7 Best Places In Montana For Off-Grid Living

If you are looking for the best place for off-grid living in a particular area, you have to understand several things before finalizing your decision.

Montana is an ideal place for off-grid living and you will find several suitable places in this region. 

Off-grid living is a challenge for city dwellers. You have to select a place with suitable weather, working and living environment.

In general, off-grid places don’t have unlimited resources. So, you have to select a place that has different resources and a good environment.

In this writing, we present the best places in Montana for off-grid living. We include the advantages and disadvantages of each place with different points of view. Let’s explore. 

7 Best Places In Montana For Off-Grid Living

7 Best Places In Montana For Off-Grid Living

There are seven best places in Montana. These places are ideal for off-grid living and you will get the best environment.

You can use the local resources and create a personal living area wherever you want. Besides, Montana will offer you some significant opportunities while living off-grid. Let’s explore the places. 

Beaverhead County

Beaverhead County

First, we have probably an ideal place in Montana. Beaverhead County is famous for off-grid living because of its low population density and large area.

It has around 1,000 citizens and a 5,543 square mile area.

Besides, Beaverhead County has a unique geographical position. Due to its location, it has a milder climate that is ideal for farming and exploring. 

The land price is affordable. You will get open spaces and a structural environment for recreational activities.

With the low land price, you can build your off-grid house and enjoy a natural lifestyle

There are several schools and colleges. You will get a proper education facility for children.

With the local environment, you will get excellent educational institutions. The place is popular for permanent off-grid living.

On the contrary, the place is also ideal for short time off-grid living. You can enjoy a happy trip to this place. The quiet and fresh environment will invite you to explore the beauty. 

The cost of living is not too expensive in the Beaverhead County area. It is below average. You can live affordably in Beaverhead County.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on daily living and household chores, you can use the local resources or produce almost all items. 

The agricultural economy of this area will enable you to produce and manage your livelihood. Cattle farming is the best way of earning when it comes to the agricultural sector. 

The county has mountains, lakes, and wide-open places that are suitable for fishing and farming. You will get a wide variety of resources to expand your living period.

You will get easy access to the nearest city from this area. You don’t need to drive for miles.

So, Beaverhead County is an ideal place for off-grid living and you can enjoy your off-grid journey here. 

Madison County

Madison County

Madison County is one of the best places for off-grid living in Montana. It has a population of only eight thousand people at 3,587 square miles.

Furthermore, the low density and cheap land make the place desirable for off-grid living.

The weather is cold and comfortable in Madison County. May is the most pleasant month in this county, but you will enjoy April and October too.

You will find around 0.7 inches of snow in January and a significant snowfall throughout the winter. 

On the contrary, August is the hottest month in the county. You will face a temperature range of around 90 degrees.

You can utilize this long summer season and high temperatures to produce different types of crops. 

Farming is a blessing in Madison County. You can get the benefit of farming and agricultural activities in different seasons. 

You will find cheap lands for farming. If you have a huge budget, you can purchase land.

Besides, land leasing is an excellent idea in this region. You use the leased land for farming and off-grid production. 

But, the living cost is seven percent higher than the national average cost. You have to pay more for daily needs and resources.

The living cost depends on the salary, average income, and availability of resources.

The county has a traditional local culture and huge open land. You can enjoy the off-grid time with a healthy lifestyle. The place will welcome you with different kinds of natural beauty. 

You have to prepare yourself for the different seasons when trying to live permanently.

It is suggested to consider present weather conditions and the exact situation of the place for short-time camping. 

It is better to find the best off-grid living tools and devices that will help you to live in Madison County. You can explore the most suitable off-grid living tools for Madison County here. 

Ravalli County

Ravalli County is a highly-populated area. The County has 2,394 square miles with 45 thousand people. If you are looking for an excellent off-grid living place, it is the best place with fertile lands.

The weather is challenging and enjoyable in Ravalli County. June is the most comfortable month in this place.

Besides, August and September will give you a pleasant atmosphere for exploring the outdoors. 

On the contrary, July is the hottest month, and you will get up to 85 degrees. It is the average temperature of the Montana region.

In winter, the county gets around 10.1 inches of snowfall. You have to tolerate it for six months. 

You can rely on the sustainable farming and agricultural plan of Ravalli County. The weather is suitable for growing crops and vegetables. Similarly, you can start cattle farming without spending too much. 

The average growth is excellent in this area. Ravalli County contributes the major portion of agriculture in Montana.

A good transportation system, open space, and a farmer’s friendly policy make the county ideal for farming. 

Cattle farming is a blessing for this county. You can use the land for dairy and cattle farming throughout the year.

You will find cheaper land in Ravalli County. You can buy open space to build a house or start farming. The local policy is suitable for off-grid living and you can build houses and farms permanently. 

Living cost is below the average in Ravalli County. You will find cheap resources and manage daily needs. It will enable you to produce and grow foods by yourself. 

So, Ravalli county is an ideal off-grid place with low land prices and extended farming time.

Though the population density is higher than the average, it has no negative impact on the lifestyle because of huge resources. 

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Granite County

If you are searching for a small and quiet place in Montana, Granite County will be your ideal location for off-grid living.

It is situated in the western part of the county and popular for its low population density. The total area of Granite County is around 1,728 square miles with three thousand people.

The weather is significantly milder in this area. You can start your off-grid living journey comfortably without any disastrous climate history.

Like other places and states, snowfall is available in winter. You have to tolerate snowfall for ten months a year.

August is the most comfortable and pleasant month in Granite County. Similarly, July and June come with a comfortable temperature. July gets the highest temperature in the Montana region. 

The land price is lower than the national average. You can buy off-grid places at an affordable price. Besides, the farming land comes at a relatively lower price than other states.

After purchasing open space, you can start cattle farming while living permanently in this area.

The living cost is below the average in Granite County. The agricultural resources will enable you to reduce living costs and enjoy off-grid life.

But, the grocery cost is almost the same as the US average.

You can do farming all over the year. In winter, vegetable production is the best way of farming. You may have a large production cycle or use the small land in front of your off-grid house.

So, Granite County is the best place for off-grid living with a low population and excellent farming opportunities. You can expand your off-grid living period by spending average living costs. 

It is important to take some special tools and materials for the winter before shifting to Granite County. Otherwise, the ten months of snowfall will bother you. 

Missoula County

Missoula County

Missoula County is a suitable place for off-grid living in Montana. The County has the highest population in the state, and it decreases the living costs.

There are around 120 thousand people in 2,598 square miles.

The weather condition of Missoula County is unpredictable and it changes over months. There is a local myth about its weather- “If you don’t like the weather, wait for five minutes.”

May and June are the months of rain and showers. In winter, you have to take special preparation due to excessively cold weather. You cannot stay outside. Sometimes, the daily activities are stopped due to the snowfall. 

The cost of living is low in Missoula County. You know that densely populated areas are cheaper than the average living costs of a state.

You can use the local resources and purchase daily items at an affordable price. Besides, the citizens offer various packages for off-grid living. 

Furthermore, the cost of housing and land is higher than the average rate. Missoula has overpopulation, and it is the toughest task to find suitable land at an affordable price.

But, you can search in the backward area to purchase low price land. If you have already decided to move to Missoula, don’t worry. It is possible to find the best places for your off-grid housing and farming. 

However, fertile land is the blessing of this county. You can start farming with the lowest investment.

The land is suitable for almost all the vegetables and crops. It is possible to grow crops in a large area and arrange your food.

If you don’t want to buy farmland, you can grow necessary items in front of your house. Every inch of land is fertile in Missoula. 

Besides, you will find a different farming scheme that is suitable for fruits and vegetables. So, you will get several benefits while living off-grid in Missoula without affordable land. 

Yellowstone County

Yellowstone County also has a high population density. The county’s area is around 25,635 square miles with 162 thousand people.

The interesting thing is that around 100 thousand people live in Billings and the rest of the people around the county.

The county has some significant features and advantages that make it extremely good for off-grid living.  

The weather of Yellowstone County is stable and free from unpredictable hazards. This county gets around 14 inches of rain and 47 inches of snow per year. You will get rain, snow, sleet, hail on the ground for a particular time.

July is the hottest month in this area, and the temperature goes around 88 degrees. On the contrary, January is the coldest month, and the temperature decreases to only 14 degrees.

The living cost is higher than the national average in Yellowstone County. You have to pay eight percent higher for housing. But, the utility prices are 23% lower than the national average.

You can purchase daily commodities at an affordable price. The local resources make the item cheaper than the national average.

Similarly, the transportation cost is low and you can explore the area without spending too much.

If you want to live off-grid permanently, you have to purchase land. The land price is the same as the national average in Yellowstone.

You will find a lot of spaces to build houses and farms. The price depends on the location and resources. Fertile lands are more expensive than residential areas.

So, you have to select land consciously and negotiate the price as much as you can. 

Yellowstone is one of the best places for farming in Montana. You will find fertile land for growing crops, vegetables, and fruits.

Besides, the county has an exclusive farmer’s market. The fresh food is available here. You can start farming and contribute to the local agricultural community. 

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Treasure County

Finally, we have Treasure County, which is the best place with the lowest population. Surprisingly, the county has less than 700 people in 979 square miles.

You will enjoy a quiet and pleasant living atmosphere in this area. The beautiful surroundings and fresh environment make it perfect for off-grid living. It is the ideal place for people who want to live a self-sufficient life.

Treasure County is suitable for off-grid living because of its excellent weather. You will get two comfortable months to enjoy high temperatures.

The temperature will rise to 85 degrees. In January, it will be reduced to 10 degrees. 

You can live affordably in this county. The living cost is below the average. The county has different resources.

Besides, you will have fertile land for farming. The land is suitable for growing vegetables and fruits.The land price is incredibly low. You will have the best opportunity to expand your farming area. 

Is Montana A Good State To Live Off The Grid?

Is Montana A Good State To Live Off The Grid?

Montana is a good place for off-grid living. Like other places, the state has some advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider several issues before finalizing your decision.

A good state comes with various facilities and a suitable environment. Off-grid living is a challenge. So, you can’t generalize a place. 

Pros of Living Off-Grid In Montana

  • Excellent environment and surroundings.
  • Suitable weather for living and farming.
  • Easy housing and accommodation.
  • Beautiful natural sights.
  • Low land price.
  • Farming opportunity with fertile land.

Cons of Living Off-Grid In Montana

  • Sometime, the state gets excessive cold weather.
  • Some areas have higher living cost.


Is it legal to live off-grid in Montana?

Living off-grid is completely legal in Montana. You can build a house, grow crops, and live peacefully in this state. The state has many suitable places. 

What state is best for off-grid living?

Alabama is the best state for off-grid living. You will get low price land and the living cost is below the average. You can enjoy nature at an affordable living cost. 

Where can I live for free?

There are several states and areas where you will find free land for off-grid living. You can search for free land in Beatrice, Curtis, Elwood, etc. 

Can you live in the woods legally?

You can live in the woods if you have permission. The forest areas are under the forest department. So, you can not use it permanently for off-grid living. 

Final Verdict 

Finally, you get the best places for off-grid living in Montana. These are the most suitable places and you can explore more based on your choice. 

Remember, off-grid living is a challenge, and you have to ensure a quiet living place. It will enable you to live peacefully and enjoy nature.

Without having proper knowledge, you can not live in a place like this. So, search for more information and use the data to identify advantages and problems.

It is better to make a list and compare the facilities before shifting to a place permanently. Besides, living cost is an important issue when searching for off-grid places.