47 Best Careers for Living Off the Grid

Your lifestyle depends on earning and job. You can lead a better life and afford daily costs if you have a stable earning source.

The best careers for living off the grid will enable you to earn and spend with your style.

You have to understand why you need a job in off-grid living. It is also important to select your favorite job in a remote place. You cannot change the earning source instantly in off-grid living. 

Besides, off-grid places don’t have opportunities for all professionals. You should consider the work demand and prepare yourself based on the location. 

In this writing, we present the best careers for off-grid living. We also include some features that will enable you to find the best job when you are off the grid. 

Why Do You Still Need a Job When Going Off-grid?

Why Do You Still Need a Job When Going Off-grid?

A job is a way to earn, and earning is the key to exploring the world. Without money, you cannot live a better life whether you are off the grid or metro area.

Off-grid living can’t ensure that you will get all the living resources in the local area. Besides, it is difficult to grow and produce daily commodities in every season. 

In this situation, you can earn your livelihood in a remote place and explore nature without spending your savings. 

How To Choose the Right Job for Off-Grid Living?

How To Choose The Right Job For Off-Grid Living?

Choosing the right job is not difficult but tricky when living off the grid. You have to consider several things and follow local working traditions.

We find the most significant key features that will enable you to find the right job for off-grid living. Let’s explore.


You have selected off-grid life to explore nature and live in a quiet place. So, you should manage a flexible job. It will give you enough time to explore outside areas. 

Don’t go for a 9 to 5 job that has no flexibility. Remember, off-grid living is a sustainable lifestyle. You won’t be a city dweller there. 

Pay well

You can’t work for long hours in off-grid living. So, you have to find a job with an excellent salary.

Though it depends on your skills and area of expertise, you can manage it easily. Do the research and explore the well-paid job in the area.

Allow To Work Remotely or from Home

Working from home is a great idea if you have an internet connection. You can work as a freelance worker and earn money from home.

The off-grid living will enable you to work remotely, and several skills are available.

Relate Your Home Life 

Only your skills will help you when you are searching for a job. You can relate your home life and practice the related skills in off-grid living also. It will enable you to get a suitable job with a good salary.

Best Careers for Off-Grid Living

Best Careers For Living Off The Grid

In this article, we present the best 47 careers for off-grid living. With seven job categories, we include these jobs that are suitable for everyone.

We research these careers that are suitable and flexible when you are not in city areas. Our goal is to provide you with the best opportunities off-grid.

We also consider the skillset with these careers to ensure a good salary. Let’s see the best careers for off-grid living. 


A farmworker is an ancient and most suitable career for off-grid living. You can enjoy nature and make your life beautiful with this simple job.

This job will enable you to grow plants and take on different farm-related works. Here are the most suitable farmworker jobs.

Tree Planter

Planting trees is one of the best farmworker careers while living off the grid. With this career, you can explore the beauty of nature by planting new trees.

It will allow you to take off different types of trees. You can work for a nursery or tree planting business along with an individual entrepreneur.

Tree planter jobs are available all over the world. So, you can manage it easily. 


Gardening is the best source of producing fruits and vegetables. This skill will make you the perfect fit for an off-grid job.

Almost in every area, you will find working opportunities in local gardens. It is a relaxing and convenient job compared to others.

Yard Specialist

Yard specialist is the latest version of the farmworker. You can get a new opportunity in an off-grid area if you have skills in this particular area.

It is necessary for off-grid and urban life to landscape your area. You can do it with gardening and enhance the beauty of a yard or house.

Become a Media Star

Have you ever been image yourself as a media star? You can establish your career by promoting yourself as a writer, influencer, YouTuber, or blogger.

This is a self-dependent career opportunity to earn money when you don’t have a permanent job. Here are some areas that will enable you to become a media star. 

Self-publish And Sell a Print Book

You can earn by publishing attractive articles and print books. In remote areas, there are not enough opportunities to read magazines.

If you develop a quality magazine, it will allow you to earn money. You can add your latest exploring photos and experiences in the books. 

Host A Youtube Channel

YouTube is the most powerful and successful source of earning when living off-grid. This video-sharing platform will share revenue with you.

You can host a YouTube channel and upload videos on a particular topic. It will be better to share your off-grid living experience and review different places.

Start An Off-Grid Living Blog: Share Your Off-grid Knowledge And Skills

It is almost the same as the previous one. The difference is with the format. You can share off-grid knowledge and skills on a blog.

This written version will allow you to earn money through advertisement. If you make a quality website, it will be famous for off-grid knowledge-sharing platforms. 

Start a Business: Sell What Your Land or Animals Produce

Business is the most successful way to earn money when you shift to a new place. Several business ideas are suitable for off-grid living.

By using these skills and ideas, you can lead a profitable life in a remote place. Let’s explore some off-grid business ideas. 

Sell A Specialist Or Artisan Product

People are fond of specialist or artisan products in all areas. You can use this idea to establish a profitable off-grid business.

There are several things that you can sell in a remote place. Stock photographs, digital images, and nature photographs have high demand in the market.

Sell What You Can Create

Your skill will be a great companion to earn and live off-grid. Creative materials and crafts have an appealing demand in the off-grid area.

The basic ideas you can start with are wood chopping and selling, producing seed and oils, herbs, etc. 

On the contrary, you can earn by selling eggs, bread, cookies, and desserts items. 

Here are some more ideas: 

  • Sell meat from animals you’re raising
  • Raising and selling bait worms 
  • Sell your excess honey
  • Sell cow or goat milk
  • Goat’s cheese
  • Flower arrangements or table decorations
  • Bird boxes or bird tables
  • Pickles and canned goods

Be a Trades Person

Trading is a profitable career where you can earn from multiple sources. It will allow you to start your own business and work with different items.

It will be a perfect opportunity to start selling services and products. We find the best trading ideas for off-grid living here.

Teach workshops

Teaching is the best profession for off-grid areas. You can teach language, communicative approaches, and many more things to the local people.

Besides, it will be a great source of earning in remote areas. 

Rent storage space out

If you have a large storage space, you can start a storage rental business. People need more space to store their crops, vegetables, and farming equipment in off-grid areas. 

It will be a great source of earning, and you can utilize the space properly. Try to establish a quality storage space to get a perfect rent.

Rent Out Your Land

Landlords have different sources of earnings from their land. You can rent your off-grid land for farming and agricultural purposes.

It will increase the value of the land and make it usable for different purposes. Try to keep your land fertile. It will give you a good rental price for every season.

Host Events on Your Land

Open spaces in off-grid areas are the perfect earning source by hosting different events on your land.

In general, people can’t manage a convention hall or party center. So, you can use this idea and start a profitable rental trade. You can offer long-day hosting services at an affordable price.

Teach Others Your Off-grid Skills

People are now shifting to remote places and starting off-grid living. City dwellers don’t have the right skills for off-grid living.

They want to learn off-grid living skills to prepare for a knowledgeable lifestyle. You can work as an off-grid coach and get paid by showing your skills. 

Run Services Which Require Land

Several services require land, and you can use this idea to establish a career. This service is the same as a land rental service.

People need open spaces for marriage ceremonies, parties, camping, and family celebrations. If you want to use this idea, you have to find a suitable place. 

Skilled Trades

Several trades require special skills. But these skill sets will allow you to work with a flexible schedule and earn more money.

If you are good with a particular skill, you can develop your new career. Here are some top skilled-based trades that you can start in off-grid living.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a challenge. You will find several individuals in a particular area who are searching for a fitness trainer.

In remote areas, there are not enough gyms or trainers. You will have an opportunity with this skill. You can easily start this career in any place. 

Park Ranger

If you want to establish a challenging career in off-grid life, you can start with the park ranger opportunity.

This job will allow you to protect national parks, forests, and wildlife. You will be responsible for protecting the natural resources of the state. This is a dream job when you want to live off the grid.

Hunting Guide

Hunting is legal in many states. The authority allows you to hunt in specific areas with a local guide.

You will be responsible for guiding the hunter and keeping the wildlife secure. This is a completely off-grid career. The most interesting thing is that you can spend your earning time in the forest.


You know better how necessary this job is for an off-grid area. A plumber can earn more than a farmworker within the same working hours.

This is a demandable career skill, and you will find a job instantly in any state. You can work comfortably and explore nature in remote areas.


A firefighter is a special job, and you have to go through a complex recruiting process. In general, the state or government is the recruiter of this post.

But you will find several ways to work as a firefighter. Private and local agencies need firefighters to work in a particular area.


This is one of the top paid careers for skilled people. An electrician has a high demand in any locality where a power grid is available.

The electrician’s responsibility is to do all the electrical work in your home or building. Before selecting this career, make sure that the locality is connected to the grid or solar power.

Solar Engineer

Solar energy is the most used energy source in off-grid areas. In general, a remote area doesn’t have electricity or grid connectivity.

People use solar energy instead of traditional electricity. Solar engineer is a highly demandable career by which you can earn a good amount while living off-grid.

Become A Hunting/Fishing Guides

If you live in a particular area, you will explore the local resources. You can utilize this knowledge to establish a new career.

As a fishing guide, you will help people to find the best spot for fishing. This is a challenging and flexible job. 

Trekking Guides

When you live permanently in an off-grid area, you will find adventurous people. Every year, individuals and groups start trekking in off-grid areas.

You can start your off-grid career as a trekking guide. This is a paid job that allows you to explore the area. You will get more opportunities with this new career.

Rafting Guide

A rafting guide is a well-paid and challenging job. It is ideal for off-grid areas where rivers and canals are available.

A rafting guide is a trained person who is responsible for finding white water. This is an ideal opportunity for people who want to expand their duty from land to water.

Backpacking Leader

Backpacking Leader is a skilled and challenging profession. You will take the risk of a journey and guide people to reach a remote destination.

You will teach people how to maintain safety while traveling in wild terrain. Off-grid people can start this career with a thirst for exploring the world.

Volunteer Abroad

If you don’t have a high demand for payment, volunteering abroad will be the best career for you.

This profession will enable you to join different programs abroad and work as a volunteer. It will develop your skills and prepare you for the next career challenge.

Wilderness Therapist

Wilderness therapists work for adolescents to provide mental support and explore outdoors in challenging situations.

It is one of the best careers where you can show your knowledge. Though you have to find your clients, you can earn a good amount. 


Smokejumpers are the hero who will reach the most difficult place for firefighting.

You will be responsible for defending wildland fires by jumping into the forest or remote area. You need special training and guidance to establish a career in this field.

Adventure Filmmaker

Adventure filmmakers work in wildlife and capture the unseen world. It is a good career choice for off-grid living.

You will get paid by making films for personal use or selling them on video streaming sites. You are free to work and start your career as a freelance filmmaker.

Campsite Support Staff

Campsite support staff helps campers to do different types of tasks.

If you can cook, bake, and have the mental capacity to work as a skilled servant, it will be the best choice for you. You can earn money by doing part-time duty.

Forestry Work

Forestry workers are responsible for maintaining and preserving the forest. They manage the woodland and protect the wildlife too.

This is the best career opportunity for people who are living off-grid. You will get a chance to work directly in the forest area.

Learn And Teach A Pioneer Craft 

You will get the opportunity to learn different things in off-grid living. It is possible to use your learned skills to start a new career.

You can start as a pioneer craftsman to teach new people. It is a well-paid and satisfying job.

Internet Jobs

The world is yours if you have internet access. You can work as a freelancer or remote office worker from any part of the world.

This opportunity expanded due to the Covid-19 situation, and you will start your career from home. Here are some special skills that will enable you to start a new career. 


Kate-outdoor-office is a remote workplace idea. You can join remotely and do office work from a specific place.

It will save you time and offer a flexible schedule. It is a rising skill, and you will have a good salary in this career.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional who creates different types of illustrations for commercial advertisement and personal promotion.

You can pursue your career as a graphic designer and work remotely. Besides, this opportunity will allow you to establish a designing or printing business.

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Web Administrator

Websites are an inevitable part of business and professions. A web administrator will design, maintain, and troubleshoot different problems of a website.

This is a high-paid internet task, and you can do work conveniently from a remote place. 


If you are looking for a highly demandable and paid job, programming will be the best choice.

With your programming skills, you can earn a good amount. A programmer will create and develop websites, apps, and other computer programs. 

Consultancy Work

Online consultancy work allows you to solve different internet-related tasks. You will guide people and suggest moving forward.

It is better to start with a particular sector. You can earn more with this career off the grid.

Online Assistant

Online assistants or virtual assistants help individuals with everyday tasks, scheduling, and communication with other people.

It is a new career opportunity, and you can start with flexible working hours. You can work from anywhere via the internet.

Data Entry

A data entry operator collects, manages, and inputs data for companies, individuals, and businesses.

It is the most flexible internet task, and you can start this career with basic computer and internet skills. Besides, you can join freelance websites to do this permanently. 


A copywriter writes blogs, articles, and scripts for products, businesses, and websites.

If you are creative, you can start this for part-time earning. You will get paid from home by writing every word.


A transcriber will turn audio or video into text. This is the most demandable and well-paid internet job.

You can start this career if you have basic computer skills. Sometimes, you need special attention. But it is an enjoyable job.


Editors will edit content and articles in different sectors. This job opportunity is available in every sector, including government, manufacturing, medical, news portal, and more.

The job is now internet-based, and you can start your career with a good salary or freelance-based. 

Virtual Nurse

Virtual nurses will take care of your physical condition virtually.

It is a rising career opportunity for nurses and medical professionals who want to explore the world. You can do your job remotely and earn money conveniently. 

Virtual Radiologist

Virtual radiologists bring solutions for high-quality diagnostics remotely.   

This is the part of the medical profession, and you need to earn a bachelor’s degree to start this career. You can join diploma courses and earn a degree easily. 

Teach English Online

English is the most selling language in the world. More than 50 countries use English as a second language.

You can start your journey as an English language teacher. English language teaching or ELT has high demand all over the world.

Create An Online Course

Online course creators can earn more when they are exploring the world. You will find different platforms to sell your course. It will be a lifetime earning source if you can create quality content. 

Keep Your Old Job!

If you already have a job and want to live off-grid, it will be better to keep your old job. It enables you to earn more in any place. 

Your skill set will allow you to do work at flexible hours. You can enjoy your life and get paid for what you love. 

Sometimes, it is difficult to manage a job instantly. In this situation, your old job will allow you to earn a good amount for off-grid commodities. 

How To Find a New Career When Living Off the Grid?

How To Find A New Career When Living Off The Grid

Whether you are living off-grid or in a metro area, finding a job is not easy. You have to search for the right opportunity.

You can establish a new career and search for new jobs. Your journey will be easier if you have several ways to search for jobs. We present some resources where you will find a new job.

From Online job sites

Online sites will enable you to find a job in a particular industry according to your skillset. It is easier to get a remote job from different online job sites.

Here are the top online job sites for searching for a new career.


Indeed, is a large job site where you will find millions of jobs. You can search for a new job and show your skill set from a remote place.

The site has company reviews and more options to ensure quality job sources. 


It is a professional social media site. You can create your profile, and the site will automatically show your skill-related jobs.

Besides, millions of companies are now searching for professionals via LinkedIn.


Monster is a worldwide job site. You will get thousands of job opportunities on this site. The site will enable you to search for a new career for off-grid living. 


CareerBuilder is a global hiring website that helps employers and employees to find a suitable job. The site offers top job advertisements, talent management, and hiring solutions.  


You can use Google for searching and finding a new job. The search engine will show you the best job sites and companies to find a new career.

Make sure that you are visiting a reliable and authentic website from the search result. 

From Industry-specific Sites

You can find a job from industry-specific sites. If you have a specific skill and are looking for a particular job, it will be better to find jobs on industry-related sites. 

From Freelance Sites

Freelance websites are the best source for searching for a career. You can add your profile on a different marketplace as an expert and start your new career. It will give you flexibility and freedom of work.

Talk To People In The Industry

Communication is the best way to find a new job. You can talk to people who are working in a particular industry.

It will enable you to find a suitable job in a specific industry. You can start a new journey with the help of experts. 

Talk To Families And Friends

You will always get help from friends and family. You can talk with the members who can give you a job opportunity in a specific field. It will allow you to find work confidently and enjoy the off-grid life.

Look In Local Papers

Local newspapers are the best source for finding a job opportunity. You will find the most recent job advertisements. Doing a job near your off-grid house is more profitable when exploring the world. 

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What state is best for living off the grid?

Alabama is the best state for off-grid living. You will find different resources and cheap land here. Besides, you can start your new career and lead a healthy life with local tradition. 

What is the hardest state to live in?

Washington is the hardest state to live in. It has complex rules and regulations along with expensive living costs.

Do you pay taxes living off the grid?

It depends on the state’s rules. In general, you must pay taxes according to the possess rate. You will find the taxation chart on the local government’s website. 

Can I live in the woods for free?

You can live in the woods for free if you have legal permission. Make sure that you have selected a safe and secure place. It is unexpected to destroy wildlife. 


In conclusion, it can be said that you can lead a challenging life off-grid. Several careers will allow you to earn a livelihood and explore the world. 

It depends on your skill and location which is the most suitable job for you. We recommend searching local data to ensure that you will get the expected job. 

It is not possible to establish a career without knowing the local community. You will work from off the grid. So, it is important to understand the needs and demands of the local people.

On the contrary, you have to ensure the internet connection while searching for internet jobs. Stay with us for further updates.