3 Steps to Make Oregano Oil At Home

Oregano is a natural remedy for several problems and diseases of the human body. It is the most widely used herbal remedy that helps you with seasonal cures. Oregano oil offers the best cure for fever or viral infection.

If you are looking for an anti-inflammatory, pain killer, or breathing oil that alleviates nasal congestion, oregano oil comes first

It is available in the near garden or roadside, and you can also purchase a bunch of oregano at the supermarket. 

In this writing, we present the complete process of making oregano oil at home. We also reveal some tips and benefits of oregano oil. Let’s get started. 

Did You Know About Oregano Oil?

Did You Know About Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil is made from leaves, and this herb is available all over the world. This oil is used as a herbal remedy and cooking essential. 

You find oregano oil in different forms and shapes. Several companies marketed them as herbal care products. The supplement, pill, and soft gel capsule are the most common appearances of oregano.

But, if you want to get the pure flavor and taste of oregano oil, it is better to prepare liquid at home. You can use this liquid oil for different purposes and cure. It is suggested to use oregano oil with honey for viral infection. But, don’t mix oil and honey before using it.

The fun fact about this oil is that Indian people of Hinduism worship oregano leaves as a holy tree.

If you are willing to take any form of oregano oil, make sure that you follow the standard dosage. Excessive use might cause some side effects for the digestive system. 

Some Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Some Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

This natural oil offers you several benefits for viral infection and everyday care. Let’s explore the health benefits of oregano oil.

Oregano oil fights against bacteria. The high-level carvacrol leads the oil against certain types of bacteria. Researchers found that oregano supplements can help your skin to create an antibacterial effect.

You can use oregano oil against fungal infection. The high-level thymol creates an antifungal agent to protect against bacteria. It is high-recommended for oral, yeast, and foot infection.

Similarly, oregano oil provides antioxidants that protect the body from possible damage and relieve stress.

Another benefit of using oregano oil is its inflammation-reducing power. Some sources claim that oregano oil can create anti-inflammatory effects in the human body.

Furthermore, oregano oil works for healing wounds. You can care for smaller cuts and wounds with the antibacterial effect. 

You can also take oregano oil for fever and relieving pain. Sometimes, you need the fresh juice of oregano leaves or the liquid to ensure its remedy power. 

How To Make Oregano Oil

How To Make Oregano Oil

You can easily make oregano oil at home by following some easy steps. You need several instruments to produce the oil. 

Homemade oregano oil is pure and more powerful than commercial products. Besides, it remains fresh for a long time if you store the oil perfectly. 

Here we present the process and instruments that you need to make oregano oil perfectly. Let’s follow the steps consciously. 

Ingredients You Need

You will need some simple instruments that are available at your home. These are:

A large bunch of oregano. 

You will use the leaves of oregano and extract the oil. It depends on you how much oregano oil you will produce. It is better to take at least two cups of fresh oregano leaves. 

One cup extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil will enhance your mashing experience, and the chemical reaction will reduce the oil faster. Use extra virgin olive oil to make the leaves more smooth and soft. 

A Muddler

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You need a muddler to extract oil from leaves organically. It will create pressure on the leaves, and the oil will be extracted from oregano leaves. Make sure that you use a stable muddler easy to grab. 

A glass container with a lid.

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Before extracting the oil, you have to store it primarily in a glass jar. It is better to transfer some leaves at a time and add more later. It helps to put similar pressure on all the leaves to extract oil perfectly.

Instructions To Make Oregano Oil

Instructions To Make Oregano Oil

Let’s start making oregano oil.

First, wash the oregano leaves carefully with clean water and dry quickly. You have to separate the stems from the leaves. You can use these stems with a salad. Make sure that you have at least two cups of oregano leaves.

wash the oregano leaves carefully with clean water

Now, you put the oregano leaves in the glass container. For easy and better muddling, transfer one cup of leaves first. Mush the leaves with the muddler and continue until the cells release their oils.

you put the oregano leaves in the glass container

The leaves will mush quickly, and you have to add another cup of leaves and do the same thing with the muddler. You will see that the leaves are poured with oil after muddling for a few minutes. 

You can warm the glass jar by using a microwave oven and muddle again for a few minutes. It extracts the final drop of oil from the leaves.

It is time to add the extra virgin olive oil to the glass jar. Close the lid and stir it gently. Your duty is over, and the remaining parts will be completed automatically. You have to store the jar in a dry and cool place for one or two weeks depending on the oil extracting speed. 

add the extra virgin olive oil to the glass jar

After completing the infusion, use a cheesecloth and strain the oil gently. You get fresh homemade oregano oil. 

How To Preserve Oregano Oil

How To Preserve Oregano Oil

Preserving herbs oil is not difficult but tricky. You have to maintain the process perfectly and follow the steps accurately. It will help you to store your homemade oregano oil without much difficulty. 

You can preserve homemade oregano oil in two different ways. These processes enable you to preserve the oil both for long and short-term usage.

First, you can use a glass bottle to store it for short time preservation and everyday use. Make sure that the bottle is clean and dry. Gently fill it with the liquid and keep it in a clean or dry place. With this process, you can store oregano oil for six to eight months. 

Secondly, you can store oregano oil in the refrigerator. This process is almost similar to the previous one. You have to fill a glass bottle with oregano oil and keep it in the refrigerator. In this process, you need to take out the bottles before one or two hours of use. 

How To Use Oregano Oil

How To Use Oregano Oil

There are several options to use oregano oil. First, you have to make sure that you are using oregano oil. Follow experts’ suggestions and take limited dosages. 

When taking it for fever and bacterial infection, you can use hot water with a few drops of oregano oil. It is better to start with the smallest dose and take more once your body adjusts it.

Some Tips When Use Oregano Oil

Some Tips When Use Oregano Oil

Each person has a unique skin texture and type. Some people would face problems when using oregano oil. 

To avoid possible risks, you can add grapefruit seed to the oil. It will keep the oil fresh for a long time, and you will get a nice flavor. 

For skin usage, try a little bit first and test the sensitivity. If there is no issue found, you can use oregano oil continuously. 


Finally, you got the process and tips for making Oregano oil at home. You can prepare pure oil and store it for further use. 

To get a better result, you have to follow each step carefully. Always try to maintain the hygiene standard and use clean leaves for extracting oil. 

You can keep yourself healthier by using oregano oil. Your body will remain active and get a pure herbal touch. 

Remember, it has several health benefits, and you have to use it by following a standard dose. Excessive use can cause severe skin problems. Eat better, live healthier.