11 Best Place To Buy Land For Off Grid Living

You will find a lot of places for off-grid living but there are many differences that you can’t ignore. Most probably the process of buying land in that place. 

Finding the best place to buy land for off grid living is a challenge now. You have to compare different things with the value for the money. 

It is important to find the most suitable place for you. To make things easy, you can compare resources, location, and legality of the place with other possible places. 

If you think that the place is something that you are searching for and you can live here with all the facilities, then don’t hesitate to buy land there.

In this writing, we review the best places 

Why Do People Need A Place To Buy Land For Off-Grid Living?

Why Do People Need A Place To Buy Land For Off-Grid Living?

People need to buy land for off-grid living to make a sustainable homestead.

Besides, a landowner will have shelter, food sources, energy, waste management, and many more things than a man who doesn’t have his own land.

The owner also can use the land for producing different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and crops. 

If you plan to live off-grid for a long time, buying land in the most suitable place will give you a convenient lifestyle.

Similarly, you can build your house with your design and save rent. So, when you buy land, you will get all the facilities on your own land.

Reader’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Place To Buy For Living Off The Grid?

What To Look For In A Good Place

If you are willing to live off-grid permanently, it is better to purchase land to save rental costs and get a stable home for years. Besides, you will get a good resale value if you find an outstanding place.

But, is any place suitable for purchasing land? The answer is no. You can not get good facilities from all places. 

You have to take steps by considering different matters and features. Let’s explore. 


When it comes to purchasing land in a place, you have to consider legality first. Make sure that buying land for off-grid living is legal there, and you can use it according to your plan. Please don’t make an illegal plan.


The most important thing that will decide whether the place is suitable for off-grid living or not.

Select the location comparing weather, community, land types, communication, and more. We suggest staying there for one or two weeks to understand compatibility. 

Water Source

Can you imagine a day without fresh water? It is quite impossible. You have to ask the real estate agent about the source, distribution, and production of water.

A place will never be suitable for off-grid living without a perfect water management system. 

Natural Building Materials

You are leaving the city life to live in the lap of nature. Natural building materials will ensure sustainable off-grid living. You can easily build houses and other structures and replace them in a self-sufficient way. 

Population Density And Crime Rate

Off-grid living is adventurous but nobody wants to live in a densely populated area when away from city life. A good place should have a moderate population and zero crime rate.

In a remote area, safety is an important issue for you and your property. So, see the recent crime rates and statistics while selecting a place. 

Zoning And Building Code

Zoning refers to the use of the land. The building code is all about the structure of a home or other infrastructure. 

Before purchasing land, it is recommended to test the soil and analyze the building code of that area.


The climate depends on the weather of the place. If you are searching for good habitat, it is better to avoid places with natural disasters.

Study the climate of the place and use the daily forecast of the recent years for a holistic idea. 

Actual Price

Do you have an updated price list of the place? If you purchase land via an agent or broker, you can get the actual price. 

Analyze the price and estimate the proper value of the land. Don’t spend more on a space with limited opportunities. 

Living Costs And Property Tax

The living costs and property taxes depend on the local government and community lifestyle. If a place has local resources and suitable land for food production, you can live with moderate living costs.

Suitable states always apply limited taxes to the new resident. You can include several places in your list and compare the costs. 

Best Places To Buy Reviews

In this article, we review the ten best places that are suitable for purchasing to live off the grid. We compare the facilities, opportunities, and flexibility of living among different states.

Besides, we analyze the off-grid living data of these places to ensure that you get a place with the value of the money. 

PlacesCost Of Land/Acre ($)
New Mexico1,931
North Dakota2,517
Comparison of the Best Places To Buy Land


First, we include Wyoming in the mountain region. You will get a hundred acres of land to buy here, and the natural beauty is awesome for off-grid living. 

The price is only $1,558 per acre, which is impressive for property hunters. 

You can negotiate the price and go for a complete off-grid life. The weather is fantastic in this hilly area. Wyoming is perfect for people who pass busy city life. 

The open sky and mountain-touching clouds invite you to explore more. Lands are perfect for farming and vegetable production. 

The problem is that the free lands are covered by private property. You have to discuss with them to get access through their land. 

Wyoming Pros and Cons


Heavenly Look

Beautiful Weather 


Land Covered with Private Property 

New Mexico

Next, we have New Mexico, where you can cost-effectively build your house. The housing cost is 16 percent cheaper here than the national average.

You will find plenty of land for off-grid living in this state. Like Wyoming, it is also surrounded by mountains and the open space has an artistic beauty.

You can use your land to build a new house without any restrictions. The rules and regulations are perfect for off-grid living. 

The low-cost land investment and resale value attract people to buy land here. Besides, you can start a new plan immediately here. The low property taxes and living costs make it ideal for long-term living.

New Mexico Pros and Cons


Low Property Taxes

More Open Spaces


Low Resale Value


If you don’t have a problem with excessive cold and want to feel the beauty of winter, Montana is an ideal place for off-grid living. 

The lenient and timber building codes offer a convenient option for making a house here. You can use the forest wood for cooking and heating. 

Montana’s grassland will take care of your livestock and you will have several natural resources here.

This beautiful place has high property taxes and restrictions for selling raw milk, even from your own livestock.

The land price is higher than the previous two states but it has plenty of resources.

When purchasing land in this state, ensure that you have several heating devices and appliances to protest the harsh weather. 

Montana Pros and Cons


Plenty of Natural Resources

Opportunity for Farming and Livestock


High Property Tax

North Dakota

Willing to explore off-grid life with agricultural production? North Dakota is an agriculture-based state, and 90 percent of the land is used for agricultural production. 

You will have only 10 percent of the land to buy for grid living. So, the land price is higher than the previous states.

The climate is perfect for producing grains and livestock. You can buy land to build a house or do agricultural farming.

In this state, there are commercial agricultural farms, and the farming scenery is common here. 

If you want something adventurous and enjoy the natural exhibition, this land is not for you. Don’t wait if you have pro farming tips.

The most interesting thing is that you can turn your land into an agricultural farm without any restrictions. 

North Dakota Pros and Cons


Food Production and Plenty of Resources 


Land Price is High (Commercial Farming) 


In this list, we include Idaho because of its lower living costs and best land purchasing policy.

The living cost is almost five percent lower than the national average. If you don’t like crowds, this state has the lowest population density and crime rate.

Local lands are fertile and you can build a house according to your style. The land ensures plenty of food production for off-grid living. 

The weather is fine, but in the winter, it will be brutal. Take preparation for extreme cold.

The state has a 14 percent higher living cost than the national average. 

If you like to buy land at a reasonable rate, Idaho is perfect for you. 

Idaho Pros and Cons


Fertile Land

Lower Land Price


Higher Living Costs 


When you want to buy land with a tight budget, Maine will welcome you for off-grid living. The population density and crime rates are surprisingly low in this state.

You will find many non-tourist regions that are the best area for off-grid living. 

After purchasing land, you can make a long-time survival center here. Most of the areas have plenty of natural resources, including water, wood, and soil.

The building code and local law for construction are not too restricted. You can use the local resources to make a natural shelter. 

The problem is that the weather is very unstable here. You have to build a house properly and select land wisely. 

Maine Pros and Cons


Low Land Price


Unstable Weather 


Colorado is another suitable place to buy land for off-grid living. Though the state has restricted zoning and building codes for off-grid living, you will get many places for relaxation.

The land price is perfect for adventurous people. You will find more open space and tourist areas to adventure in the state.

You can grow food on your land and there are no restrictions for using natural resources. 

The place is also suitable for farming and livestock. If you don’t have budget problems, it is better to purchase more land for a complete off-grid lifestyle. 

Wooden resources are available for cooking and house building. 

The good news is that the state maintains the camping area and people need permission to camp here. So, you will get a crowd-free zone for off-grid living. 

Colorado Pros and Cons


More Tourist and Open Spaces 


Restricted Zoning and Building Code


Are you ready to get free land for off-grid living in America? Arkansas is a state that has a ritual for giving land to live off the grid. 

However, the opportunity is not available now. If you are so lucky, you can manage someone to live off-grid on their land. 

Arkansas has good communication with the states. You can easily establish communication with other relatives. 

If you live with your entire family, you can grow food and store them for further use. 

The building and zoning codes are not too restricted here, but you have to follow the wild animal law here.

Besides, the weather is pretty suitable for vegetable production. It will increase the land value. 

Arkansas Pros and Cons


Free Land Available


Restricted Zoning Codes 


If you are looking for a place where you can buy land with excessive freedom, Missouri is the state of multiple resources. 

The off-grid living will invite you to this state, and there is no restriction for using resources. The easy building and zoning codes make the state perfect for beginners.

You can buy more land here because of the low land price. On this land, your food cultivation will be more productive. The temperature is warm here that is suitable for most of the grains.

The mountains make the state more attractive if you get a place on the top. 

Besides, homeschooling is permitted here, and you can teach your kids at home.

Missouri Pros and Cons


Low Land Price

Natural resources

Homeschooling is Permitted 


None Found


Finally, we include Vermont in this list. Vermont is a beautiful place for off-grid living, and you will get an opportunity to buy land at a low price.

The land is suitable for farming and making houses with your own style. Zoning and building codes will never be an obstacle for living off-grid in Vermont. 

You can use the grid power and alternative power source for the remote areas. 

Weather is comparatively good enough even for living in a remote area. Similarly, the state has the lowest crime rate.

The living cost is higher than in other states. So, you have to make a flexible budget for living off-grid in Vermont.

Vermont Pros and Cons


Lowest Crime Rate


High Living Costs

Free Land For Off-Grid Living in the US

Free Land For Off-Grid Living in the US

In the United States, you might get free land for off-grid living. Some states offer free land for people who want to disconnect from the grid. 

They want to increase the population and use the land for agriculture production.

But, don’t take any offer for off-grid living without getting a basic idea about the place. Make sure that the place is suitable for off-grid living and you can survive there. 

Finally, you can follow our blogs to get the best free land for off-grid living in the United States. 

Best Off-grid Places to Buy FAQs 

Where is the cheapest place to live off-grid?

New Mexico is the cheapest place to live off the grid. The state has low living costs and you can purchase land at an affordable price. Furthermore, you can use natural resources to stay completely off the grid.

Where is the best place to live off-grid?

Missouri is the best place for living off-grid because of its low land price and beautiful weather. The state has a low crime rate and plenty of lands available for newcomers. 

How do you buy land off the grid?

Select a place and analyze the local law. Before purchasing any land, make sure that it is legal. You have to verify that the seller has ownership.

Is there free land for off-grid living?

Some states and countries offer free land for off-grid living, but it is exceptional. If you get free land, you have to maintain many restrictions. 


Land for Sale

So, you get the best places to buy for off-grid living. You can select a place and start the adventure of living on the grid. 

The choice is yours, and it is better to compare different places to get the most suitable one.

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