7 Best Freezer For Off-Grid Living

If you have a plan to live off-grid or settle in an off-grid house, a freezer is a must-have appliance for you.

The best freezer for off-grid living enables you to store food and maintain healthy food habits even in a remote place. 

Freezers consume high energy. Not to mention, it is a challenge to ensure a stable power source in off-grid places. Considering this issue, you have to find energy-efficient freezers while living off-grid. 

Besides, you can not collect fresh food every day if you are away from the city. In this case, reliable storage space is only the best option to preserve your foods and drinks. 

You will get easy access to your favorite foods to maintain your calorie chart. It is a handy device for people who love to explore the world. 

In this writing, we present the best freezers for off-grid living with a complete buyer’s guide. Let’s explore. 

Why Do You Need Freezer For Off-Grid Living?

Why Do You Need Freezer For Off-Grid Living?

Living off-grid doesn’t indicate that you won’t have any modern appliances there. Your favorite and necessary amenities will help you to live a happy life there. 

Like other devices and appliances, you can not ignore a freezer. It will allow you to preserve food, fruits, and drinks.

Sometimes, it is not possible to collect fresh food every morning in a remote place. A freezer will allow you to store food for everyday use and emergency purposes. 

During the hot summer days, it is the toughest task to preserve your food from being rotten. Plus, a refrigerator or freezer will allow you to get cold water and drinks. 

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Freezer

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Freezer

A buyer’s guide will help you to select the best device by considering significant key features. You can compare the features, specifications, and size while choosing a freezer. 

Several options and models are available for the off-grid freezer. So, you have to select the most suitable one for you. Let’s explore what you can consider when choosing a freeze for off-grid living. 

Model: Upright vs. Chest

Upright and chest freezers are different in structural design. Depending on your location and the size of the house, you have to select the design of the refrigerator.

Make sure that you are purchasing the right one for an off-grid house. 

Size And Energy Efficiency

Off-grid houses are disconnected from the grid. Energy source and production capability are limited there.

Therefore, you have to select the perfect size that is also energy efficient. Don’t go for a large freezer that consumes a lot of energy.

Methods For Defrosting

After preserving your food in a freezer, it is important to defrost the item quickly and easily. You have to ask the manufacturer about the defrosting methods that are suitable for the model. 

Blackout Performance

This is the duration of how long your freezer will keep items cool and fresh. Remember, you are living off-grid, and power outage might be a common issue there.

You will depend on the secondary power source. So, try to purchase a refrigerator with a long backout performance. 

Additional Features To Consider

There are additional features that will allow you to select the best freezer for off-grid living. We found these options after comparing several models from different manufacturers. 

You can consider these issues when purchasing a freezer for an off-grid house or outdoor living. 

  • Safety Locks
  • Convenient Shelving
  • Easy-to-Use Controls
  • Quick-Freeze Feature
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Interior Lights
  • Power Indicator Light


An expensive freezer can’t ensure the best performance and longevity. You have to select a refrigerator with durable material and efficient performance.

Purchasing a freezer at an affordable price will reduce your off-grid living costs. 

Freezer For Off-Grid Living & Their Reviews

You will never get bored while living off-grid if you have some special devices and appliances. Among them, a freezer gets the top priority to preserve your food and drinks safely. 

Comparing features, specifications, and price, we found the best seven off-grid freezers for off-grid living.

Besides, we get the experience from real users to understand the quality and service of these freezers. Let’s get started. 

Model (Upright vs. Chest)Energy EfficiencyMethods For Defrosting
Iceco VL60 Dual Zone Solar Refrigerator Chest 110-volt AC12 volt DCAutomatic 
Smad Solar Energy DC/AC Side-By-Side Freezer/RefrigeratorChest 110-volt AC12 volt DCAutomatic 
Midea MRC04M3AWW Single DoorUpright 110-volt AC12 volt DCAutomatic 
Comparison of Freezer

Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door

First, we have a single-door chest freezer that comes with stainless steel material. You can utilize the space to store items in its spacious inside part.

Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer


  • Single Door
  • Chest Freezer
  • 3.5 Cubic Feet
  • Stainless Steel Door
  • ‎53.9 Pounds
  • ‎20.59 x 22.2 x 33.5 Inches
  • Reversible Door
  • -12 to -28 Degrees
  • Built-In Hinge
  • 2-Year Warranty  

If you are searching for a smaller freezer that saves space but has a large capacity, this freezer will be your best choice. It will preserve food for a long time and save energy. 

The reversible door design will enable you to open the door at 45, 60, and 75 degrees angles. You can put in and take out items conveniently. 

This freezer is suitable for any weather condition, and you can set the temperature between -12 to -28 degrees Celsius.

The lightweight design and durable material allow you to use the freezer at any place in your off-grid house. 

Besides, the adjustable temperature control enables you to manually set the temperature. 

Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Pros and Cons

Special Cooling Technology
Durable Design 
Can feel the compressor.
Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Pros and Cons

Koolatron KTCF195 Compact

If you are looking for a reliable and energy-efficient freezer with a large storage capacity, the Koolatron KTCF195 Compact is an ideal device. 

It comes with 198 liters of storage capacity and compressor cooling technology. 

Koolatron KTCF195 Compact Top-Opening Chest


  • Chest Freezer
  • 7 Cubic Feet
  • 150 Watts
  • 198 Liters
  • Customizable Temperature
  • Compressor Cooling Technology
  • Auto Holder Hinges
  • Wire Basket
  • Exterior Drain Plug

This energy star freezer comes with easy organization and it is perfect for any room. The compact and sleek design fits perfectly in your off-grid house and brings an elegant look. 

It has a customizable temperature control option to set the desired temperature. The compressor cooling system ensures temperature standards even blackout times.

The large inner storage capacity comes with a durable and removable wire basket. It has an auto-hinged door that will help you to store and take items conveniently. 

This freezer will help you to keep the inside clean with the exterior drainage system. So, it is a simple but effective freezer at an affordable price. 

Koolatron KTCF195 Compact Pros and Cons

Quiet Operation
Aluminum Lid
Average Performance 
Koolatron KTCF195 Compact Pros and Cons

Iceco VL60 Dual Zone Solar Refrigerator

Next, we have the Iceco VL60 Dual Zone Solar Refrigerator with an anti-fingerprint exterior part and independent operation control

You will get a maximum of three levels of protection from this refrigerator. 

ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator


  • Dual Zone
  • 60 Liters
  • AC/DC Power Option
  • 31.2 x 19.4 x 18.8 Inches
  • LED Light
  • Storage Basket
  • Anti Fingerprint
  • Control Panel
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Steel Lock
  • Spring Handle Design
  • 65.7 Pounds
  • 1-Year Warranty

This ingenious refrigerator comes with multiple modern features, including LED light, high-quality sealing, and rainproof heat dissipation. 

The dual-zone controlling system of this refrigerator allows you to use it as a freezer, refrigerator, or both. It is ideal for off-grid houses, home, commercial and outdoor activities. 

The SECOP compressor technology ensures the stable performance of the freezer. You can get the maximum cooling and preserve output from this intelligent freezer.

You will get a stainless handle sealing hook that ensures air-tight cooling operation. So, you will have a reliable and stable freezer for preserving food for a long time. 

Iceco VL60 Dual Zone Solar Refrigerator Pros and Cons

Dual Operation
Intelligent Control
High Efficient 
Small space when you will use the dual-zone. 
Iceco VL60 Dual Zone Solar Refrigerator Pros and Cons

Dometic CFX 100W

The Dometic CFX 100W is a dual-door electric-powered freezer. This energy-efficient freezer doesn’t require ice to ensure fresh and clean cooling operation. 

Dometic CFX 100W 12v Electric Powered Portable Cooler


  • 100 Watt
  • 12-Volt
  • Electric Powered
  • 37.7 x 20.8 x 18.6 Inches
  • ‎70.5 Pounds
  • Energy Efficient
  • Dual Door 
  • Refrigerator and Freezer
  • AC/DC Power
  • No Ice Required

This is the ultimate cooler that will prepare you to go further and stay longer. Your off-grid living will be full of fun with fresh foods and drinks. It is a great cooler for travel and camping. 

The dual refrigeration and freezing technology make this device more efficient. It reduces the costs and provides excellent service outdoors. 

You can run this freezer with AC/DC power and the energy-efficient technology consumes less energy than other models. 

With no ice cooling system, there will be no risk of drainage water from the freezer. 

Besides, the durable and portable design makes it convenient to carry. You will always have a reliable cooling machine, no matter wherever you are. 

Dometic CFX 100W Pros and Cons

Domestic Design
Easy to Carry
Excellent Performance 
Dometic CFX 100W Pros and Cons

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart

The Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart comes with a voltage indicator and removable wire basket. You will get the space to preserve foods and beverage items separately. 

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator


  • AC 110 Volt
  • DC 12 Volt
  • 16.5 x 23.5 x 20.5 Inches
  • Removable Basket
  • Plug-and-Play
  • ‎45 Pounds
  • 65-Watt
  • Fast-Freeze Mode
  • Powerful Compressor
  • Steel Carrying Handle
  • 8-Foott Power Cord

This great freezer is ideal for RV, trucks, camping, picnic, and off-grid house. The fast cooling technology and low energy consumption enhance the performance when you need it. 

It has a powerful compressor cooling system to preserve your food, beverages, and frozen items. You will get a 2-in-1 appliance, including a freezer and refrigerator. 

Unlike other devices, it won’t reduce the efficiency when running with two modes.

The dual-voltage technology enables you to run the freezer with AC/DC power. It requires 110 volts for AC operation and 12 volts for DC connectivity.

This portable device comes with a fast cooling system and you will get an extended cooling service even during blackout time. 

Reliable performance, durable design, and efficient cooling system make it ideal for outdoors and off-grid living.

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Pros and Cons

Metal and Durable Case
Voltage Display 
Larger Size (Harder to Haul)
Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Pros and Cons

Whynter FM-85G 85 Quart Portable Fridge

Now, we have the Whynter FM-85G 85 that comes with an LED temperature display and low power indicator

You can control the temperature and run this freezer with an AC/DC dual power source.

Whynter FM-85G 85 Quart Portable Fridge


  • Portable
  • AC/DC Power
  • LED Temperature Display
  • Adjustable Temperature 
  • 10-Foot DC Cord
  • Low-Power Indicator
  • ‎71 Pounds
  • 80 Watts
  • ‎18.25 x 28.1 x 23.5 Inches
  • ‎2.83 Cubic Feet

This high-quality freezer is designed to give an excellent solution for truck driving, outdoor living, camping, and other activities. It is great for instant cooling when you have limited electricity access.

It has adjustable temperature control and a low power indicator to ensure highly efficient operation. 

The 80-watt powerful freezer can preserve your food, beverage, and other items quickly. 

You will get a 10-foot long DC power cord for easy connectivity. It can be directly connected to the car’s DC output.

This freezer has a dual-mode that means you can use the freezer and refrigerator at the same time. 

One thing you might not like is that the door hinges are not so smooth. However, this is not a serious issue when compared with other features. 

Whynter FM-85G 85 Quart Portable Fridge Pros and Cons

Solid Outer Casing 
Fast Cooling Technology 
Hinge Quality
Whynter FM-85G 85 Quart Portable Fridge Pros and Cons

Smad Solar Energy DC/AC Side-By-Side Freezer/Refrigerator

Finally, we have a solar-powered double door freezer that comes with two compartments and an LED temperature display

It has an inner-fan design to ensure fast cooling and maintain the standard temperature for certain items. 

Smad 7.5 Cu.ft Solar Energy DC Refrigerator/Freezer Double Door Compressor Fridge


  • Solar Powered
  • 12-Volt DC power
  • Double Door
  • ‎132 Pounds
  • ‎47.7 x 29 x 32 Inches
  • LED Temperature Display
  • Two Compartments
  • Auto-Voltage Control

This eco-friendly freezer is ideal for outdoor use in any place under the sun. You can carry it easily and use solar power to preserve your food without electricity. 

The freezer has two on-top doors and separate compartments. It will allow you to store items separately and use the space efficiently. 

You can also run this freezer as a refrigerator and it has an inner side cooling fan for fast temperature control. 

Besides, the auto voltage control saves your energy and keeps the device safe from short circuits. 

The super thick inside cover makes the freezer spacious and perfect for a long tour and lots of preservation. 

Smad Solar Energy DC/AC Side-By-Side Freezer/Refrigerator Pros and Cons

Energy Saver 
No Found Issues
Smad Solar Energy DC/AC Side-By-Side Freezer/Refrigerator Pros and Cons

Other Options and Some Tips For Freezer

Several options are available to refrigerate your food without electricity. If you have a compact budget and don’t want to use a large appliance, you can try an icebox, root cellar, cooler, and more.

Here are 8 Easy Ways To Refrigerate Without Electricity. It will help you to understand the different processes and grab the advantages of modern technologies.

We recommend some steps and tips while using a freezer for off-grid living. 

  • Try to keep the freezer in the coolest place where you will get easy access. 
  • The on-top door design is more efficient than the side-by-side door. It will save energy and hold efficiency when using the freezer and refrigerator at a time.
  • Compare the energy consumption rate and production capability of your house before selecting any device. 

Best Freezer for Off-Grid Living FAQs 

What is the most energy-efficient freezer?

The RCA. RFRF-450-AMZ is the most energy-efficient freezer. It uses less energy and keeps items fresh for a long time.

Can you run a freezer on solar power?

You can run a freezer on solar power. Solar-powered freezer runs on DC power and it is suitable for remote places. Solar-powered freezers are the best solution for off-grid living. 

Do deep freezers use a lot of energy?

No. In general, a deep freezer uses fast cooling technology. These devices are energy-efficient too. Manufacturers try to produce energy-saving freezers for outdoor and off-grid areas. 

How many solar panels does it take to run a chest freezer?

It depends on the wattage of the freezer. A standard freezer requires 5 to 8 100-watt solar panels. You can use a solar generator or DC power source to run a freezer in off-grid living. 


Freezer with frozen foods

Finally, you got the reviews of the best freezer for off-grid living. It will enable you to select the most efficient device to preserve your favorite foods and drinks. 

If you don’t have prior knowledge regarding portable freezers, you can follow our suggestion. Sometimes, it is difficult to select the perfect device with the value of the money.

The Iceco VL60 Dual Zone Solar Refrigerator is an ideal device that contains heat dissipation and anti-fingerprint technology. 

On the contrary, the Smad Solar Energy DC/AC Side-By-Side Freezer/Refrigerator is the best solar-powered refrigerator. It will protect your food for a long time.