12 Best States For Off Grid Living in US

Off-grid life refers to an independent and self-reliant lifestyle without having the busy schedule of everyday life. 

A place with a beautiful landscape and mild weather will invite you to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Without any reason, we find a portrait of modern cities with technological advantages when thinking about the US. 

However, the country has several states that are ideal for off-grid living, and you can use some natural resources while living in these places. 

You may be surprised with the simple and easy lifestyle that makes them the best states for off-grid living in the US.

In this writing, we present the best states for off grid living and a guide that will help you to select a good off-grid living state.

Why Do People Need Good States For Off-Grid Living?

Why Do People Need Good States For Off-Grid Living?

Off-grid living is related to several things. You can not enjoy the peace and simplicity of off-grid living in the worst state. 

A good state will offer you beautiful surroundings, perfect weather, high security, an eco-friendly environment, the best community, and local laws.

If you get an elegant community and perfect environment, it will help you with easy adaptation in the state. 

Besides, off-grid living requires some natural resources because it is not a modern community. 

Considering all the issues, people should select a good state for off-grid living. In the next paragraph, we will help you to select good states for off-grid living. 

Reader’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good State For Living Off The Grid

What To Look For In A Good State For Living Off The Grid

It is important to get a holistic idea about the state where you will live off-grid. The best states should have some significant characteristics that will make your off-grid life interesting. 

Let’s check the factors while searching for a state in the US for off-grid living. 


Legality refers to the permission whether you can live off-grid in the state or not. 

At the very beginning, you have to search for the local law and ensure that you will get freedom while living off the grid.

It is better to consider the community guideline before shifting to a place. 

Weather And Climate

Weather and climate can change the entire surrounding of a place. You can not live in a new environment without adapting to its weather. 

It is better to study the climate and weather of the state when planning for off-grid living. 

Water Source

Water is a life-saving element on the earth. You can not spend a day without water. 

You have to find a reliable water source in the living area. Make sure that there is plenty of fresh and drinking water. 

Zoning Grow Food

Complete off-grid life requires cultivation and farming for food. Fertile land will enable you to produce necessary vegetables and fruits. 

You can ask the community to get a primary idea about the land. It allows you to make a yearly plan for gardening.

Land Prices

You can rent land or buy it for off-grid living. In the US, land prices are increasing day by day. 

Besides, people are moving to off-grid places more than before. So, the best off-grid states have a rising demand.  Consider the land price when making the budget.

Local Building Codes

When you are planning to live off-grid for a long time, it is better to make your own house. 

A good off-grid living place should contain quality land and an easy building code. If you don’t like the local building code, don’t waste your money. 

Property Taxes

A high tax rate will affect your off-grid living budget, research about the property tax to ensure that you have the best option. 

Some states apply high taxes based on your property type and area.

Living Costs

Living cost is the most important factor when living off-grid. A place that has natural resources will reduce your costs. 

On the contrary, remote places without too many resources will enhance your living costs. You have to consider the prices of everyday commodities and other expenses. 

Local Community And Regulations

You will shift to the state from another place. The local community is living there, and they already have some rules and regulations for the community.

You have to analyze the rules to ensure that you can live under that community guideline.

Population Density And Crime Rate

In general, high population density makes the place problematic and enhances crime rate. Select a place with low population and crime rate.

In general, high population density creates different problems and enhances the crime rate. Select an area with a low population and crime rate.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are going to occur. However, you can take the time to do research on which states have what natural disasters occurring. This will help you better determine what type of house you will need or if you simply want to move elsewhere.

Beautiful Landscapes

If you are bored with the busy metropolitan lifestyle, off-grid living will release your stress. 

When selecting a place, consider the natural beauty and landscape. A beautiful landscape will offer you attractive views from your home. 

Best States For Off Grid Living Reviews

StatesFactors  Highlight
Idaho Reasonable living cost.
OhioSuitable for heavy farming and fishing.
Missouri Ideal for renewable energy resources.
TexasLowest tax rates. 
TennesseeFamous for the warm climate. 
MaineLow population.
MontanaBest for complete off-grid life.
VermontBest freedom and unity. 
WyomingIt has lowest population and equal rights. 
UtahMild weather and mountains. 
AlabamaCheapest off-grid state. 
North CarolinaNatural farming.
Best States For Off Grid Living Reviews


Idaho is in the northern part of the US. The state is famous for potato production, but you will find many more things in this state. The weather is diverse from hot summer to cold winter.

Reasonable living costs and a beautiful landscape will enhance your off-grid living experience. If you want to disconnect from the regular life, shift here and enjoy a self-sufficient life.

Though the property taxes are a little bit high, you can enjoy life even with a tight budget. 

Idaho Pros and Cons


Low Land Cost

Easy Rules and Regulations 


High Property Taxes

Strict Gun Law 


Ohio is a state in the United States where God includes all things and possibilities. 

It is a natural basket for off-grid living. The state has four seasons, including summer, winter, spring, and fall.

The rural areas are suitable for heavy farming and fishing. On the contrary, the state has a low land price and highly fertile land.

The property taxes are high, but you will get the best natural resources and landscape. 

Ohio Pros and Cons


Suitable for heavy farming and fishing.

Plenty of natural resources. 


High property taxes. 


Missouri is a state of supreme law and welfare. It is also the birthplace of great people. 

You will get more farmland with plenty of resources. 

The state depends on renewable energy and you can live here without fossil fuel. Especially because the place is especially ideal for solar energy consumers.

Besides, this flat land maintains good airflow that is perfect for off-grid life. 

Comparing the weather, ecology, and living cost, it is one of the best states in the US for off-grid life. 

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Pros and Con


Reasonable living cost.

Plenty of farming land.


Strict gun law.


Texas is called the pride land. Everything is massive in this state of friendship. You will get plenty of food, land, and farming equipment in Texas. 

When planning to live off-grid in Texas, the weather will invite you to release the stress of routine life.

You can utilize land without any restrictions and the state has the lowest tax rate

You will explore the weather diversity and huge open space outdoors. 

Texas Pros and Cons


Enormous farming opportunity.

No restriction for lang utilization.  


Extreme cold in winter. 


You have explored many states for off-grid living in the US. and Tennessee is one of the popular states that is famous for its warm climate. 

Off-grid lovers will experience the four seasons in this land. You can do agricultural activities and grow crops for complete off-grid life.

Low-cost living and moderate weather make this state ideal for everyone. If you have a tight budget, you can shift here and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Land price is a little bit high, however, you will have different options when purchasing. 

Tennessee Pros and Cons


Warm Climate

Low Living Costs


High Land Price 


Maine is a northern state, and it has beautiful wild forests. With low population density and eco-friendly living nature, Maine will give you a unique off-grid living experience. 

Besides, off-grid living is legal here, and the state has the lowest crime rate. 

You can use rainwater and solar energy for self-reliant power production. The authority offers incentives for renewable energy installation. 

The property tax is higher than in other states. Similarly, the local climate is cold, and you have to adapt to this. 

Maine Pros and Cons


Off-grid living is legal.

Self reliant power production. 


High Property Tax 


Montana is a large state that is covered with beautiful mountains and a broader area. The land is ideal for quality red meat in the USA. You will feel the purest weather in this state. 

It has a low population and you can enjoy off-grid life with self-power production. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy is available in this land.

You can live 100 percent off-grid in Montana and create your own lifestyle. 

Montana Pros and Cons


Complete off-grid life possible.

Best weather for living.


Land prices are high.


When it comes to off-grid living, Vermont is the best state for freedom and unity. You will be surprised when visiting this state. 

It is more beautiful in the rainy season. Winter is snowy, and you will love the beauty in spring. The laws and regulations are not so strict for off-grid living.

There is no fire restriction. Anyone above eighteen can carry and open gun fire. 

Land prices are reasonable here, but property taxes are higher than in any other state.

Vermont Pros and Cons


No Gun Restrictions

Best for freedom and unity. 


The state has some security issues.


Next, we include Wyoming in this list as it is best for the lowest population and equal rights. It has less than 60k people, and the rest of the people are living around the state. 

This is a cowboy country where nature meets livestock. The flat grasslands are the best resource for off-grid cow farming.

The cold weather is suitable for vegetable growth, and you can start a complete off-grid life.

Wyoming Pros and Cons


Livestock resources are available.

It has fertile land. 


Have a big gun culture.


Utah is perfect for off-grid living, and it has attractive natural beauty. The great climate of Utah will offer special weather for comfortable living

It is surrounded by mountains. You will explore other parts of this state while reaching this hilly area. 

You can use firearms without permission. Plus, you can use it within your property for hunting.

You will get the cheapest property tax rate in Utah. It is below the national average. 

Utah Pros and Cons


Comfortable Weather 

Cheapest Property Tax


Gun restrictions are available. 


Alabama is called the sweet home of the country. This state is famous for old fashioned living culture. When you are planning for off-grid living, it is ideal for mild weather. 

If you have a tight budget for off-grid adventure and living, you can spend more time with low living costs. 

Property taxes, prices, and resources are more affordable than other off-grid living areas. 

You will get great gun laws for the forest adventure. There is no restriction for carrying guns.

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Alabama Pros and Cons


Old-Fashioned Living 

Mild Weather 


Low property reselling value.

North Carolina

Finally, we have North Carolina on this list. The state is historical and it has plenty of resources for off-grid living. 

The state has a massive population like a big city, but you will find unique natural beauty and landscape in the land.

Moderate rainfall and perfect weather make it ideal for vegetable cultivation. You can grow crops that will help you for complete off-grid life.

North Carolina Pros and Cons


Plenty of Resources 

Traditional Community Culture 


Big Population 

Worst States for Off-Grid Living

Worst States for Off-Grid Living

There are some bad states for off-grid living. You will find several reasons that make these states bad for off-grid life. Moving to a wrong state will waste your time and money.  Here are some worst states that are not good for off-grid life. 

New York

New York is at the top of the list because of its busy culture. People are self-sufficient and living independently in this city. 

Though New York is very beautiful and attractive, it is not good for off-grid living. 

The expensive lifestyle and isolated flat culture will work against off-grid life. Besides, the rules and regulations are too strict. 


If you have a plan to live independently, Hawaii is not suitable for you. It is an expensive state for people who just started earning. 

The living cost is higher and you have to spend a huge amount on everyday commodities. 

Besides, the land has no stable resource for meat. Like New York City, Hawaii also has strict rules and regulations. You have to follow several structural rules while making a house. 

The weather is also aggressive in this state. You might face a hurricane in the rainy season. 


This western US state is perfect for business and city life. If you are planning to live off-grid in this state, it will be the worst experience. 

You can’t afford the expenses of daily commodities if you don’t have a large budget. 

Besides, all the resources are not available in California. You can not make a self-reliant lifestyle in this state. 


Like New York and California, Washington is not suitable for off-grid living. You can not stay long without artificial resources and living style. 

The state has a high taxes rate and living costs. Besides, there are several restrictions for gun users. 

This state is crowded because of its large population. 


Illinois is a densely populated country, and it would be a bad spot for off-grid living. Living expenses are too high, and there are several laws and codes for residents. 

There are plenty of rivers and lakes, but you can not tolerate the bitter winter.


Finally, you get the best states for living off-grid in the US. These states are perfect because of several opportunities and advantages. 

You can simply start your life in these states without too many expenses. 

If you are not familiar with the off-grid lifestyle, you can check the 12 best living off-the-grid books here. 

Besides, you can estimate your budget in this article. How much money does it take to live off the grid? 

Finally, you can gather the best idea from these 42 DIY ideas for off-grid living for your awesome moments.