9 Ways to Preserve Meat for Long Term Storage

Preservation makes meat available when you need it for an urgent recipe. You can use preserved meat for a long time if you preserve it properly.

Meat preservation is not so difficult and you can follow different ways to keep meat fresh for a certain time. 

It is an effective process for almost all types of meat when you have problems with the supply chain or simply want to use it on different occasions.

You can collect meat in three different ways. But, you can not ensure the availability of meat when you need it. Preservation provides this advantage to consumers with their storage. 

In this writing, we present the nine effective ways of meat preservation for long-term storage. Besides, we give some tips that will make you more successful when you preserve meat. Let’s explore!

How To Preserve Meat For Long Term Storage

How To Preserve Meat For Long Term Storage

You will have several benefits when storing meat for a long time. The preservation process will save money and ensure quality food for a long period.

Similarly, you can avoid food wasting and extend the availability.

Furthermore, this process helps you to store meat for emergency usage. You can store meat in several ways. The most effective ways are:

  • Dehydrating
  • Curing
  • Canning
  • Land Preserving
  • Smoking

You can also use the advantages of the weather to keep your meat fresh. You have to clean meat perfectly no matter whatever method you use.

It ensures the longevity of the preservation and protects against fungal infection.

Before applying any method, make sure that it is suitable for the meat. For example, canning and drying are perfect for lean meat that removes excess skin and fat.

On the contrary, soaking in the brine solution is ideal for strong-flavored wild meat.

So, you will find different options for meat preservation, and they should be selected wisely. 

9 Ways Preserve Meat For Long Term Storage

In this section, we present the nine best ways to preserve meat. You will get a detailed review here, including the meat type, steps, and storage time. 

We also describe the cooking process of the preserved food. Let’s get started.


Dehydrating Meat

The dehydrating process works to dry meat for long time preservation. It is the healthiest and easiest way to preserve all kinds of meat

In this system, you need an electric dehydrator that will remove the water from the meat and make it perfect for storage.

You can prepare meat for a longer period instead of in a refrigerator. It has been used for years after being founded in India. 

The dehydration process is easy to follow and the steps are simple for long time work. 

First, the meat needs to be cooked well in a small amount of water for at least 35 minutes. 

Next, slice the meat in 1/2 inch layers. You can also grind for a faster dehydration process. Now, you need a dehydrator. 

Put the sliced meat over the tray and set the temperature at 60 degrees Celsius

It requires a minimum of six hours and the time depends on the capacity of the dehydrator.

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An oven can be used to dehydrate meat at the same temperature and time frame.

Finally, it takes two or three days under the sun to complete the dehydration process. Continue the drying until the meat gets hard. Keep the trays inside at night. 

Following the dehydration process, you can complete the storing and drying process within a short time. Besides, it is the cheapest method to store meat for a long time. 

Meat like venison, beef, and poultry have at least a shelf life of one year or more. Make sure that you store it in an air-tight container.

After completing the preservation process, you have to understand the rehydration process.

By soaking meat in a cup with boiling water, you can easily use the dehydrated meat for any recipe. It takes three to four hours to get back to normal condition.

Curing by salt

Curing by salt

Curing is the oldest meat preservation process that is still used for both rural and urban areas. This ancient process is best for long-term meat preservation when you don’t want to lose the flavor. 

Salting will allow you to preserve any raw meat for a certain period. 

First, you have to wash all the meat in cold water and remove the water perfectly. 

Next, cut the meat into medium slices with an inch thickness. Use sea salt and make a salt layer on the outside of the slices.

It is important to cover the surface perfectly and make sure that no space is empty. 

Now, select a way to cool and hang the meat slices. Wait until dry to proceed. It takes at least 30 days.

Curing by salt will enable you to store meat for one year. It depends on the weather and location.

Besides, wet curing enables you to apply the salt by soaking in the salty water. 

It saves your money and time for preserving food. But, the process takes more time than other options. 

Use an air-tight container to store salting meat. This meat is suitable for cooking with any kind of recipe, including vegetables.

The cooking process is normal, and you just need to soak it to remove the salt before cooking. 

Canning Meat

Canning Meat

When you don’t have enough time to prepare food at home, canning meat is the ready option for easy-to-eat meals.

You can store bear, beef, lamb, pork, sausage, veal, or venison with the canning method.

You have to use a pressure canner that produces a high temperature to can meat. Meat is a low acid food, and a pressure cooker is a must for this process.

It is a proven way to store meat healthily for a long time. 

The process starts with cleaning and drying meat in a canning jar. Then heat the water in the pressure canner and boil the water perfectly. 

You can cut your meat in a standard size and remove additional fat, skin, or gristle. High-quality meat takes less time to complete the process.

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Now, pour the glass jar with cubed meat and keep 1-inch of free space up to the head. It is better to use a standard size glass jar with an airtight lid.

Fill the jar a couple of inches with boiled water. The meat extracts its juice that has a nice flavor. 

Clean the jar, heat, and tighten the lid perfectly to protect air circulation.

Set the jar into the pressure canner and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. 

Set the pressure time for 90 minutes and use a 15-pound weight. After releasing the pressure, give the jar enough time to get back to the normal temperature.

Finally, remove the jar and clean the outer side as needed. 

This preservation process is more convenient, time-consuming, and easy to prepare. It saves space in your freezer. Plus, you will get the same taste for a long time.

Using the canner is tricky, and you have to read the user manual carefully. The most interesting thing is that canned meat will remain fresh for two to five years based on the weather and location.

Remember, canned meat is already cooked, and it is better to warm it and use it for different recipes. 

Hot packing

Hot packing canning is the process of heating prepared food in the jar to boiling. It takes three to five minutes to fill your canning jars.

Raw packing

Raw packing canning is the process that we have discussed in the above paragraph. In this process, you can eat fresh raw meat instead of prepared meat.

It allows you to keep the food fresh for a long time and directly store the fresh meat. 

Brining Your Meat

Brining Your Meat

Brining is a traditional method of meat preservation with water, sugar, and salt. It works to protect the meat from being rotten when you soak the meat in the mixture of these three items.

The process starts by drowning meats in the brine. 

This technique was used in the pre-refrigerator era, and poultry breasts, pork, and beef are suitable for brining.

At the very beginning, you have to understand the ratio of water and salt to make brine. 

In general, it takes one cup of salt and 3.7 liters of water. If you want to add additional flavor, you can use garlic cloves, peppercorns, and honey in the brine.

For heavy skinny meat like turkey, remove and dry the meat perfectly. You can keep the meat uncovered in a refrigerator.

The most interesting thing is that you can use the dry brining method to preserve your food.

The process is super simple. Cover the meat surface with the salt and place it in the refrigerator in a Ziplock bag for one or two days.

However, brining will save time and help you use the meat for a long time. You can prepare one pound of meat within one hour.

If you did everything perfectly, it would last for a year without the help of refrigeration.

Before cooking, dissolve the meat in the water. Use a large container and wait for a few hours to get the back meat in normal condition.

Biltong your meat

Biltong is a traditional meat preservation process founded in South Africa. This unique process enables you to use the preserved meat for a long time. 

It was invented in ancient times, and food preservation was difficult at that time. The process goes through several steps and is suitable for beef, pork, and mutton preservation.

The process starts with meat selection, and you can store the meat with the same test and flavor for a long time.

Remove the edges and fat from the surface. It is the same process that you will use for cooking meats.

Cut the meat with a perfect size and don’t make large sizes. It will take more time to dry meat, and you might face difficulty when handling the pieces.

Make a layer of basting and seasoning mixed on a tray and place the meat. Make another layer on the meat and add additional spices that you love.

Next, marinate the meat for two to three hours in the refrigerator. 

Now, you have to dry meat, and you can do it in different ways. You can hang the meat in a dry and isolated space or a constructed chamber. This chamber will allow you to dry meat quickly.

Depending on your drying method and amount of meat, it will take 24 hours to 10 days to complete the biltong process. You can decide the drying time compared to the hardiness of the meat. 

The biltong process helps you to store food for four to seven days. You can extend the period with the help of a refrigerator. 

Preserved in Lard

Lard doesn’t contain any chemicals or salt. But, it will protect your food for a large time. The process is ideal for beef and pork. It will enable you to use the meat in any recipe.

At the very beginning, you have to cook the meat and keep it in a sealed jar with a lid. Prepare it at medium temperature. 

In the next step, put the jar on a flat surface and open the lid to release additional heat. At the same time, melt the lard perfectly so that you can easily pour the meat.

Pour the meat jar with the hot lard. Wait until the jar gets sealed. 

You can store meat for at least six months using lard.


Pemmican will enable you to preserve meat for a long time without a refrigerator. Dried meat is suitable for pemmican and you can store it with the same flavor for a long time.

Before starting this process, you have to remove fat from the meat. Make sure that the meat is dried and has no minimum level of moisture. 

To maintain moisture level, the meat should be dried at a low temperature. 

Next, cut the meat with a standard-sized slice and wait for a few minutes. It will make the moisture level stable.

Now, grind the meat into a powder and dry it perfectly. The powder will absorb moisture and make the meat drier.

If you like some additional flavor, you can add fruit powder. The meat will get a unique flavor.

Then, you have to melt animal fat and cut the dried meat into small pieces. Melt the fat at a low temperature and cook until the bubbling stops.

You can filter it to make sure that there is no hunch in the suet. Add the melted fat to the meat and pour perfectly. 

Finally, wait until the pemmican firmed. It is time to store the pemmican in a cool and dry place.

You can store pemmican for a long time and the duration depends on the storage system. 

Pemmican meat can be used directly in different recipes, and you will always have ready meat at home. 


It is a traditional technique that will help you to preserve poultry meat with its own fat. It is also effective to seal the oxygen and protect against bacteria. 

First, you have to cut the meat and remove the fat nicely. This is a similar process of storing meat with lard. So, you have to collect clear fat and melt it at a low temperature.

Next, it is very simple and easy. Submerge the meat in the melted fat. It will add a sealed layer to the meat surface. This layer will protect moisture and work against bacteria. 

Cook the melted meat until it gets the sealed layer. You can add additional flavor to make the confit yummy. The slow cooking method will add lard effectively. 

To store confit, you need an air-tight container. Now, put the meat in the container and again pour with melted fat. Pour it until the entire container is filled.

You can store it in a cool and dry place or store it in the refrigerator. 

To cook confit meat, you have to melt the fat at a low temperature, and you can use it in different recipes.

Rillettes (Potted Meat)

Rillettes is a historical method of meat preservation. You will find many similarities between rillettes and confit. It was used in ancient times instead of being stored in a refrigerator.

Remove drumsticks when using legs and wings. Take a large bowl and mix a couple of tablespoons of salt. Marinate in the refrigerator for eight hours.

Next, take out marinated meat and rinse them nicely. Submerge perfectly in the fat and cook at a low temperature for two hours. It depends on the meat type and quality.

At the same time, melt some lard in a separate pan and keep them aside. 

You can add garlic or herbs to bring a flavor to the melted lard. 

Now, keep the meat in a large bowl and add the melted lard until it is poured with a thick layer.

Store it in a refrigerator and use it when you need meat. You can store them for four to six months.


Pate is an excellent way of preserving meat preservation. It is almost similar to the confit. In pate, you have to use the muscle or organ meats.

You have to blend meat with other herbs and seasoning to store for a long time. 

You can follow the confit method, and one thing you have to do more is blending. You can store meat for up to seven days and use it with bread, pizza, and other recipes.


Next, we have a meat preservation method that is delicious and suitable for all kinds of meat. 

If you don’t like hard dried meat, you can go for terrine to get softened preserved meat. It is similar to pate, and you can make it with muscle and organ meat.

Due to the lard layer, you can store the meat for a long time, and it is easy to cook. 

Before storing terrine meat, you have to clean the container and make sure that it is air-tight. You can use terrine meat for two weeks.

Use the Weather to Your Advantage

Why don’t you take advantage of the weather? If you are living in an area with hot and cold weather, you can preserve meat naturally.

Cold weather will help you to store meat without electricity or a refrigerator. It is called the cold storage method. 

You can make a temporary cold center to store the meat. It is a natural process that enables you to hold the cold temperature. 

In this method, you can store meat for the winter season only. Don’t use this method in summer. You need extreme cold weather to preserve meat. Make sure that you store meat above ground.



If you are living in a place where the weather is not stable and you don’t have the necessary storage equipment, you can use this method. 

Smoking is a meat curing method in which a smoky chamber prepares meat at a certain temperature for long-term preservation.

This slow and steady process enables you to store meat without a refrigerator. You have to set the temperature of the smoking chamber at 200 to 225 degrees celsius. 

Depending on the types of meat, smoke will eliminate the moisture of the meat and protect bacteria. 

Smoke sucks the dehydration and anti-bacterial properties of the meat to keep it fresh for an extended period. 

You can explore the complete process of How Does Smoking Cure Meat in this article.

Curing in the Fridge/Freezing

Curing in the Fridge/Freezing is the most used meat preservation method. You need a freeze dryer to complete this process. 

Comparing other meat curing options, it is the easiest and convenient method for meat preservation.

First, you have to select fresh meat without fat and edges. Next, use a small amount of salt for curing. 

Hang the meat in a dry and cool place. After removing all the water from the meat, hang it in the fridge. You don’t need to do anything more. You can use this meat for further use. 

Make sure that the meat has removed 45% of its weight before storing it in the fridge.

Tips To Preserve Meat More Successfully

Tips To Preserve Meat More Successfully

You have to follow every step consciously to make the process more successful. Make sure that you have selected fresh meat.

Always follow the method that you feel comfortable and suitable for your area.

You can use your nose to make sure that the flavor is perfect and everything is going well.

After collecting the meat, start the preservation process immediately. It will help you to store fresh meat.

Finally, use fresh, clean, and air-tight containers to store meat. Don’t use a container that is too large or too small. A sterilized container will protect against bacteria and extend the preserving time.


In conclusion, it can be said that meat preservation is an ideal process to make meat available at home. Always use fresh meat to store at home. 

Preserved meat will help you to use meat even in an emergency. A disturbed supply chain can affect the meat-consuming process. 

But, if you have preserved meat at home, you can use it any time.

No matter which method you are using, make sure that you check all the safety issues related to food and meat preservation. 

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