How Many Dexter Cows Can I Own Per Acre?

The idea of having fresh milk straight from your home sounds like a great idea. That’s because it is a very good idea.

One of the miniature cattle breeds that most people are excited about is the Dexter cow. This cow is known to be very resilient and versatile.

Even though having a cow on your farm is a good idea, some things would stop you from doing it.

One of the largest problems people will face when they want to raise cows is the size of the land. How Many Dexter Cows Can I Own? What do you do when you have a small piece of land but still want a Dexter cow?

Well, this article has every piece of information you need about Dexter cows. In this post, we will help you figure out how many cows can fit in your piece of land.

We will also give you additional information about Dexter cows including their care, appearance, origin, and much more. Let’s get started.

About Dexter Cows

About Dexter Cows

It is believed that the Dexter cow breed was originally from Ireland and was moved to the states in the 20th century.

The number of cows in the US has grown over the years because of their small size and the ease of maintenance and care.

You will notice that most of the Dexter cows have a black color. However, that is not always the case because some might have a dark red color.

The cow has a size of around one meter and will weigh around 300 kilograms when fully grown. A bull will weigh around 450 kilograms and grow to around 1.2 meters.

Nevertheless, compared to other cows, they are smaller.

In regards to temperament, it is different for different cows. Some might be quite docile, while others get angry very fast.

If the cow was handled constantly by its breeder, it grows to become docile and is a perfect mother. Therefore, it will calve easily.

How Many Dexter Cows Can I Own Per Acre?

How Many Dexter Cows Can I Own Per Acre?

The Dexter is a small cow breed and the smaller size translates to less food and fewer space requirements compared to other full-sized cows.

However, before you can decide to put a cow on your land, there are things you should know.

The number of Dexter cows you can have on your land will depend on several factors such as the soil, climate, pasture available, rotation sequence, as well as rain distribution.

In general, a Dexter cow does not need much space. If you have one acre or two, you should be able to keep around 2 Dexter cows.

Additionally, they are lighter compared to standard-sized cows. For that reason, the pasture will not beat up as badly as you would expect. It is an important consideration because nobody wants their source of food to be destroyed.

Even though it would be a great idea to feed grass to your cow, certain treats would help in their growth. That includes some grain.

In the hot summer, a Dexter would survive properly on around one acre of land. Half an acre would also suffice.

How Much is a Dexter Cow Worth?

How Much is a Dexter Cow Worth?

The cost of a Dexter cow might differ based on aspects such as the breeder, size, and age. Since they are not easy to find, they can be more expensive compared to other breeds.

You should be prepared to pay anything from $1,500 to $2,000 for the breed. However, certain breeders will go as low as $800.

Feeding and Housing Dexter Cows

Feeding and Housing Dexter Cows

When it comes to feeding, these cows do not need a lot of space for pasture. Each animal would be good with around ½ an acre of green grass.

Alternatively, you can choose around 12 to 15 pounds of hay coupled with some grain daily. These animals are good at foraging and will eat what goats eat. They are hardy and will even do with some rough pasture.

You still need to get them some fencing. Sheep fencing should be perfect since they are smaller breeds.

You should also provide a constant clean water supply. The shelter is also important because of the inclement weather. The animals can survive in any weather and will not easily contract any diseases.

Dexter Cattle: A Breeders’ Notebook

Dexter Cattle: A Breeders' Notebook
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Some Thoughts

Dexter cows are great for small farms and homesteads. Even though they might have some faults, they are good with children as pets and are good mothers to their calves.

Milk produced by Dexter cows is rich in protein and butterfat. We highly recommend that you consider getting a Dexter cow for your farm regardless of its size. Thanks!