forward by selecting tools, seed incubation, planting, and caring.

We discuss all the steps elaborately, and you will have adequate information regarding indoor avocado production. Let’s explore.

Choosing Location For Your Avocado Tree

It is the most important thing when growing a plant indoors. You have to select the best place for the seed and plant to ensure adequate air and light. 

Depending on the plant’s nature and season, you have to fix or change the location. It is better to select a place where the plant gets direct sunlight. 

If it is not possible, make sure that you have placed the pot under the sun for at least two hours every day. 

An open space with the natural wind will help avocado trees to grow faster and become healthy. 

Remember, the place should be perfect for the growth of the plant. Plenty of wind and heat is harmful to any plant, including avocado.

Things You Will Need

You need some special tools when growing avocado from seed. These essentials will help you to plant trees conveniently. Here is the list:

  • Avocado Seed 
  • Toothpicks 
  • A Water Jar 
  • A 10-Inch Pot 
  • Potting Soil 
  • Trowel

First, collect and save an avocado pit. Do it carefully and make sure that you saved it without cutting or breaking it. Wash the remaining part perfectly. Then pick the three to four toothpicks almost halfway to the pit. 

Then remove the pit broad and keep it in the drinking glass or jar. Put the jar with clean water and make sure that it is submerged in one-third of the seed.

Now, set the glass in a warm place without direct sunlight. You have to change the water regularly, and the process takes two to six weeks. If you won’t see roots and sprout within this period, start with a new seed.

When you see the roots get at least six inches in height, cut half of it to grow more roots.

After that, you have to wait for the stem to grow out from the jar. Take the ten inches pot and fill it with soil. Plant the tree in the pot and let it grow.

The tree may need five to ten years to yield fruit. Take care of your plants and make them stronger. 

Seed Incubation

Avocado seed incubation is a lengthy process, and you have to wait for two to six weeks for this process. Furthermore, you might explore unsuccessful incubation.

The incubation can fail because of several reasons. The faulty planting process and infertile seed affect your incubation system. 

We suggest planting two seeds in a pot to eliminate the risk of incubation. At least one seed will grow from the starting point.

Similarly, you can dry the seed for better results and store it in a safe place away from light and heat.

Always keep in mind that incubation is the primary stage of planting, and it decides whether you will get a tree from the seed or not.

Plant Avocado in A Pot

Indoor avocado planting requires the best pot that lasts for a long time. We recommend a 10-inch PVC plastic plant pot that is made of high-quality material and durable design. 

You know that avocados take five to ten years to grow, and the pot should protect the roots and soil for a long time. 

When you transfer the seedling from the primary pot, do it carefully and the best time for doing this is morning or evening. 

Make sure that the pot has enough water drainage system. Keep it in a safe place. Perfect airflow and sunlight grow it faster and naturally. 

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Caring For Avocado Routine

Like other plants, avocados require care to grow perfectly. Sometimes, you have to take special care to get this expensive fruit.

You are planting avocado directly from the seed to plant. Indoor planting is perfect, but you have to spend more time on it.

Indoor avocado is a novelty plant and you have to keep it outside, especially in the sunlight for a specific time every day.

Sunlight will ensure photovoltaic food for the plant and make the tree suitable for fruit production.

To make the caring process convenient and effective, you can follow the below stages. It will help you to grow the plant effectively indoors.

Soil and Watering

Soil and Watering

Soil and watering is the most important part of avocado care. You have to make a faultless plan to grow avocados successfully.

The soil should contain perfect humidity, water level, and fertility. You have to monitor the soil at least once per week.

Similarly, watering is a significant process that keeps your plant fresh and green. You have to check the water level every day and provide adequate water depending on the age of the plant.

Don’t provide excessive water in your avocado plant. It might affect the growing process and roots will be rotten if the soil contains obsessive water.

It is suggested to keep the plant pot outdoors when providing water. 

Watering Can

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Temperature and Light

Temperature and light are related to each other. You can not ignore these two factors while growing a plant indoors. It is also applicable for avocado plants. 

The source of temperature should be sunlight for a tree. You have to pay special attention to this part. Make a routine of how much time the plant needs to be kept outdoors.

On the contrary, lighting cold temperatures will reduce the growth of avocado trees. When the temperature freezes everything, it is better to keep your plant in a secure place. 

Sudden ice freezing might affect the leaves and roots of the plant. So, maintain the temperature for indoor avocado to ensure standard growth. 


Mulching refers to the protective care of the land while planting trees and other crops. The avocado soil should go through mulching to remove unwanted grass and change the soil layer.

Though indoor plants are safe from weeds, you can try mulching twice a month. Make sure that you are not destroying the roots of the plant. 

Similarly, you can add some fertilizer when mulching. It will add more power to the soil and increase the growth of the plant. 

You can try organic fertilizer to make the plant more natural and avoid the risk of over-fertilization. 

Common Pests/Diseases

You will find some common diseases of avocado trees when planting indoors and outdoors. But, the trees have sustainable properties to protect against these diseases.

 The most common names in this list are: 

Armillaria Root Rot

Verticillium Wilt

Avocado Black Streak

Dothiorella Canker

Phytophthora Canker.

Similarly, you will find some common pests that can attack avocado trees. 

You can use a natural solution or use some mild pesticides to protect your plant

We recommend making remedies at home, and it will give you more advantages than commercial pests remover. 

You can remove the affected leaves to save the stem of the avocado tree.

Does An Avocado Tree Grow From Seed Produce Fruit?

Does An Avocado Tree Grow From Seed Produce Fruit?

Yes, avocado trees grow from seed and produce fruit. The process will take three to twelve years. It is a lengthy process, and you have to take care of the trees for this long period. 

It takes more time because of the genetic variable and nature of the tree. You will start from the incubation process and the tree will give fruit after years.

Besides, indoor plants take a little bit more time for their low sunlight connectivity and fertility. 

Harvesting Fruit

The harvesting time is the happiest time for avocado planters. You will get fruits after years. It is the result of your long journey. You are successful now. 

You will get fruits every year after the first production. The harvesting time is between April to September and from some variants, you will get fruit all 12 months a year. 

Are There Any Toxins When Growing Avocados Indoors?

Avocado is a fruit plant. You will enjoy the unique test of this expensive fruit when harvesting from your own plant. 

In general, fruit trees have no harm to nature and human beings. You can plant avocado trees anywhere in the world. 

It won’t release any toxic material in your home. You will have a fresh slow-growing plant that enhances the beauty of your home.

You can plant one or more trees indoors depending on how much space you have. However, we do not guarantee that you won’t have any toxic material. We guarantee that it is not harmful. 

Other Tips For Growing Avocados Indoors

Now, we present some tips that will make you more successful in this lengthy process. You have to understand the planting and transplanting season.

We recommend planting avocado trees every spring. This is the perfect season for slow-growing trees. 

When growing this plant from seed, you have to wait until it gets mature to transplant from the glass jar.

Make sure that the roots get enough hardness and before removing them from the soil. 

Put your plant outside for a few hours every day. Don’t put in excessive heat. The trees might damage under temperature. 

Personality Thinking

We know you have hundreds of questions from planting trees to fruit harvesting. You will see plenty of avocados are available in the supermarket. But, why does it take so much time at home? 

The commercial farming plants cloned avocados trees, and it takes a short time to bear fruits. 

If you think about indoor plant decoration, you can use avocado trees instead of other herbs. It makes your indoor spaces unique.

A successfully grown avocado tree might be a great gift for friends and family. They will be surprised by your success. You can also make bonsai from avocado trees, but it is not the best plant for bonsai. 

The great news is that one of my friends planted avocados and made bonsai to decorate the tabletop. 


Be patient and wait for success. Self-seeding will give you the pleasure of planting. You have to follow all the steps perfectly and take care of the plant. 

Whether you will get fruit from the tree or not, you will have a great bonsai that will impress everyone.

You can start the process immediately, and don’t forget to use the best seeds for avocado plantation. Try to use the most suitable soil for the planting process. 

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